Paul Krugman Masterclass Course Review

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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2021)

Is the Paul Krugman Masterclass Course Worth It?

If you’re struggling with Economics, then this course might be able to help you out. Unlike regular courses on Economics, this one doesn’t address the questions and problems that everyone else is talking about. Rather, this course addresses the issues that no one has ever raised before, and answers questions that we didn’t have in our minds. 

Welcome to our Paul Krugman Masterclass Course review. Today, we’ll share our two-cents on this course and will also try to answer, “Is Paul Krugman Masterclass Course worth it?”. So, stick to us till the very end. 

3 things we love about the Paul Krugman Masterclass course:

  1. Takes a practical approach 
  2. Teaches the core concepts of Economics
  3. Very easy to understand 

1 thing that we would improve:

  1. Would’ve addressed some issues mathematically as well. 

Paul Krugman Masterclass Course Overview

This course consists of 22 video lessons that sum up to a total runtime of 3 hours and 56 minutes. While this may seem like a long and boring session, trust me, it’s not. We must say that this is one of the major factors where this course outshines the rest. 

The course starts off with a basic introduction of the instructor, Paul Krugman. He straight-up jumps to the very basics of Economics. You’ll learn what Economics is, and we guarantee that after watching this you’ll understand the very essence of this topic. 

After that, you’ll get to learn about the fundamentals of Economics. These points will be broken down and you’ll learn how each of these plays their important role in shaping society as we know it. Then you’ll get to know about the history of Economics. In this course, one of the major messages that you’ll receive is that you have to understand the past if you want to push forward. 

The instructor will then venture a bit deeper to explain Macroeconomics. You’ll learn the theoretical framework and how it keeps society running. Then you’ll learn about market patterns and how unregulated practices can lead to major issues like the Great Depression. 

Another interesting thing that you’ll learn is the Economic Theory of Crises and how these concepts apply to the real world. You’ll also learn how Economics can put forth the correct solutions to these crises. 

The income gap is a dangerous trait of modern society, and this course teaches you how this can be derogatory for all of us in the long run. 

Further down the course, you learn about taxes, Health care problems related to Economics, how technological advancement ties in with Economics, and more. Overall, this is an amazing 

Paul Krugman Masterclass Course — Final Thoughts

So, is Paul Krugman Masterclass Course worth it? We think that if you’re looking forward to learning about Economics from a completely practical perspective and if you’re not willing to learn the more technical and mathematical problems, then this is the right course for you.

We would like to conclude ours Is Paul Krugman Teaches Masterclass Course review stating that we loved how this course is designed. If you’re looking for an easy approach to understanding the core of Economics, then this is surely the course for you. We highly recommend it. 


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