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Instant Mandarin Review & Rating 2021

Welcome to our Instant Mandarin review! We’re here to tell you all about the learning platform that provides some of the best Mandarin online courses for those looking to master the Mandarin language. We will guide you through the details of this platform. Not only will we tell you all about the available courses, but we’ll discuss the costs, content quality, tutor-student interaction and much more.


Our extensive Instant Mandarin review will be a huge benefit to your learning decision, as we’re here for you whether you’re a complete newbie to the language, or an advanced Mandarin speaker. Instant Mandarin lessons for Mandarin Chinese provides accessible learning opportunities wherever you are in the world.

Cost 8.5/10
Course Variety 9/10
Content Quality 9.5/10

Editors Overall Rating


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An Introduction to Instant Mandarin

Mandarin is one of the most widely-spoken languages across the world, and many across the world can communicate using Mandarin. With more than one billion people talking in Mandarin, and the rapidly growing presence of Chinese business, Mandarin has become a necessary skill to thrive in various sectors – whether it is business or study. Chinese culture and population having a rich historical background and widespread global business outreach has increased some needs to learn the language massively.


They have a team of highly commendable tutors trained and majored in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL). To provide you with a simplified Instant Mandarin review, we will discuss the necessity of these online courses Instant Mandarin provides for all ages and levels. From Pinyin to learning Chinese characters, from speaking to writing, from basic Chinese to advanced, Instant Mandarin is offering the most authentic Mandarin Chinese lessons with their interactive one-to-one lessons.


Hence, we believe our Instant Mandarin review will guide you towards your keen dedication to learn Mandarin from the platform that best suits your interest.


  • Advanced Mandarin lessons available
  • High-quality course content
  • Self-paced learning schedule
  • Experienced language experts


  • Only live lessons available
  • Can be pricier than other online language sites

Is Instant Mandarin Legit?

To explain the credibility of Instant Mandarin, we would like to focus on its high-quality content delivery by experienced mentors and efficient course structure. Instant Mandarin is a Mandarin Chinese learning platform created by a team of respected education professionals, with resources from the Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (SEAIE).


Instant Mandarin offers a scheduling option for learners to arrange meetings with professional language experts. The majority of those tutors available on the site have at least four years of education and training in Mandarin – they know their stuff!


The Instant Mandarin online lessons for learning Mandarin Chinese consist of a very high-standard, providing up-to-date material and interactive care to boost student’s language learning drive. ‘Is Instant Mandarin legit?’, let us take you on a tour of the Instant Mandarin review to get rid of that doubt with ease.

Master the Mandarin language with Instant Mandarin!

How Expensive is Instant Mandarin in 2021?

The pricing of Instant Mandarin lessons starts at $120, which consists of 12 lessons for 2 months. Alternatively, learners can pay for one individual lesson costing $10, called the Taster Bundle.


The Appetizer plan available on Instant Mandarin costs $570.  However, don’t let this put you off. This works out at only $9.50 per lesson for 6 months, as there is a total of 60 lessons available with The Appetizer.. The Main Course lesson plan provides 90 lessons in 9 Months for 810 US dollars that save 90 Dollars from the expense.


Meanwhile the deal for the full cost will provide you 180 Mandarin lessons that are provided over 18 months. The total price is $1530, but the price is more value for money per lesson than the other two payment options.


There is also an opportunity to win the Instant Mandarin online lesson for just $1 upon purchasing the Taster Bundle of 12 lessons. The referral scheme of the platform also provides free classes to you and your fellow referee.

The best part of Instant Mandarin being a professional platform is that it allows customised lesson plans for your professional work. Also, you will be able to select the topic based on your requirements and preferences. Instant Mandarin will help you by developing lessons and teaching styles to suit your individual needs.


You can always book a free trial on the site, and consult with the professional tutors at Instant Mandarin to assess your level of learning and requirements. The price of the lessons may seem expensive at first glance, but considering the market evaluation and quality of Instant Mandarin courses, this price is worth it.

Why not kick-start your Instant Mandarin journey today?

Courses Available at Instant Mandarin

Now that you have learned about the prices of Instant Mandarin lessons, let us take you on a tour of its courses based on a different level of language proficiencies through this Instant Mandarin review. The learning platform offers one-to-one service on all the courses they provide following different structure and emphasis on learning style.

Standard Course

With its well-organised framework, the Standard course on Instant Mandarin focuses on the scholarly way of studying Mandarin Chinese.


HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), a form of Mandarin Chinese proficiency test, is used to create the course material. It is the only formal measure of non-native speakers’ Mandarin Chinese language proficiency.


The traditional six HSK levels have been split into 12 levels in the Instant Mandarin Standard course. This is to make the learning process more absorbing and simpler for you to track your development and language proficiency. Different levels of assessments and requirements have been incorporated into the Standard course to assist you with focusing on your Chinese hearing, communicating, reading, and writing skills on an individual basis.


Travel Course

The Travel course on Instant Mandarin’s site describes what it says on the tin – the course goes through what would be used when travelling to China. Therefore, the lessons incorporate real-life context and situations for learners to build an understanding of. For example, ordering a taxi, shopping and eating out are common situations for travellers to be in – the Travel course will consist of circumstances like these.


This Travel based Instant Mandarin course can be an ideal choice for your hassle-free journey. The course is designed for foreign tourists to learn practical Chinese conversational skills and use them to express regular needs during a trip in China. Therefore, you can pick the course for its easy-learn and easy-deliver advantage for your next travel plan in China.


Conversational Course

Due to the surge of business communication and dealing in Mandarin Chinese, learning the usual conversation skills to communicate has become a priority for many. Speaking Chinese conversation and understanding with Chinese people requires a lot of practice and a systematic learning process.


Instant Mandarin’s Conversational course is designed to serve you in that purpose while encouraging you to express and speak more freely, with thorough practicing in your one-to-one live classes. This course will definitely increase your confidence to speak Mandarin fluently.


Young Learners Course

Learning Mandarin Chinese can be a basic learning requirement for kids, as it has become a global need in terms of global language proficiency. This course is designed for kids over five years old, with an interactive and fun-learning user interface. There are four curriculums for young learners: Vocabulary Textbook, Standard Course for Young Learners, Conversation for Young Learners, and Storybook for Learning Mandarin.


The assessment criteria and academic standards are based on the Youth Chinese Test (YCT), which is a standardised measure for Chinese language proficiency level for foreign young learners in China, and the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) for non-native speakers. This course also offers 10 levels from beginner to advanced for mastering Chinese to comprehend complex sentences.


Business Course

Instant Mandarin’s Business course will enable your speaking and conversational Chinese suitable for business occasions. On top of that, the lessons will allow you to master the Chinese vocabulary and phrases for basic communications. If that wasn’t enough, the site will also assist you to understand business terms and exchanges in Chinese in commercial ambiances.


Mandarin Chinese is widely used in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, and many other countries as a language of business. We want to reiterate that this Instant Mandarin review has been highlighting the need of learning Mandarin with the basics of the Business Chinese Test – the international standardised system grading your Chinese language efficiency for business dealings.


Survival Course

This course will help you ‘survive’ in China allowing you to learn basic Chinese conversations for regular use. If you are a non-native speaker who has suddenly landed in China for any travel purpose, you’ll be able to use this Survival course content to have an understanding of your situation.  It is an easy and fast learning course to deal with the survival basics of the Mandarin language.


Easy HSK

As we mentioned earlier, HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, which is a standardised measure of Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers in China. This course is intended for students and employees who want to progress their careers by taking the HSK test. As a result, it is tailored to the HSK norm, including Chinese listening, reading, writing, speaking, and the official review, with a sole emphasis on academics.

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Content Quality of Instant Mandarin Lessons

The content quality on Instant Mandarin’s lessons are exclusive and easily accessible for learners. The efficiency of the site’s service is well assured by their students, as they provide great course structures and level of lesson plans to deliver the best quality with academics.


In our Instant Mandarin review, we have tried to give you a vivid idea of the quality courses and their usefulness. For attempting a course on Instant Mandarin, you can book a free trial session with an assessment on your level and select a suitable schedule at your convenience. Expert tutors provide lessons in an interactive way on a user-friendly interface setting.

The Reputation of Tutors at Instant Mandarin

The reputation of service providers at Instant Mandarin is top-notch with a professional teaching team with a solid academic background in Mandarin Chinese. They possess expertise in the Chinese language for teaching in Chinese language schools previously and are highly trained to provide interactive and instant lessons to the students.


Tutors are available 24 hours a day for one-to-one live sessions and schedule at your own convenience, which is a great benefit for anyone looking to learn Mandarin. You can schedule a session three hours before the lesson and continue with your preferred tutor if your timetable matches their availability. In conclusion, our Instant Mandarin review found that the tutors are extremely reliable and are a huge benefit to the majority of learner’s overall experiences.

Editors Overall Rating


Our Final Thoughts About Instant Mandarin

Most of the time, Instant Mandarin’s resources are flexible for users, which makes it easy and accessible for the busy learners to keep up with their own pace. The tutors are highly trained and patient with students, which makes the whole learning process easier.


Most of the students from Instant Mandarin have reviewed the platform for their interactive and fun-learning teaching style. The tutors keep track of your mistakes during the lessons and tests, which helps the students to improve better. The short but effective lessons will also maintain learner engagement, making the most of the content provided by the learning platform.


This ultimately brings out a high-quality result while learning Mandarin Chinese. With that in mind, we believe that this review on Instant Mandarin will guide you to go for the ideal platform for the best result.

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