Serena Williams Masterclass 2021

Tennis is one of the more accessible sports out there. It is pretty easy to pick up a racket and head down to a local public court to play a few sets. However, becoming good at tennis is another matter entirely. Refining your skills and conditioning your body like a professional takes years of hard work. Now, Masterclass might have offered you something of a short cut.

If you dream of gliding around the court and striking perfectly angled volleys and service returns, you might want to take a look at the Serena Williams Masterclass course on tennis. We’ll give you some more details about it here in this Masterclass review!

Who Is Serena Williams?

After spending the early part of her career somewhat in the shadow of her older sister Venus, Serena Williams has gone on to establish herself as one of the true all-time greats of tennis. She has won 23 major singles titles, the most by any player, male or female, in the sport’s Open Era. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ranked her number one in the world for singles on eight occasions between 2002 and 2017. The sixth time it happened, she held the number one spot for 186 consecutive weeks, a world record that she holds jointly with German great Steffi Graf.

It is hard to quantify that kind of success. But Williams has also won 39 Grand Slam titles in singles and doubles. That is the highest total among currently active players, as well as being joint-third in the all-time list and second in the Open Era. She held all four Grand Slam singles titles simultaneously on two separate occasions, in 2002/03 and 2014/15. She also held all four Grand Slam women’s doubles titles (in partnership with her sister Venus) in 2009/10.

What is perhaps more striking than that success, though, is the way that Williams has risen to achieve it. Born in Michigan in 1981, she grew up in Compton, Los Angeles, to where her family moved when she was young. She started playing tennis at the age of four, with her father coaching her. He also coached Venus, and home schooled the sisters.

When Williams was nine, she moved with her family to West Palm Beach in Florida. There, she attended Rick Macci’s tennis academy. Her father eventually pulled Williams out of the academy, though, and took responsibility for her coaching himself from that point onwards.

When it comes to her style of play, Williams is a strong baseline performer who likes to dominate rallies. Much of this dominance is generated by the power of her serve. She is also known for the quality of her service returns, and the power she generates in both forehand and backhand ground strokes. Her aggressive style of play is often considered risky, but the power of her serve, which many observers consider the greatest serve of all time in women’s tennis, mitigates this risk.

So, Williams is clearly one of the all-time greats in her sport. Learning how to play the game from her would be a privilege. Let’s take a closer look next at just what is in the Serena Williams Masterclass course on tennis.

How Long Is The Serena Williams Masterclass Course?

The Serena Williams Masterclass course on tennis consists of 10 video lessons. Each of these is around 12 minutes long. This makes this course one of the shorter Masterclass courses that we have seen. It is aimed at learners of all ability levels, though you will need some knowledge of tennis to get the most out of it. Potential time commitments can also be managed more easily, thanks to the lessons being available to view on mobile devices. This means that you can access the lessons anywhere at any time.

Of course, with a sports course there is always going to be an additional time commitment due to you having to practice the skills that you are being taught. Having access to a space to practice in would therefore be useful. You should also probably make sure that you own a tennis racket and some balls, and have a partner with whom you can practice the skills. It is impossible to become a better tennis player without putting in many hours of practice

Serena Williams Masterclass: Course Content

The Serena Williams Masterclass course on tennis is very high quality. We recommend that anyone with any interest in tennis, or indeed professional sport, checks it out, as well as our Stephen Curry Masterclass review. Coaches may well find much of the information useful too, especially when it comes to developing young players. Sports writers and journalists will also gain useful insights into Williams specifically and tennis more generally if they signed up for the course.

You can access the course as a single package by paying £85. Alternatively, you can access the full range of Masterclass courses with a subscription package that costs £14.17 a month. That looks like very good value indeed to us. The chance to learn about tennis from possibly the greatest player of all time is not one that should be spurned. If you want to improve your tennis, especially your serve, then the Serena Williams Masterclass course should be on your list.

Summary & Conclusion

The Serena Williams Masterclass course is a good course that is taught by one of the avowed masters of his trade. Priced at $90, it is also pretty affordable, especially given the quality on offer. What you need to consider before signing up for the course is that it does require practice, and therefore you will also need a place in which you can practice. This is not a course that you can take if you are not able to find the time or the place to practice skills, as you will not get much from it.

If, though, you have the time and the space to perfect the skills that are taught in the course, you will get a lot out of it. Not only are you taught by one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but the videos and the workbook are also of very high quality indeed.

As with many Masterclass courses, you are also given an insight into how much discipline and hard work is required to be really good at tennis. It is not just the physical skills you are taught, you are also given a lesson in the mindset required to become a sports pro. For that reason, this is a course that is probably aimed more at younger students, rather than anyone middle-aged or older.

Serena Williams' Masterclass

Powr up your serve and put gloss on your ground strokes from just £14.17 per month.
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