Rosetta Stone Review 2021

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Rosetta Stone is certainly one of the world’s most well-known language learning apps currently. Founded nearly 30 years ago, clearly Rosetta Stone is doing something right. Given the wide range of language programs the online learning site offers, it is likely to have grabbed your attention. You will also find popular languages like French, Spanish and Italian, as well as more rare languages like Persian and Turkish.

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2024)

An Introduction to Rosetta Stone

Whenever we opt for learning a language through such tools, we often wonder if it is worth spending the time and money on. Similarly, you must be wondering- ‘Does Rosetta Stone work?’. It is important to understand how the site works, as well as how much you can benefit from the site. We’re here to answer your question ’Is Rosetta Stone worth it?’. To help you in this regard, we have compiled some of the most important information about Rosetta Stone in this guide!

Whether you are more comfortable learning a language online or using an app on a mobile device, Rosetta Stone can be a great option for many. Why? Rosetta Stone has its very own unique app, as well as an optimised online site. So, for iOS and Android users, you have the option to download the Rosetta Stone app for your language learning.

Are you more comfortable using a desktop version? Learners have the option to download the software for your computer or purchase the CD-ROM version. In the case of the CD-ROM, you will have to pay a certain fee for each level you start. One great thing about this option is that you will never lose access once purchased, meaning you can go back to any point of the course at your convenience.

Our Rosetta Stone reviews found that students can choose which language you want to learn, the level you want to start with, and monitor progress throughout the learning process. Students can have access to the different levels of the site for a given number of months with a subscription on Rosetta Stone’s site.

Rosetta Stone

How Does Rosetta Stone Work?

As we mentioned, there are two options you have when signing up to Rosetta Stone and learning with their online courses. So, whether you’re on a mobile device using their app, or on your computer online, you are good to go. Rosetta Stone has a number of different learning plans for their students to choose from based on personal preference. There are four learning plans you can choose from. Each of the plans is customised with specific content. These options are:


This option involves the language skills important to start with meeting new people, for example. If you are travelling to a part of the world with a primary language, this plan will help with travel situations such as eating out, residing in hotels, asking for or giving directions, and learning the names of locations in the particular language.


As you might already guess from the name, this option is meant for using the language to develop or maintain relationships with family members. This can include complimenting others, wishes for special occasions, and general conversation with family and close friends.


You need to talk in a certain manner when you are in the working environment. This option teaches you corporate or business politeness, language for invitations, discussing time, finances, talking about materials, as well as merchandise.

Basics and Beyond

This will be the better option to opt for if you are looking to learn the language for regular or daily chores. It teaches you the right words for routines, schedules, colours, formal as well as informal settings, sizes, and much more.

What Languages Are Available on Rosetta Stone?

This part of the Rosetta Stone review aims to give you an overview of what languages you can learn here. Besides the most common languages offered by learning platforms – like American English and British English – the program also offers 23 other languages in total.

The full list of languages available on Rosetta Stone’s platform is right here: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Latin American and European), Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Turkish, and Vietnamese. Is Rosetta Stone worth it? If the language you’re looking to learn is in this list, then we certainly think so.

Rosetta Stone

How Are Languages Taught With Rosetta Stone?

Several studies show that you are likely to get the hang of things or remember them better when you can visualise them. Hence, image-based learning is quite useful. With Rosetta Stone, you can learn both vocabulary and grammar based on images. Almost all of the available exercises come with images or stock photos to help with visual learning.

Through this Rosetta Stone review, we will elaborate on how the languages are taught to you. The program starts with introducing one word at a time, moving on to conjugations, phrases, and finally sentences – where you are opted to put punctuations where necessary. Within the first week, you are likely to have learned quite some words and their usages.

One benefit to Rosetta Stone’s platform is that exercises are very rarely repeated. Meanwhile, the use of flashcards as a learning method is limited in the Rosetta Stone app. This makes it quite different from similar online learning sites.

You will also be able to make use of the ‘translation’ feature. With Rosetta Stone, you can simply click on the image to see what it means in your preferred language. You will not have to worry about being tricked to harder questions, as this feature will benefit your learning and minimise any problems. Progressing with your language learning is regularly monitored, and you will have the opportunity to work at your own pace when using the site’s app.

Now that we have talked about the visual tool, you must be wondering about the speaking and listening aspects of the program. Do not worry – Rosetta Stone comes with a dedicated section to work on your speaking, pronouncing, and listening skills. This is essential in practice when learning a new language. When you are completing the listening sections, you will meet a range of speakers who can read words and phrases. This way, learners can adjust to listening to the language in a wide range of voices and tones.

On top of that, Rosetta Stones has a beneficial feature named ‘TruAccent’ – a speech recognition engine. Here, the feature has the ability to judge your personal pronunciation and assess accordingly. Students can use this as regularly as they like, which is extremely helpful for many.

Rosetta Stone – Site Design

In many Rosetta Stone reviews, a highlighted point is about the design and structure of their programme. The first factor we were greeted with when completing our Rosetta Stone review was the free three-day trial, available to all new customers.

Whilst the Rosetta Stone design and structure is simple and basic, this is not necessarily a negative factor. Instead, with a basic structure, new online users will be able to navigate their way around the site with ease, as every feature and service is simplified.

How Much Does Rosetta Stone Cost?

Before getting an overview of the price structure, you will have to select the language you are trying to learn using this programme. For instance, let us talk about Spanish (Latin America). You will be given 4 options for the particular language:

  1.   3 months – Spanish (Latin America): $35.97 – one time
  2.   12 months – Unlimited Languages: $119.88 – one time
  3.   24 months – Unlimited Languages: $167.76 – one time
  4.   Lifetime – Unlimited Languages: $199.00  – one time

You can choose the one that suits your preference of time. You can also opt for the online paid tutoring option for the course you are pursuing. When you choose a group lesson of around half an hour (25 minutes or so), you have to pay something between $14 and $19 per two lessons. Meanwhile, if you were after a more customised/individual with a native speaker, you will be charged $19 or $29 for two lessons. In both cases, you will be led through a webinar via a live tutor.

Rosetta Stone

Is Rosetta Stone worth it?

There have been quite a few reviews about Rosetta Stone, with many asking a similar question. However, our Rosetta Stone review found a common answer throughout. When you make use of the site regularly, and follow a consistent lesson plan, you are likely to have a much better learning experience from the platform. With the user’s ability to concentrate and focus on lessons, it is likely that learning and knowledge will be much more effective. If this is done from the start, your understanding will be maximised.

Rosetta Stone steals the show in terms of being more comprehensive in comparison to other online learning platforms. When it comes to conveying the lessons for the language, grammar, and complicated conjugations, Rosetta Stone is extremely helpful. The site also has an effective assessment tool for judging your speaking skills. If that wasn’t enough, you can also sign up for the live group lessons if you are a learner looking to connect with others, and discuss with an expert of a language.

All in all, as per this Rosetta Stone review, the learning site can help you get the most out of your money to develop a strong base for a new language that you can not only use as a hobby but also in professional settings. It also tailors the lesson plans according to your needs- so you can have confidence about it successfully catering to your specific needs.

Rosetta Stone’s Additional Features

In this Rosetta Stone review, we will also show you what the bonus contents are that come with the application.

The site also offers additional content such as games. These are efficient ways of studying and learning the language because you can engage in solo games as well as paired games with other students or an expert. As a learner looking to connect with other students, one recommended way to do this is through the interactive paired games.

The games included on Rosetta Stone’s site require a strong focus and concentration. In just one game, for example, you might have to speak more than just 2 or 3 short sentences. Sometimes, you get the option to listen to a story and choose any of the words that you have picked up. While listening to the story, you are opted to choose them on the bingo cards. We think Rosetta Stone works in terms of engaging learning, and is a beneficial way to learn a new language.

If you like reading, you are likely to become a fan of the reading section on Rosetta Stone’s site. You can embrace a good number of short stories designed to be accessible to you. As well as that, you can choose to simply listen to them, read them on your own or out loud. There’s even the option to try both, in order to see what makes you more comfortable or suits you better.

Rosetta Stone
9Expert Score
Our Concluding Remarks
Through this Rosetta Stone review, we think that Rosetta Stone can be concluded as an excellent learning platform for many. Is Rosetta Stone worth it? Well, you must have already found the answer. You can opt for this paid learning application when you are looking for professional and serious language development skills. It is highly recommended for beginners since the foundation provided by the application is quite strong in terms of both vocabulary and grammar.
  • Wide range of available courses
  • Easy to use site & app
  • 'TruAccent' patented speech technology
  • Regular bonus content
  • More expensive than some competitors
  • Limited access to tests and assessments

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