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We’ve searched long and hard for the schools which provide top quality course content, affordable course fees and the most accessible online learning platforms. And we’ll be honest — not all online schools are equal. But you need not worry about that; check out the online schools below to find the UK’s number one online school — though we’re happy to recommend Masterclass right away

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Best seller
1 year ago


Looking for the latest and greatest in online teaching? Then head to Masterclass. Masterclass is one of the premier online education products. It might be one of the expensive, but honestly, it ...
John Academy Latest Deals
3 years ago

John Academy

£/$79 £/$149
John Academy offers a wide range of technology, business, coding, finance and personal development courses. Seriously, if you're looking for a top-quality course provider with plenty to offer, ...
1 year ago


Babbel is the ideal place to study a new language online. With a wide variety of languages on offer, you'll be speaking fluent in no time.
Busuu Latest Deals
1 year ago


Busuu is an online language learning platform. It is very famous among language learners. The Busuu reviews you would have heard or read are mostly positive and supportive of this platform ...
LinkedIn Learning Latest Deals
1 year ago

LinkedIn Learning

You simply have to check out LinkedIn Learning if you are a professional looking to improve your skills. Check it out today!
Pimsleur Latest Deals
1 year ago


Free £12.95
With over 50 languages available to learn, Pimsleur could be a great way to introduce yourself to mastering a language through audio-based learning. It is one of the world-renowned platforms for ...
Rosetta Stone Latest Deals
1 year ago

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a top online school for those looking to learn a new language. With so much on offer, they are well worth checking out. Check it out today!
Udemy Latest Deals
1 year ago


Udemy is arguably the king of online learning due to their sheer volume of available lessons. If you're looking for any course imaginable, you have to head to Udemy. While Udemy might have a lot ...
Preply Latest Deals
1 year ago


This online learning platform offers a huge range of different learning courses, including languages, music, business and so much more! Founded in 2012 in Ukraine, Preply had initially started ...
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How Do Online Courses work?

Online courses are a relatively easy concept to get your head around. Basically, course content that would normally be delivered in a classroom is instead delivered directly to you, via your laptop or computer. Online courses come in many formats, which depends directly on who your course provider is. Of course, there are many more! You can find plenty of online college courses at some of these providers. These guys are renowned for producing top-quality, affordable and intuitive classes online. So, once you are registered and have chosen your course with one of the above providers, you will most likely be able to start straight away.

This is due to the fact that most online classes or courses are a series of videos which you will follow from start to finish. Normally the course creator will be on hand to answer questions as they arise, but the online lectures alone are normally at a quality so high that most queries will be answered throughout. Once you’ve finished, depending on the provider, you will either be required to complete an exam in which case you will be offered certification at the end — or the course will end and you should have everything you need to either progress on to a certified course, or put your newfound knowledge to good use.

Are Online Courses for Everybody?

No. We’ll be perfectly honest. Online leaning only works for certain people. If you need the physical presence of a tutor to guide and steer you, or you can’t face staring at a screen for too long, then maybe an online course isn’t for you.

  • But if any of the below apply to you, then we’re sure you’ll benefit from an online course:
  • Do you struggle to find time away from home? If so, online courses cut out that nasty commute.
  • Do you suffer from a disability which restricts your movements? If so, online lectures allow you to study from home.

— Do you live in rural Britain with no learning centres close by? Don’t let geography restrict your learning potential — choose to study a class online. You can even access online college courses nowadays!

These are only by a few reasons why online courses could benefit you. But to reiterate, it may be that online courses aren’t for you, but with so many free or super-affordable options, it may be worth giving it a shot anyway.

What Do You Need To Start An Online Course?

It would be easy to think that you need more than just a mobile phone for online courses access in the UK. The very idea that you could improve your knowledge of mathematics, science or even coding while lounging around on the sofa, again, might feel a million miles away. But truthfully, and honestly, as apps such as Udemy are now readily available for all devices, all you really need to learn on the go is a mobile phone.

But would we recommend just using your mobile phone? No, we feel that to get the full experience from your online classes a laptop or desktop PC is required. Why? Well, by sitting at a desk or table, it puts you in the mindset to learn. It’ll also be easier to take notes in scientific courses, for example, on your laptop or computer, which is a very important part of the online learning experience.

Finally, a larger screen will help you concentrate on the information being presented — as opposed to squinting at a screen. Ultimately, while it’s great to have the opportunity to learn from your phone, a desktop PC or laptop is a better option, especially if you are studying information technology courses.


What equipment do you need?

You will need: 1) A device that can connect to the internet, 2) an internet connection and… that’s really it. You don’t require much to learn from home — so don’t sweat it. Honestly, you could use an old mobile phone and still learn online.

Do you need high speed internet?

No, absolutely not. All you need is a basic computer, mobile phone or even Chromebook which has access to the internet. That’s it. Don’t spend too much on equipment for a basic online course.

Can you home school from a phone?

Yes, it’s possible, but it’s not recommended. Ideally you should attempt to learn from your laptop or desktop computer, which has a larger screen. But that’s not to say a solid Udemy course won’t be accessible from an regular mobile phone.
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