Docker Courses 2021: A Run For Your Money?

In the recent era, Docker certification is highly sought after in the IT industry. Why so? Well, this certification verifies that the candidate has all of the necessary technical knowledge, abilities, and expertise with the Docker platform’s widely used and well-recognized credential. In addition to that, this certification is meant for businesses who use the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) technology in their operations. 


Docker certification recognises the individual who has the necessary knowledge and skills to use the Docker platform. As a result, these applicants are offered job roles unique to the Docker platform, ensuring that the organisation’s processes are supported and that the business receives the maximum advantage. Read on for everything you need to know about Docker courses!

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What Is Docker?

Docker is designed to make developing and deploying new applications faster and more manageable. Docker is a platform for developers who can wrap software in Docker containers to develop software and use standardized units to execute, code, runtime, and apply system tools in developing a new application. The Docker container works on both Linux and Windows, and the Docker tools and APIS can be used to create a fantastic, extremely responsive, and useful web application.

Best Docker Course Providers

With the Docker courses being on demand within the IT job seekers nowadays, multiple platforms are offering the courses. Here are a few listed providers that offer the best Docker courses, and are legitimate and genuine.


LinkedIn Learning

Backed up by LinkedIn, the platform exposes you to a plethora of courses that are approved by the professionals. Since the focus remains on the professionals, the site is perfect for job-seeking individuals. Moreover, the Docker courses in LinkedIn Learning have proved to be the most useful and successful for the examinees, ensuring that proper knowledge is conveyed. With the approval of expert individuals in the IT field, the courses are designed in a way that induces critical thinking in you and enhances your technical skills and abilities. In addition to that, the courses help you realize and observe the core concepts yourself, making it easier for you to remember all of the methodology behind the Docker tools. With a competitive IT sector that progresses at a fast pace, it’s necessary to stay updated with the terms and methods with as much of depth in understanding as possible. In order to achieve that, LinkedIn Learning is a valuable platform.


Cloud Technology Experts

This platform offers Docker courses for students with a pre-existing knowledge about Docker containers. With that being said, specific prerequisites are included in the course to prove you experience and understanding of Docker as a whole. In addition to this, the students are required to have basic IT knowledge to ensure deeper understanding of the contents in the course. These Docker courses enable you to install, manage and operate the platform while migrating the applications to the container itself. Furthermore, the students are provided with lessons about Docker engine and environment.


Linux Academy

This platform is renowned and praised for the Docker courses it provides, stating them as quite useful in the examinations. With a 7-day free trial, the student can see for themselves if the course is worth their time and money or not, and make their decision accordingly. This feature enables students to choose between courses and have the liberty to walk away if they feel the need to. In addition to that, the platform has a Docker Community feature to engage the students with one another where they can apply their theoretical understanding of the concepts into practical problems occurring in life.



With impressive reviews on the Docker certification courses offered by Simplilearn, the platform has gained recognition among the majority. The course involves Docker Hub, Docker Network, Docker Swarm, and several other components that act as attractions towards the students. Moreover, the courses are accompanied by projects and assessments at the end of the lesson- helping the candidate to prepare for the upcoming exam for certification.


Besant Technologies

If you wish to learn software development accompanied with application management skills, this is the platform for you. The platform promotes comprehensive learning online and assists you in the certification process. Not only do these courses provide you with the basic knowledge about Docker components, but they ensure that you can apply the core understanding into solving IT related problems as well.



While many platforms provide students with the basic knowledge, it might not be enough for ones with existing understanding of Docker systems. For these students, a more advanced learning process is required, which is exactly what Edureka offers. The platform provides the students with deeper knowledge about Docker and a chance to upgrade their skills to stay relevant to the progressive IT sector.



The Docker certification courses offered by Udemy are one of the most recent ones, which means all the materials and lessons are upgraded with the recent trends in Docker certification. The courses enable you to learn the fundamental concepts of Docker, Orchestration, Docker Security, Docker Networking, and several other elements. Moreover, the videos included in the courses help you through an engaging experience of learning, instead of boring you into the process. 



With a unique approach to Docker courses, Whizlabs offers you a video training of six hours that covers the entire syllabus within that time. This makes the course easier to go through and for the students who have a packed schedule – this is a win-win. In addition to that, it is a money-back course and offers free trials as well if you demand for them!

Career Development

Docker is a popular phenomenon in the world today, with the IT sector recognising the Docker containers mostly. While the IT arena moves faster than ever, it’s vital to cope with the progressive nature of the IT sector. If you’re an IT job seeker, professional certifications are of utmost importance to your career- these are what set you apart from the rest of the candidates. The Docker courses shall prepare you for the professional Docker certification, that shall make you shine in the eyes of the employer and establish you as an asset to the company as well. 


Most of the companies nowadays opt for Docker for the management of their IT department. This means, you will have an additional benefit on top of all your qualifications because you’re an expert in the managerial process of that company. In return for your time, money and effort, you get a head start into your career development – is Docker worth it now?

Why Should You Learn to Use Docker?

The Docker tool has shaken the IT world by its innovative power and features, making it one of the most desirable mechanisms in today’s market. Whether you should opt for Docker or not, depends entirely upon your perception of Docker. However, it’s vital that you understand the core concepts at first, to ensure basic knowledge about the tool.


No More Operating Systems

Often, maintaining application is an arduous task due to the hassle of maintaining the systems as well. It makes the management process harder and time consuming, with more effort being put for smaller tasks. However, that is not the case with Docker. In Docker, the applications can be maintained by themselves with no assistance from operating systems anymore. Through Docker, you need to update and secure the host’s operating system only, saving you from the troublesome work of managing the entire system. It also saves you plenty of time to be able to do other useful work, unlike those who did not opt for Docker. 


Personalised Dependencies

Since we are talking about applications here, it’s natural that the applications shall have multiple versions going on worldwide. With regular applications, the problem of conflicting versions arises. For instance, if an application is of version 3.2 and another is of version 3.5, the two may not coherently work together because of the discrepancies. As a result, all the applications need to be simultaneously updated to keep them functioning. However, Docker helps you to operate multiple applications from several versions altogether; the conflicting versions of these applications do not hamper the functions of Docker. Easy, isn’t it?


Most of the Work is Done

Setting up a whole application environment is a strenuous task if you think about it, and who has time for that? With Docker, most of the complex work is already done, leaving you to only personalize the applications according to your preferences. To set up an application’s environment, you just need to input a one-line command in Docker, and voila! You have it all set up accordingly without the extra hassle.

With the time that you have saved by using Docker, you can develop the entire program much further and upgrade your application as a whole. This is the main benefit of Docker – it saves you plenty of time to be put to other uses, in comparison to other software.


Fully Automated Process

The one-line commands can of course be automated and scripted according to your preferences and desires with the platform. As a result, any application can be personalised within minutes if you change the one-line command. While other platforms compel you to make the total application and go all over the process to personalise it, Docker saves you a great deal of time and effort by having those things ready. Hence, you can even personalize the application as many times as you wish until you achieve the desired results. The fully automated process helps you not mess up when you forget an algorithm or command, as they are built in the system already.


Easy Steps

The major benefit that Docker provides you with is the ease of handling the IT tools, which might have been troublesome if you did not have Docker in the first place. In addition to that, it saves your time and effort without procuring a large investment from your end, which is a definite advantage. Moreover, the IT sector is moving faster than ever with the continuous upgrades in the mechanisms and to stay updated with the progress, the understanding of core concepts and methodology is vital.


Gaining Expertise

While preparing for the Docker certification test, you will have the opportunity to acquire new concepts and, as a result, improve your skills as a developer, system administrator, and application architect. Moreover, you get the chance to learn about Networking, Installation and Configuration, Volumes and Storage, Management and Registry, Orchestration, Security, and Image Creation.


Improved Developer

The Docker container revolutionised the software delivery process. Gone are the days when we had to use Java to create an application that required the use of a JVM container. With the assistance of Docker containers, any application may now be transferred to any framework using Docker containers and the Docker engine runtime. In addition to that, containerised applications will be used to adopt new structures and platforms, as well as commissioning and decommissioning apps, as needed. You’ll also learn how to create images, manage registries, and install and configure software.


Profile Strengthening

If you decide to pursue a career as a DCA, it will demonstrate that you have done all that is required in terms of due diligence with the purpose of passing the tests. Employers will be more confident in entrusting you with Docker-related tasks as a result of this. Even if you were unable to pass the certification exam, you would have gained a great deal of knowledge.


Communication and Collaboration

When you go over the Docker confirmation exam topics one by one, you’ll pick up more information about networking, orchestration, and storage. As a result, by outlining important challenges connected to Docker deployment, this enables you to impart and collaborate with associated partners in a more effective manner.


As a Captain

Last but not least, as you immerse yourself in Docker concepts, you will be better positioned to act as a Docker Captain and assist your colleagues and group in planning and teaching Docker sessions by considering essential views and critical ideas.


Docker Courses 2021 - Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know the details of Docker courses and the benefits that come alongside the certification, is Docker worth it? For the timeless respect and global recognition for your expertise, the money and effort spent on the examination might seem very less -but it all comes down to your preferences!

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