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Online learning continues to develop, offering ever greater opportunities to people who want to develop their career potential and pick up new skills. As IT technology continues to progress at startling rates, increasing numbers of people are seeing the benefit of learning new IT skills. Many of those people are enjoying the considerable benefits of studying with courses online.

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A free online IT course will help you find your perfect career path.

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Free IT courses online are a great way to broaden your skill set and improve your career prospects. Learning online also has other advantages, some of which we’ll tell you about later in this article. Online courses are convenient, time efficient and often result in you attaining widely recognised qualifications when complete them. We feature hundreds of great courses here at, so that you can filter your search more easily and find the right courses for you.

Here, we’ll outline why using free IT courses online is such a good idea. We’ll also outline a few of the options that are available to you if you want to study with online IT courses, free with a certificate awarded on successful completion. You can also find out about IT support courses online, free or otherwise. Read on to discover more about how easy it is to find the best possible online IT courses!

Why Study IT Online?


So why is studying with free IT courses online such a good idea? There are a few advantages to studying online IT courses, free with certificate, and we’ll outline some of them here for you. If you’re looking to develop your skills and career, online learning is a very accessible way of doing it.

Learn IT in your own time

Another reason to study using free IT courses online is convenience. If you already have a job then you are not going to be able to dedicate many hours of leisurely time each week to studying. You are likely to have to devote short periods of your spare time to your studies, and these might have to fit into an irregular schedule. You are sure to have other matters to juggle too – family life, leisure activities and hopefully a whole lot more – so being able to study at convenient times is important.

An online course will usually allow you to break down your learning into manageable chunks that can be completed at times that suit you. Indeed, this is probably the greatest advantage that online learning confers on students – the ability to choose exactly when to study. As long as you are hitting all your deadlines for any assignments that you may have to complete, you can enjoy a great deal of time flexibility with online learning.

Get a certified qualification

Many free IT courses online also award a proper qualification once you have completed your studies. This means that you can improve your employability as well as discover new talents. The IT industry is a fast-developing sector of the economy, and there are always new roles requiring specialist qualifications becoming available. You can study many online IT courses free with a certificate awarded once you have completed your studies.

Here at, we can help you find the best free IT courses online. Read on to see how we can aid you in your search for online IT courses, free, with a certificate awarded on successful completion. You have a great deal of choice, so reading our advice before you start your search will help you refine your search so that you can find exactly what you need. You need to remember that not all IT courses with a certificate are free, so finding what you need might take a little time. If you’re patient and prepared to do some hunting, though, we can help!

Online IT Courses with a Certificate

If you’re looking for free IT courses online then these providers can give you a wide range of appealing options. Here are some of the top course providers that we recommend you take a look at.

Udemy IT Courses With Certificate

Udemy is one of the world’s premier online course providers. While not all of its courses are free, many are, and many others are very reasonably priced indeed. Courses such as Linux Fundamentals for IT Professionals, Building an IT Technicians Toolbox and Fundamentals of Fresh Service are examples of the type of free courses that you can find at Udemy. Read our Udemy review to discover more!

Coursera IT Courses With Certificate

Coursera is one of the world’s leading providers of free online courses. Courses like Machine Learning (from Stanford University), Crash Course on Python (Google) and Learn to Program: The Fundamentals (University of Toronto) are all available for free at Coursera. You can, of course, read our Coursera review to find out more.

LinkedIn Learning IT Courses With Certificate

This course site offers you a free first month trial before you have to commit to paying for any courses. During your first free month, you can study online courses like IT Helpdesk for Beginners and Cybersecurity for IT Professionals.

IT Support Courses

If you’re looking for IT support courses online, free or otherwise, then we can also point you in the right direction. These course providers offer many great IT support courses online, free and paid for, that can help set you on the right path when it comes to picking up industry recognised qualifications and a wider skill set.

Udemy IT Support Courses

Once again, Udemy leads the field when it comes to free IT courses online for learners who are looking to learn IT support skills. Their choice of IT support courses online, free, includes File Maker for IT Support Staff and IT Support Training.

Codecademy IT Support Courses

Codecademy is one of the top providers of online IT courses. With a basic subscription package, you can access interactive lessons and daily practice for free, before you subscribe to access the full range of courses. Subjects covered include Learn to Program Alexa and Learn Data Visualisation with Python.

EdX IT Support Courses

EdX provides some really great IT support courses that you can access for free. If you want to benefit from receiving a certificate on completion of your chosen courses, you will usually need to pay something, however. IT support courses available at EdX include Information Technology Foundations (provided by WGU) and Public Financial Management (provided by IMF).