Learn Any Language Online – Preply Review 2021

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Welcome to another learning site review! This time round, we’re going to be talking all things Preply! This online learning platform offers a huge range of different learning courses, including languages, music, business and so much more! We’re going to tell you about the latest online courses that you can get involved with.


On top of that, our Preply review will be taking a detailed look at the different aspects of the educational platform, and see what you can do to make the most for all your learning needs. As well as that, we’ll show you our overall rating, as well as discussing other Preply reviews from all around the web.

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2023)

An Introduction to Our Preply Review

Before we get into the details about what the site has to offer, Preply is an online educational platform that provides an array of tutors specialising across a large number of subjects. Like many other learning sites, Preply offers people from across the world to learn and master a new skill at the comfort of their own home, and to their convenience. Generally speaking, if you are looking for some quality tutors, Preply can be a great way to satisfy your learning needs. Our Preply review discovered a number of tutors who are ready and waiting to kick-start your learning journey with you.

Founded in 2012 in Ukraine, Preply had initially started as an SAT and ACT tutoring platform. There were three brains behind this project, and it started out and still is a private company. Operating for almost a decade now, Preply has built its experience and reputation in the field of online education.

With a total of 18923 tutors to choose from all over the globe, learners can customise how to approach learning a new skill, regarding any particular topic. Moreover, you can also choose what kind of Preply online lessons you will need – whether it is professional, academic or casual, Preply has got you covered.


Is Preply Legit?

Worried about whether Preply is a legitimate online learning site? Well, our Preply review is here to put you at ease – Preply is a very trusted and reliable platform. The tutors available on the site are very experienced and know what they’re talking about – the lessons and courses are to a high quality.

The tutors are certified by Preply experts after they have reviewed their qualifications, and this is what leads to happy customers. The main reason behind the popularity of Preply online lessons is the amount of customisation you can put into your search for a tutor. The other reason for the popularity is the wide array of pricing options that you have available for each of the study fields.

Each of the tutors is very selectively chosen for their roles. Just to give you an idea, currently, the top tutor at Preply is an English teacher and you can book them for lessons for professional and academic learnings. You can verify these lessons on your own if you wish to, because you’ll be receiving knowledge from someone extremely experienced in that field.

This is just one way to verify the legitimacy of Preply. They are welcoming to people of all ages and groups. With some enthusiasm and willingness to learn, learners can get a great amount out of Preply’s online lessons. If you follow the instructor’s guidelines, you are bound to learn a lot more than you probably could have expected at first. That’s why we’re all here, right?

You will be able to apply the content you learn from Preply in real life projects, too. Whether its’ data science or cooking, Preply will give you the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice.

How Expensive Are Preply Courses?

This section of our Preply review is going to look at Preply’s pricing, focusing on understanding how each course is priced. First of all, it’s worth noting that the fee is dependent on the tutor that you are choosing. Another factor that influences the cost of a course with Preply is how long you would like each lesson to be.

For example, if you want an English lesson from a specific tutor, and you would prefer two two-hour sessions a week, then the price will be calculated once you have stated this. We found this as quite an advantageous feature, as learners are able to make the most of what they are willing to commit to when learning a new skill.

Preply will take the majority of commission of the first hour of lesson from a new student. The money afterwards goes towards each of the tutors, with a much smaller portion goes for Preply. Currently, the most expensive price rate available is $40 per hour. Needless to say, the tutors who are priced at this range are at the peak of their positions, and will no doubt be a huge help to almost anyone.

If you’re ever looking for a refund with Preply, it is possible, but there are of course a few conditions . However, a couple of conditions do apply. First of all, you cannot have any confirmed lessons with a tutor. This refers to the confirmation system that lets you confirm a lesson after each session. Additionally, the payment you want to refund must have been made less than 90 days earlier.

If you are wondering if you can try out a trial for free, Preply has got your back there too! You can book for a trial lesson for free, but you will need to add your credentials and authenticate an account. Our Preply review found that the online trials are a benefit to many, as you can check out if a tutor suits your needs or not in a short session.

All in all, the pricings involved with Preply are not too expensive for the user compared to other online educational platforms. Now that we have understood the basics of how Preply actually functions, your concerns will arise of what you will be able to get from Preply? Well, Preply’s services are simply in teaching everyone who wants to learn. The question is, what will you be spending your money on?


Available Course Subjects

After you have understood the pricing policies of Preply, your concern probably shifted to what kind of content you can learn here. There is a plethora of such topical content you can learn at Preply. There’s a wide range of subjects on offer for people to learn, and many tutors on top of that.

First and foremost, Preply is most famous for their language tutors. There are tutors for a number of languages on this platform, and it is a great way to become multilingual. As well as that, some of the tutors available on Preply are qualified to teach languages as a profession – they definitely know their stuff!


There are a total of 27 languages that you can pick from. These languages are taught by tutors who will be readily available for you and any of your queries. Moreover, they will also be able to aid you further as they too can speak their native tongues. So if you want to choose a German language tutor while being from America, Preply has an option for you as well.


When hearing mathematics, you might think of the word “tedium”- maths isn’t for everyone. However, the math tutors on Preply’s site will be able to teach you math with fun. Regardless of whether you want to get a math tutor to solve your homework or to actually learn something new, Preply has got you covered.


Biology, Chemistry, Physics – all of your science needs are covered by Preply tutors. Most of us know the struggle of a physics assignment that we just can’t get down. Therefore, we think it’s important to take advantage and get help from a Preply tutor while you can.


Looking for a lesson or two in psychology? If you are confused regarding a topic in psychology, or unable to understand something about your own mind, or just curious, go for it! Tutors in the psychology field of Preply will be able to aid whatever query you have. This is a subject not covered by many, so finding it in our Preply review was a big positive for the learning platform.


Gaining feedback for artwork is one of the most important parts of being an artist. Art tutors at Preply will be able to give you insight, add constructive criticism to each and every piece of art, and help you get better at whatever art it is that you are trying to pursue.


As well as music being an art form, there’s even more to discover with available music tutors on Preply’s site. They will be able to give you both their personal and objective opinions on how to improve. If you are experimenting, composing or writing new pieces, a tutor can give you the insight necessary to go the extra mile with your music.


Java is commonly used for software development. You can get tutors from Preply to help you understand how to design it better and how you can become a better developer in that regard.


HTML is what makes a web page’s structure. You do not really need a tutor’s insight for this particular language, but it always helps to have expert opinion on a topic you might be unfamiliar with.


PHP is mostly used for back-end management of a website or webpage. There are many intricacies involved in this back-end engineering. Moreover, PHP is the language that popular frameworks like Laravel are written in. So it would be of great assistance if you were to get the opinions of a tutor from Preply on this.

Content Quality at Preply

If you haven’t already realised, then we’ll tell you plain and simple: the quality of tutors on Preply are to an extremely high-standard. They are a huge benefit to most, if not all, of the students on learning a skill with Preply. The swarming positive Preply reviews for the tutor’s services highlight how accessible and easy-to-use the online platform can be.

If you’re looking to find out more about certain tutors, you have the option to skim through the profiles of each of them and learn about their backgrounds. Their education and professional achievements are stated there quite clearly in order to reassure that reliability.

Moreover, you can also see the review of a tutor which is given by the students. So if you see a positive review, know that it is an overall positive created by all the students who have learned under that particular tutor.

Lastly, if all else fails, you can always look up a tutor’s name on Google to learn more about them. Their personal profile, research or academics should be able to convince you on how reliable (or unreliable) they will be. Always remember that users can file complaints to Preply in against tutors they dislike if they have experiences deserving of such quality.


What Do the Students Say?

Preply is still a growing platform, but it is surely no small feat to have come as far as they have. In this Preply review, we will now try to understand how students who have learned from Preply actually feel about the platform.

Most of the reviews of Preply are taken positively. There are many instances when a user is not fully satisfied with their experience with a particular tutor or a particular domain of subject. However, that does not say much about their overall experience.

Even though students might leave learning from a tutor midway, they still do leave positive reviews in most cases for their tutors, meaning that they probably did a good job. This makes Preply a reliable platform for students to learn from.

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Our Final Words About Preply
We hope this Preply review has answered your queries and questions that you may have. Overall, we think that the top-quality service provided by a pool of expert tutors will hugely benefit many people’s learning experiences. There’s also a lot of courses available on the site, so whilst Preply specialises in language courses, there’s also a lot more to explore if you want to learn and master more than one skill! Check out Preply today!
  • Huge range of tutors available
  • A vast array of subjects available to learn
  • High-quality content in courses
  • Individual, customised lesson plans
  • Short lesson times
  • Could be more expensive compared to others

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