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A relatively new name on the online class scene, Experfy works with both governmental and commercial industries to deliver some of the very best skill gap-closing training on the market. They’re the self-proclaimed recognised industry leader, meaning that when you sign up with Experfy, you know you’re getting value for money. This Experfy review will go over the very best bits about the provider, as well as whether or not we think it’s worth your time to be an Experfy student.

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2021)

Introduction – Who Are Experfy?

Founded in 2014 in the Harvard Innovation Lab, Experfy may seem like newcomers to a relatively new industry, but the quality of their content more than makes up for the ostensible lack of experience. Their main aim is to bridge the skill gap that’s emerging in the modern workplace, with new technologies and practices coming in all the time. Most of the courses on offer revolve around technology (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Quantitative Trading with Python, Data Science in Practice etc), and these are particularly noteworthy, as it gives customers the opportunity to learn entirely new skills that they may find difficult to pick up without help.

Prices have a massive range on their website. Some of the lower courses cost just $20, meaning you could pay for your own training course without having to worry too much about the financial implications. The most expensive course we saw on the website was $19,500, for two days of data storytelling workshops, a price that will make even the most lucrative companies writhe in their seats and definitely has to bring down the Experfy review ratings.

Experfy also runs corporate courses for employee training across many different areas, including: banking, computer analysis, big data, finance for managers and much more. These are great programmes to undertake if you’re looking to develop new skills or are just about to take a professional position with more responsibility.

How Expensive is Experfy in 2021?

Even in relation to their competitors, such as John Academy, Experfy are running a premium learning service. An Experfy review might rave about the quality of their courses, and rightly so, but the truth is that the courses on their website have a massively varying price scale. They specialise in technological programmes, so it’s no surprise that the price of these lessons reflect the complexity of the topic on which they’re instructing, but it’s almost unthinkable that a person would pay for some of these courses alone.

You’re looking at a range of about $30 for the cheapest course type: these are usually Microsoft Excel tutorials or focus on a topic equally as simple. For the most expensive course that we’ve seen, you’d have to fork over an eye watering $19,000, and this is for a two day workshop on data storytelling.

It goes without saying that Experfy’s prices are staggeringly high. Even for some of the cheaper courses on their website, you’re looking at spending some serious money, and it’s very basic things you’re learning. Of course, we couldn’t get through this Experfy review without mentioning the high rollers – the higher end of the spectrum.

Now it goes without saying that most people won’t be spending $19,000 out of their own pocket to attend a training course. The thing is listed as “for executives and managers”, so in all likelihood lucky employees will be sent and paid for by their companies to experience this kind of learning opportunity. Regardless, the price of this particular course is eye watering, and although this is a complete outlier, and Experfy’s expertise and authority on their chosen subjects is massive, anything over $2,000 for two days training cannot be overstated.

If you’re really looking for an honest answer to the question: “is Experfy worth it?”, we’d have to say that, 75% of the time, you’re probably not going to get value for money on your Experfy online courses. Their level of teaching is very high and the subject choice is massive and detailed, but the prices of their courses will be way too high for most people to cover on their own.

A lot of these courses though, particularly the most expensive ones, are designed for organisations as a whole to use. The main reason we critique Experfy’s worth is the astronomical prices, but if it’s your employer willing to pay the fee, then Experfy’s courses are definitely worth the money and you’ll most likely find them to be very informative as well.

Does Experfy Offer Free Courses?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Experfy do offer any courses free or charge, which is a move probably designed to speak to the quality of the brand. Their complex subjects and the ostensible exclusivity of their teaching quality makes Experfy a premium brand in the world of online learning. Having said this however, plenty of other providers allow you to try out free courses, so this Experfy review must deduct points for the lack thereof.

If you’re looking for a platform that will allow you to try some of their teaching methods for free, try: Udemy, LinkedIn Learning or Codeacademy. On all of these websites you should be able to find plenty of learning options with minimal price, meaning you can get some of the very best virtual lessons without putting any of your own money into it first. If you’re looking for a recommendation, then it’s a little complicated. We can’t even recommend paying $19,000 for a lesson in anything, ever, but where you should be putting your time depends on the type of lesson or skill you wish to learn.

Each provider will specialise in different areas, so maybe the best way to ensure you get value for money is to do some research into the organisations before you dive too deep.

What Courses are Available With Experfy in 2021?

Like most online course providers, Experfy have specific areas in which they are truly considered experts. The next part of this Experfy review will go over the main types of courses listed on their website, with a bit of information as to what you can expect from them as well.

AI & Machine Learning

This is Experfy’s specialisation here. Technology and data management is massive on the priorities of this educational website, evidenced by some of the astronomic prices listed on the courses in this category. You pay for quality though, as some of the lessons in this category cover immensely complicated subjects, including: robotics process automation, data pre-processing and quantitative trading just to name a few. For more information on this topic, check out our Best Online Coding Schools piece here.


Exactly what it says on the tin, Cloud training will dive into the concepts and mechanics behind cloud storage, and occasionally dip into the philosophical aspects of technological advances. This category includes technological training (the building, theory and applications of Google cloud storage) and simpler levels of this (introductions to basic storage, building a storage network and actual passable exams).


Although many online course providers have an angle for business studies, this Experfy review can guarantee you the exact same level of quality as you’ve seen from all of the other subjects. These courses range from simple skills, like managing your daily planner and using the software, to management employee performance. The courses in this category focus on more practical skills, like the use of certain programmes, to help employees take that first step into becoming a business guru.

Data Science & Data Mining

One of the most important aspects of 21st century professional life, is the extensive use of data. Experfy has a whole host of online courses designed to educate you on exactly what these terms are all about, and we can tell you for a fact that the skills you learn while studying these courses are extremely desirable in the modern day workplace, as it’s all about narrowing down your target market to a recognisable goal.

Internet of Things

With a keen eye on the technological world, Experfy just seems to be one step ahead of the curve when it comes to skill sets. Their Internet of Things course covers a mass of subjects, all surrounding the common theme of the internet, and how human beings use the internet to their advantage. You’ll learn about cyber security, running a business online and how this technology can affect your success.

Internet of Things

One of the areas with the most options when it comes to courses, Analytical skills will never be surplus. Whether you’re looking at a pie chart or interpreting shifts in trends, the skills you’ll learn in these courses will help develop you into a more of a big picture person, being able to recognise trends and patterns in your work life. For more information on cheap, great online courses, check out our free courses in 2020 guide here.

Content Quality at Experfy

One of the most important parts of anyone’s decision as to which website to choose when looking for an online course, is the reputation of the place as a whole. Is the content of their courses good enough? Are their tutors sufficiently qualified? Will I be using my time efficiently by being there? These are all questions you absolutely need the answers to before getting involved.  Who you’re being taught by is almost as important as what you’re being taught, so we highly recommend you make sure your online education provider has a roster of respected tutors at its disposal

Experfy – Tutor Reputation

Experfy only employs the very best when it comes to tutors. They call in only industry experts and people with a proven particular interest in the subject of the course they’ll be teaching, ensuring that everyone you’ll ever receive a lesson from on Experfy is fully qualified to give that lesson.

One such tutor, John Browning, for example, is currently working as a senior data scientist for an e-commerce company and has over 10 years experience working as a data analyst. He’s instructing people on regression models and how to understand data, proving that Experfy don’t mess around when it comes to the tutors.

Course Length With Experfy

It is difficult to say how long any one online course should be. It depends on so many variables: the student’s preference, the tutor’s preference, the subject at hand (complications, methodology). As an online student, you have to try and get a feel for how long you think you can or want to spend learning virtually everyday, so the answer to this section can change per person.

From a neutral standpoint though, with the exceptionally high prices you’re going to need to pay to get these lessons from Experfy, we can only conclude that the course length is too short. The most extreme example of this we’ve already mentioned – it’s the two days data storytelling workshop for $19,500 – which isn’t at all fair if you’re using it to judge the entire value of Experfy’s courses, but does highlight the fact that of all the online education services, these guys are definitely in the top most expensive.

Is Experfy Legit?

“Yes, but is Experfy legit?”, we hear you say. We’re pleased to tell you that Experfy is completely legit and safe. They hire the very best, well respected and qualified professionals in the entire country for their purposes, meaning that when you undertake an Experfy course, you know you’re in good hands. It’s the “premium service” when it comes to online courses, so if you’re on the fence about whether or not you think you’ll be getting value for money, Experfy is definitely your best bet.

Reputation of Experfy – Student Opinion

A short Google search will show you that as a whole, Experfy customer ratings are way above average. Most users who actually give an account of their time there express their satisfaction with the quality of the skills they’ve learned, which is a massive pro.
8Expert Score
Our Experfy Conclusion
Overall, Experfy has quality content, with highly complex subject matter being covered in a matter of hours sometimes. They focus heavily on technological skills, which are highly useful in the modern day and particularly applicable to young people looking to expand their professional portfolio. The major downside is the price, and coupled with the short course time, these things brought the Experfy review final score down slightly.
  • Massive range of quality courses
  • Genuinely global reach.
  • Links with high status universities
  • All prices are given in US dollars

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