Learning Portuguese Online in 2021


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In this era of global communication where Chinese and Spanish are the most preferable languages after English, learning Portuguese may seem intriguing to many. However, the vast array of benefits to learning Portuguese will be advantageous for language enthusiasts and those who opt to learn Portuguese online. Portuguese is the ninth most spoken language globally, having an estimated 232 million natives and 258 million of total people fluent in Portuguese.

The massive usage of this language has uplifted the necessity of learning Portuguese as a foreign language to another level. You might be worried after hearing about the difficulty level of learning Portuguese but these are all partial truths. Because acquiring fluency in any language depends on your level of dedication and effort, you put into it while learning, and sometimes your linguistic background too.

Learning Portuguese online has its benefits, including the remote access, easy resources, and affordability of a number of learning sites. The pronunciation and newness of the language may seem like a struggle at the beginning, but your continuous effort and keenness to learn will gradually ease the hurdles to acquire your Portuguese fluency. Therefore choosing the best platform to learn Portuguese will assist you to achieve the target you have set to master the fluency of the language.

Our Guide to Learning Portuguese Online

Before committing yourself to a particular platform or course to learn Portuguese online, make sure to check out some basic features and advantages to choosing the ideal learning option for you. There is a selection of factors to consider when starting to learn a new language, and every learner’s preferences will be different. 

Perfect Platform

Choose the ideal platform that meets your preference within your budget, concepts, and required features. The best learning site will differ amongst many learners, with everyone having different priorities and preferences. We recommend identifying your own wants and needs, and considering those when choosing the platform for you.

Setting Goals

Everyone has a different level of capacity to learn and comprehend. Someone may learn a language in three months and someone might make it in years. It all depends on dedication, time management, and linguistic background. So, the best product to make your language learning comfortable and easy.


Practicing is the key to learning a language. The more you practice the language, and repeat the lessons by writing and speaking with an expert or learning platform, the more you will ace your learning aptitude. Many websites allow such practice to make their learner more efficient in their language fluency, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best Websites for Learning Portuguese Online

Signing up for a course to learn Portuguese takes a huge amount of dedication and patience to master the language to a decent fluency. Offline courses to learn Portuguese are more daunting and time-consuming than online ones as they take a lot of your time commuting to the venue and other relevant tasks. Managing time in your busy schedules can be difficult as physical courses provide fixed timing, so check out for the online courses available to save yourself from the hassles. Check out the list of our best picks to learn Portuguese online to choose your destination.

Rocket Language (Editor’s Choice)

Rocket language is an incredible platform to learn Portuguese online with authentic Brazilian variants. The course offers a well-structured and beginner-friendly design to guide you towards your step-by-step progress to learn Portuguese. It starts with the common phrases and vocabulary modules with interactive audio lessons.

The entire course is designed to keep you engaged in the lessons, by setting games and quizzes in the modules to test your aptitude.  When you earn points to establish certain goals during the lesson, it energises your zeal to reach the destination. If you are looking for solid guidance and a lifetime access course to master your Portuguese this course is for you.

Pricing: Affordable

One-time and Monthly Payment Options.

Type: Brazilian Portuguese


Babble is an award-winning language-learning site best for its commendable features. This site offers Brazilian Portuguese to assist you in learning Portuguese online. Babbel is designed to provide dialogue-based lessons placing vocabulary according to grammar requirements. You can customise your native language requirements, and targeted destination by answering the short questionnaire at the beginning of the course.

The progress-tracking algorithm helps you to remember the information from your previous tasks and allows reviewing. Babbel allows voice recognition with Google Speech Technology. In short, it is an incredible place to learn Portuguese efficiently with the best app featuring anywhere-anytime access with your android or iOS devices.

Pricing: Affordable.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Payment Option.

Type: Brazilian Portuguese



You might be searching for a language course to learn authentic Portuguese where you can learn from the native speakers keeping the original essence and accent of Portuguese in mind. Italki provides the best website to learn Portuguese from native speakers from Brazil and Portugal within 10-20 US Dollars per hour. With professional mentoring and exceptional ranges of idiolect (the dialect of the individuals from a particular language), you will get the best of its service for learning the language.

Tutors will provide you study materials and lesson plans as your level requirements. You can always find your exchange practice partner to shape your speaking fluency at Italki. All you need to do is click the option on the website to find the exchange partner and Portuguese speakers from all over the world will be available to practice with you. Italki offers a great number of expert tutors to mentor you throughout your learning process to ace your Portuguese.

Pricing: Reasonable

Payment Per-Class

Type: Brazilian & European Portuguese


Glossika is the ideal platform to learn Portuguese without arduous grammar lessons. The course is designed with a repetitious process and modules to practice the tasks. It has a highly effective spaced-repetition algorithm that helps the learners to absorb the lessons more efficiently. Glossika’s research-based learning process by following significant patterns provides customized content for you by measuring your progress.

It offers full-sentence practice sessions to provide clear vocabulary and conceptual ideas on the language. The ample amount of listening and repetition assist you throughout the journey to excel your Portuguese skill profoundly. For new learners, Glossika provides free-trial options and enables all language courses to the subscriber upon membership.

Pricing: Affordable.

Monthly & Annual Payment Procedure.

Type: Brazilian and European Portuguese


Mondly offers an easy and affordable Portuguese lesson with advantageous user support options on its website. This platform has a reputation for its commendable language-focused courses with bite-sized lessons, confirming optimum engagement of the learners throughout the lessons. You can check your regular reads, practice sessions, and time spent on the site, which also estimates the remaining time left on your profile to help you track your progress.

The real-life situations with common themes in the course materials keep you engaged in the lesson with its interactive user interface and contents. In addition, it offers a chat-bot feature to practice speaking and learn Portuguese more efficiently.

Pricing: Affordable and cheap.

Free, Monthly, and Yearly Subscription.

Type: Brazilian and European Portuguese.

Advantage of Learning Portuguese Online

There are many advantages to learning Portuguese online. The affordable pricing, time-saving interface, and target-oriented features are the most useful features to mention on them. On the other hand, physical classes to learn Portuguese can be quite inexpensive and time-consuming.

Portuguese is Actually Quite Easy

Learning a language is always a challenge and learning Portuguese in that sense is quite easy if you stay motivated throughout your learning process. In short, it is all about the strategy and dedication you put into your efforts to learn the language.

Portuguese may seem quite daunting if you are at the beginning of its learning process. Once you get through the basics of the language with perseverance, it will be the easiest deal to get over. Therefore, it is always about the starting point and the constant motivation to reach your targeted destination in Portuguese.

Learning Portuguese is less overwhelming than it seems. Despite the unknown characters and unfamiliar sounds, it has unique pronunciations and artistic accents in Portuguese.

Many of the pronunciations and words in Portuguese may seem familiar to you as they have many similarities with Spanish, Italian, and French because of their origin.

Portuguese has fewer grammar rules than English does. Nevertheless, they have different nasal sounds, conjugation of verbs, and individual regional accents to deal with.

Why Should You Learn Portuguese?

A very common and legit question that picks through the mind of a new Portuguese learner is ‘Why should I learn it?’  In this article, we have assembled the advantageous reasons and rewards of learning Portuguese to answer your question.

Widely Spoken

Portuguese is a widely used language of more than 200 million people including the natives and worldwide users. It is the official language in ten countries and the language of many international organisations of the world.

Global Relations and Business Communication

With Brazil’s growing economy, and many Brazilian businesses using Portuguese to communicate, it is a major destination for many international companies for its Fast Moving Consumer Goods. They are also the key producer of automobiles, textiles, computers, aircraft, and one of the largest trading collaborations of the United States.

Therefore, the majority of the multinational companies deal with the Brazilian market, selling products of big corporations. This makes the business communication through Portuguese an essential ingredient for dealers and they employ people with Portuguese fluency.

Career Benefits

Expertise in Portuguese will open up job opportunities in your career because of its diversity. Therefore, sectors including: business, banking, tourism, diplomacy, journalism, government, publishing, advertising, social services, media, law, linguistics, health, and the arts, and many more will benefit from learning Portuguese.

As fluency in Portuguese a common need for commerce and communication, it can be a huge employment benefit for those who have a good understanding of the language. Students who have a degree in Portuguese courses and majors have a vast demand in multinational companies, airlines, interpretations, international agencies, research institutes, teaching, and many others.

Adequacy of Resources

The rapid growth of the Portuguese speaking population and their worldwide business expansion increased the demand for the language. The existing popularity of the Spanish and French languages has also played a significant role in four-folding its popularity. As a result, the number of courses and tools available for learning Portuguese has also increased.

The global economic edge and business needs have expanded its requirement as the language of communication in multinational companies, international organizations, and many more institutions, demanding employees having Portuguese fluency. Even though there are a plethora of offline and online options available for learning Portuguese, we will suggest online courses for affordability, adequacy, and time-managing benefits.

Access to the Language of Art and Culture

Portuguese is a language of art and culture that developed over 2,000 years ago in about the third century BC. Much cultural heritage of the world is associated with the countries and people associated with the Portuguese language.

Brazilian and Portugal’s culture is deeply rooted with the origin of this language, thus offering you great historic literature and information of global heritage. The traditional music of Portuguese, African, and Amerindian traditions, instruments, harmonies, dances, rhythms, and other musical elements have a mixture of sound and rhythm, and knowing Portuguese allows you to enjoy the real essence of these beautiful traditions and art.

Learning Portuguese Online – Our Final Thoughts

Portuguese is the most spoken language of South America and is widely used in many regions of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Portuguese is definitely growing in use across the world, and the demand in communication and business is increasing, too.

There are plenty of opportunities online to learn Portuguese from scratch, and gives you many different options as to how you would like to learn. With a number of available learning platforms, there is something for everyone that is looking to learn Portuguese online.

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