Ucode Reviews & Ratings 2021

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Established in 2012 by Scott Mueller, a computer science graduate from the University of California, Ucode focuses on teaching software programming to children and teens. With an intention to encourage problem-solving and higher-order thinking among kids, Ucode set out to prepare kids for the future.


If you are a parent or guardian, it is key to keep your child’s mind stimulated as they develop into young adults – especially in the current no-school climate. While they are young, their brains are like a sponge; so, it is the best time to allow them to absorb as much as they can. When you are trying to maximize this window of opportunity, concerns like “is Ucode worth it?” or “is Ucode legit?” are well-founded. In an effort to address your questions, we are here to walk you through everything you need to know about Ucode – including a detailed look at their curriculum.

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(Last Updated On: April 9, 2022)

Introduction – What is Ucode?

Ucode was established as a result of Scott Mueller’s feeling of obligation towards ensuring the best educational experience for his son, Ken. As he began teaching maths, he realised that computational skills are essential to stimulate a child’s mind. The classes are tailored to meet individual student’s specific needs; with proper grooming, the possibilities of what they can achieve are endless. Thus began the journey of Ucode.

They are a STEM-based school, helping kids and teens explore and maximize their potential through programming classes. With excellent curriculum, qualified and patient teachers, and an overall fun learning experience, Ucode teaches kids how to code, create apps, games, robotics with Java, C++, Ruby, and more, moulding and building innovators of tomorrow.

Ucode Pricing in 2021

Ucode promises mental development of your kids through computational, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills at a price ranging from $99 to $178. With sincere teaching methods tailored individually for each kid, qualified teachers provide their guidance and expertise to your youngster. The outcome that Ucode brings, as suggested by Ucode reviews from graduates, is worth every penny.

They offer a money-back guarantee after 2 classes if they don’t seem like a good investment to you. Sign your kid up for a fun learning experience.

Does Ucode Offer Any Free Courses?

Ucode does not offer free courses.

However, there is a trial run. Ucode offers a money-back guarantee on your first month with Ucode if they don’t meet your expectations. Your kid can join 2 classes and you can assess the curriculum and environment; you will also be provided with parent materials to help Ucode help your kids.

Available Courses With Ucode in 2021?

Robotics for Kids

Ucode offers a program called RoboFun for kids, with robotics courses specifically designed for kids of ages 6 to 8. The course structure involves problem-solving by breaking them down into logical components, improving kids’ computational thinking. Ucode has a limit of 8 students in class size.

Beginner Python

In today’s highly competitive, kids need to be at their best game since childhood. Python is extensively used for commercial purposes. Ucode arranges an interesting curriculum for kids of age 9 and above to prepare them for the future in partnership with a faculty from Cornell University. Check the timings and customize a class schedule that suits you.

Advanced Python

Specifically designed for ages 12 and above, the advanced python courses available at Ucode has become a standard in the teaching industry. Besides the obvious perks that come from learning python, it can also be a great boost in your kid’s college application.


Java is a very popular programming language for android smartphones and the development of edged devices. Ucode offers this Java course to teach kids of 12+ age.

Ethical Hacking

This course builds a clear understanding of cyber security and its appropriate use. Tutor of this course is Richard Moore III, founder of CyberSix, who has served the military service for 15 years with the Intelligence community.

Game Development

Professional game developers will be instructing your teen through game development. Students will come out more skilled at the end of this course, having been taught by experts from the real industry.

Content Quality at Ucode

With a strong curriculum, good parent-teacher communication, partnership with top-ranked US universities, and highly qualified teachers, Ucode provides content that has set a new standard in the industry. In many Ucode reviews, we have seen satisfied parents thanking Ucode for engaging kids and stimulating their minds, just as promised.  Some even said that their content quality is years ahead of private school computer classes.

Reputation of Tutors at Ucode

Tutors at Ucode are students, graduates, and even faculty of top-ranked universities in the world including Cornell, Stanford, USC, and more. They have affiliation with famous names in the tech industry, such as Richard Moore III, founder of CyberSix. Each course is taught by experts in the respective field, showing utmost sincerity and patience towards the kids.

Course Length – Too Long? Too Short?

The classes are usually 60 minutes long, offering up to 2 classes per week. With an opportunity to tailor the schedule as per need, kids can learn at their own pace.

Is Ucode Legit?

Yes, Ucode is as legit as an online course provider gets. Ucode is a famous name in the software programming teaching industry. With tutors from top-ranked universities in the world, they have taught hundreds of thousands of students in over 200 countries.

The Ucode reviews speak very highly of their curriculum and teaching modules, promising to turn your kids into proficient coders and problem-solvers. Even if the words of thousands of Ucode graduates don’t seem convincing enough, you can always sign up for a trial run and see for yourself.

Reputation of Ucode: What Are Students Saying?

When it comes to Ucode reviews online, we couldn’t find many words of disappointments. Ucode is a highly efficient online course provider that serves kids’ individual needs with an exciting learning environment, satisfying kids and parents alike.

With schools, music classes, sports, and other commitments, kids seem to have a very busy schedule. Ucode puts no extra pressure on them. With its flexible class schedule, kids can choose what to learn and when.

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Ucode - Our Final Thoughts
To sum up, Ucode has managed to achieve what it set out to, and more, having helped hundreds of thousands of students to explore their computational skills and achieve their highest potential. With courses designed for ages 6 to 18, your kids will be prepared for the competitive future with Ucode. We hope that our Ucode review has helped you understand how the company works and what they offer. To know more, head over to Ucode. Give it a try, and we can assure you that you won’t regret it.
  • The perfect online school for aspiring teen coders.
  • Solid range of online materials.
  • Beginner courses available

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