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John Academy Reviews & Ratings 2021

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Welcome to our John Academy review, where together we’ll explore everything this online course provider has on offer. On this page you’ll find sections on how expensive John Academy is, the course and content quality, plus how long a John Academy course is — and much more. But maybe you’re interested in John Academy’s unlimited access membership already. Who knows. Either way, enjoy the review.


(Last Updated On: February 24, 2024)

Is John Academy worth it?

If you have been looking for a vocational online course provider then the John Academy might be right for you. A fear that many people have of online courses is that they are some kind of scam, or that they are not quite legitimate. In this John Academy review we’ll take a close look at this provider, and reassure you that it is legitimate and above board.

First, let’s examine the history of the John Academy. It was founded in 2016, so has not been around for very long. It is a brand of Adams Academy, another online training provider. Other than that, there is not a lot of information available about how the company started, or what the motivation was for establishing itThe company states that its mission is to offer professional and vocational training that is provided by educational and industry experts. They provide professional produced online course materials, as well as solid support from mentors and tutors. Their intention is to ensure that all students not only have complete access to all course materials, but also that all the skills they learn can be practically applied in the real world, especially in the workplace.

One particularly useful thing about signing up for a course at John Academy is that it means you can apply for a student ID card. This document entitles you to discounts and free entry to various venues, making it a real perk of enrolling in a course at John Academy. This is a sign of the credibility and legitimacy of the provider, as not all online courses give you such benefits.

There are over 1600 courses available at John Academy, covering topics that range from animal care or accounting, to teaching or transport. Providing courses that are convenient for learners is a big part of John Academy’s mission too.

Read on to find out more about the John Academy and the other benefits of enrolling on its courses.

John Academy
£/$79 £/$149

Grab a Vocational Qualification With John Academy

When considering the costs of courses at John Academy you need to remember that these are primarily vocational courses that are intended to improve your career. These are not courses that you would take for fun or for general personal development, like Masterclass, for example. Having said that, prices at John Academy are very reasonable indeed.

If you’re interested in developing your coding skills, there are courses offered in Adobe, Microsoft Office and Software. These range in price from around £12 to around £25, and represent very good value indeed.

For learners who want to sharpen up their business skills, there are plenty of reasonably priced options too. The HR and Leadership tab contains 40 courses, while there are 150 courses on offer under the Management tab. Again, these courses are very reasonably priced, ranging in price from £12 to £25, which is the standard price range at John Academy.

There are no cookery courses on offer at John Academy, probably because this is a course provider that is aimed squarely at those who want to learn vocational rather than recreational skills. You can take courses in photography and video, though, and these are priced within the same range.

What Courses Are Available At John Academy?

So now you know what the price range is like at John Academy, and broadly what kind of subjects are covered, it’s time to look at the specifics. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what topics and subject areas are covered by the more than 2000 courses on offer.

  • Business
  • Development / Coding
  • Finance
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Business

As you might expect from a vocational course provider, there are plenty of business courses available at John Academy. The Business tab alone has 230 courses on offer, and these are supplemented by courses in HR, employability and management.

Development & Coding

If you’re looking to sharpen up your computer skills, there are plenty of options. There are 38 courses in Adobe, and 232 in Microsoft Office. There are also 59 courses in software, and you can complement these options with 183 courses in Technology.


John Academy offers 25 courses in Finance. These cover topics such as financial management, budgeting and investing in real estate. You can also learn about accounting, and even how to improve your business by using PayPal.


There are 39 courses on photography available at the John Academy. The cover topics as diverse as improving your digital camera skills, using Adobe photoshop and becoming a better freelanc photographer. Prices range from £12 to £25.


At the time of writing, John Academy was offering 116 courses in marketing. Given the popularity of this topic, we would expect this figure to rise soon, though. Again, prices range from £12 to £25, with topics covered including SEO, email marketing and how to use social media to promote your business.

Personal Development

Personal development is clearly a subject area that John Academy takes seriously, with 4008 courses offered. These cover a huge variety of topics, including professional chef courses, training as a medical secretary, learning how to use WordPress, and digital marketing. Prices are in the usual £12 to £25 range.

John Academy
£/$79 £/$149

Course Content Quality With John Academy

The course content at John Academy is impressive. Courses are professionally designed and are comprehensive in terms what is covered. Course materials are high quality and there is plenty of support from mentors on offer too. Mock and final exams are included. Certificates are awarded by recognised bodies like Edexcel, and John Academy has CPD accreditation.

Tutor Reputation at John Academy

John Academy states that its courses are taught by industry and education experts, though actual names are pretty thin on the ground at their website. From the reviews that we have seen, though, learners enjoy very positive experiences on John Academy courses. Positive reviews particularly highlight how easy it is to access course materials, and how convenient it is to learn.

The use of industry leading experts is a real strength of John Academy. As their courses are aimed primarily at people who want to develop their careers and use new skills in the workplace, it is particularly important that learners are given job-focused guidance. This is not an online course provider that is catering to recreational learners. The students at John Academy are supported on a 24/7 basis too on most courses, and can contact mentors and tutors via email.

That convenience combined with quality is what makes John Academy’s course such good value.

Course Length

Most courses at John Academy seem to have a year as their duration. Usually, around nine to 10 hours of lecture material is provided to students. Quizzes, tests and other ways of evaluating and measuring learning are also included, so the overall package is pretty comprehensive. This is a learning provider that is serious about providing a quality learning experience to students, with certificates from accredited and respected learning bodies given on successful completion of courses.

Most courses from John Academy seem to be of similar length, whatever the price. Prices are determined by the ability level of the course, rather than how long a course takes to complete. This seems a very fair way to work things, and we have to say we are impressed with the way courses are structured at John Academy. You can tell even from a basic scan of courses that they have been properly designed by professionals who understand the principles behind effective training and learning.

Reputation of John Academy: What Are The Students Saying?

When it comes to checking out what students think about their experiences at John Academy, we have to say that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. This is unusual for an online course provider, as you will usually find several reviews complaining about billing or costs. While we found a few that complained about the course costs and content, these were largely from individuals who had not quite understood what they signing up for.

In general, billing and costs don’t seem to be an issue for the thousands of learners who have used John Academy to improve their professional skills. Many of the positive reviews also highlighted how convenient the courses were at John Academy. As convenience is one of the provider’s buzzwords, this suggests that they are hitting their targets.

Ratings given on the various review platforms that we checked out were usually in the four or five star range, with very few ratings below this level. This suggests a level of consistency from John Academy that we have not seen from other providers. Of course, John Academy has only been around since 2016, but its early years seem to be marked by success, certainly when it comes to satisfying the training needs of its learners.

The vocational focus of the company seems to have worked in its favour, with many students hailing the way that what they have learned can be practically applied in the workplace. The sheer number of positive reviews is somewhat surprising, but time and again we found students hailing the quality, value and convenience of John Academy courses. It would seem a good indicator that this provider is doing exactly what it set out to do in its mission statement. Overall, it is very impressive.

John Academy
£/$79 £/$149
9.4Expert Score
Welcome to our John Academy review, where together we’ll explore everything this online course provider has on offer. On this page you’ll find sections on how expensive John Academy is, the course and content quality, plus how long a John Academy course is — and much more. But maybe you’re interested in John Academy’s unlimited access membership already. Who knows. Either way, enjoy the review.
  • Great range of vocational courses
  • Opportunities to achieve actual accreditation
  • Great value yearly and half yearly passes
  • £10 free credit on sign-up
  • Not as well-known as other online schools
  • Some courses could be improved

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