Adobe Courses 2021: All You Need To Know

In today’s world, almost everything can be done digitally. People who possess these digital skills are considered to be invaluable to recruiters and come in handy to advance one’s career.


As such, taking a few courses and receiving certification to validate these skills have become somewhat important to showcase talent. That is why the demand for Adobe courses has risen exponentially over the years.


Adobe, being one of the most popular creative software providers in the market, comes as no surprise. You might be curious to know more about these courses, or might question where doing these courses is really worth it or not. No matter the case, we are here to provide you with everything you need to know about Adobe courses 2021 in great detail.

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What is Adobe?

Adobe, officially known as Adobe Systems, is a popular software company owned by the multinational American company Adobe Inc. They are mostly known for their multimedia and creativity software products. Founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke, their first consumer product was a vector-based drawing program for Mac computers.


Now with over 30 years in operation, Adobe has been the first choice for companies of every size and individuals alike. Big names such as The American Red Cross, Penguin Random House LLC, and Coupa Software Inc. are among a few who are known to make use of their products.


Adobe has a wide array of software that can be used on computers both Windows and Mac and mobile phones as well. Some of their notable software includes Acrobat, Photoshop, Premiere, Type, Creative Cloud, and Experience Cloud. Now that you have an idea about what Adobe is, let us look at the best Adobe course providers and what you need to know.

Best Adobe Course Provider

Adobe training courses are provided both online and in physical locations. If you are taking a course from one of their regional locations or on-site from your company then the courses are taken by an Adobe training partner. These partners are certified instructors who are trained to work in Adobe authorised training centres. You will find that the training centres are spread all over the world from North America to the Middle East.



As for those interested in their Adobe courses 2021, you will find plenty of Adobe courses on various online course-providing platforms. They include Udemy, Coursera, Adobe Digital Learning Service, LinkedIn Learning, Linux Academy, and more. The instructors on these online platforms are also qualified to become eligible.



As the accuracy of the content taught in these Adobe training courses is crucial, it is of utmost importance that you pick a well-reputed source to ensure their legibility. Practice quizzes and course materials are also valuable factors to keep in mind when choosing a platform.



Adobe Digital Learning Services 


Why not learn about Adobe through their very own learning service? Adobe Digital provides an on demand learning subscription that gives you access to unlimited Adobe courses 2021. You can browse a catalogue of solutions, including: Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Workfront, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Analytics.



They provide year-long subscriptions which are extremely cost-effective. You will get to learn at your own pace and develop that knowledge by taking practice exercises.





Udemy is a well-known online course platform that offers both paid and free Adobe courses 2021. Once you sign up, you can browse through courses that cover topics like Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design, Adobe Premiere Photoshop, After Effects – to name a few.


You get to choose a course depending on its difficulty level, which ranges from beginner to expert, as well as the video duration. Udemy also has a star rating system that allows previously enrolled students to rate the course and instructor.


This is a great way to sort out a course that is best for you. Between the courses, you can take quizzes that will help you practice the topic which improves your chances of excelling in the exam. 





Similar to Udemy, Coursera is another online course providing platform that will give you access to a wide range of Adobe courses 2021 in different languages. Along with the difficulty level, you get to choose the duration of the course according to your preference. The levels include beginner, intermediate, mixed, and advanced, while the duration can last somewhere between less than 2 hours, from 1 to 4 weeks, or even months.


You can look at the star ratings to get a better idea about how previously enrolled students found the course and the instructor. They offer practice quizzes and interactive sessions between the instructor and other students.

All about Adobe Certification

Adobe certification acts as a way to validate one’s skills in Adobe software like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This certificate is accepted and recognised across all industries and therefore, can be considered a prized credential to your resume.


Previously known as Adobe Certified Associate, the name is now changed to Adobe Certified Professional. Currently, there are seven Adobe certifications available. They are as follows:


  • Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Print and Digital Media Publications Using Adobe InDesign 
  • Graphic Design and Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator 
  • Digital Video Using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Using Adobe After Effects 
  • Multiplatform Animation Using Adobe Animate 
  • Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver


In order to get a certificate, you will get to sit for a test. We will talk more about the examination later on. Before you take the test, it is best to review the objectives to find out what is being covered. People who already hold an ACA certification typically have an estimate of 150 hours of instruction and real-life experience.


This allows them to have ample knowledge about the key features of the software and its capabilities. You will know you are ready to take the test when you can confidently operate the software, perform all the tasks comfortably, and are able to answer conceptual and/or applied questions regarding its use.


Adobe courses 2021 taught in academic institutions or online are a great way to get ready to take the test. Referring to study guides, tutorials, teaching resources, and taking practice tests prior to taking the exam are highly encouraged by the certified Adobe instructors.

Adobe Certification Examinations

The tests to get an Adobe certificate are run by the test provider Certiport. People can locate the nearest Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) that offers to take tests for the software of your requirement.


You can schedule a session by contacting the test center. For schools and test centres, you will need to obtain a licensing certificate for your organisation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an option to take the test online. However, this is only applicable for candidates in the US. There is a proctoring fee to take the exam. The price ranges from $95 to $225 USD.


For an accurate price, you will need to refer to the exam guide. Speaking of exam guides, you can get access to the exam policies by setting up a test candidate profile. You can even receive an exam voucher for bulk purchases.


So schools and test centres can rest assured about the cost. Payments can be done with a credit card. 

The exams are based on your performance and are designed to test your entry-level skills based on Adobe courses 2021. It usually lasts from 50 minutes and will typically have two sections. It is developed by educators, industry experts, and Certiport test specialists that involve live in-the-app tasks and select responses.


To give you a better idea, we will give you an example of the exam to become an Adobe Certified Professional in Photoshop. As mentioned, this is a timed exam that will last for a total of 50 minutes. It has two sections, questions and tasks. The question section includes 13 questions that will test your core knowledge and concepts about the software.


It may include definitions or understanding of the product features. The task section has 20 tasks which are to test how well you are able to navigate the software. Most tasks will begin with the started document being loaded. Any changes made are automatically saved.


You have the ability to move between tasks, mark or reset them in the test navigation panel. There is a timer at the top of the screen to keep time. All these features are included to assist the candidate in performing their level best.

Adobe Certification: After the Exam

After giving the exam, you will need to wait for 78 hours to find out whether you passed the test or not. If you have passed the exam then, congratulations, you now will be awarded a certificate, a digital badge, and a static badge. The ACA certificate can be accessed by logging into your Certiport Test Candidate account.


You need to go under the tab ‘My Transcript’ to view your score reports or get PDF links to any online certificates. As for the digital badge, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim it from the website. The certificate is valid for the next two years. To ensure that you are up to date on all the new solution features and functions, two years is a reasonable time.


You can share your achievements on social media to show off to job recruiters. This certificate will enable you to pursue greater opportunities. Not only do you get to reach your academic, career, and creative goals, but get to connect with other Adobe certified professionals and educators. Joining this inclusive community is an amazing opportunity to widen your prospects. 


In case you have failed to pass the ACA exam, there is always the option to retake the exam. If this is your first attempt, you will need to wait for a period of 24 hours or one day before taking the exam again.


However, if you failed the exam on your second or any subsequent attempt, the waiting period is of five calendar days. Each attempt will require you to pay a separate exam fee. If a candidate wants to retake the test even after passing the exam, they will need to wait for twelve calendar months.


This is applicable unless Adobe has changed the exam objectives for this software. However, keep in mind that Adobe Certification Beta exams can only be taken once by a candidate.  For more information, you can look into Certipot’s retake policy.

Benefits of Becoming an Adobe Certified Professional

Adobe software is used by employers all across the world. Being an Adobe Certified Professional will give you an edge compared to your competitors, allowing you to stand out.


Similar to any other degree, the certificate will act as a legible document that demonstrates your skills. Well, at least entry-level ones. It makes your work more trustable and visible and increases your chances of being selected.


Less effort is required from Adobe Certified Professionals and companies can provide additional training to mold you into their preference. If you are someone who has limited credentials on your resume, getting an Adobe certificate is almost necessary.


It can almost be guaranteed that people with an Adobe certificate have more job options. Some job positions include cloud engineer, Adobe architect, database administrator, chief information officer to name a few.

Our Final Words

In summary, Adobe courses 2021 should be taken by those who want to have a clearer concept of their software. These courses can also be taken by people who want to earn a certificate.


The courses increase their chance of passing the test, and therefore, make them more valuable in employers’ eyes. You can find both free and paid Adobe course providers online and offline. We hope this article gave you a complete idea about Adobe and its courses.

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