Cudoo Reviews & Ratings 2021

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Cudoo is an e-learning website that offers over 1300+ language and professional development courses. What makes their objective so unique is their commitment to contribute to the social wellbeing of the needful. This platform actively promotes online learning that also creates a positive difference in the lives of other people.

If you are looking for an ethical, effective language learning platform, this is it.


(Last Updated On: February 4, 2023)

Is Cudoo worth it?

Cudoo is a brand of, a small start-up that came about in 2016. It started as the sister company of a well-established language and professional development institute, based in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Empowering people through the gift of education is the central idea of this startup.

In this fast-paced competitive market, the concept of soon turned into reality. The idea was to provide skill-based education to adults around the world. Education that was convenient, comprehensive, and innovative all at the same time.

What differentiates this platform is its concept of happiness behind learning and the emphasis on the question, “why do people want to learn?” The small team of found that people want to learn to live a happier and fulfilled life.

This idea drives the team to bridge the gap between the unequal social classes, which has been primarily created due to a lack of skills amongst the adults. The lack of education contributes to the cycle of poverty which is prevalent both, at the local and global levels. The team hence decided to give back the gift of education to the underprivileged sections of society.

The company’s value revolves around being socially responsible, empowering people, and passionate learning. This is also driven by intuitive innovation and fair integrity. Based on these values, the company has adopted a simple yet popular concept of “One-for-One.

Every time a course is completed by a learner, the company provides a course to someone in need. Working around with several charitable organizations across the globe, the company ensures that the learning resources are made available for everyone in need. Let’s find an answer to this question, is Cudoo worth it?

Founded in 2016, as – eventually morphing into

Cudoo: How Expensive is Cudoo in 2020?

The pricing models of Cudoo online learning include a starting price of $9.99 per language and a professional course. $25 per month and $250 per year to access all the courses available on the platform. Finally, a one-time payment of $999 for lifetime access to the entire library with over 1300+ courses.

The site does not offer a free trial. However, they have a 7 days money-back guarantee, in case you’re not satisfied with the course. The accessible features include:

A growing library with 1300+ courses with keyword search
Badges and points (coos) that are unlockable achievements.
A personalized certificate after completion of the course.
Diverse learning formats which include videos, tips, and quizzes.
Mobile as well as the web-friendly interface, so you can learn on any device.
Manage user access and also track and report usage.
The range of courses includes computer skills, cultural studies, languages, andprofessional development. If you want to learn a single skill at a time, there is an option for you to choose one course for the time being. Also, an integrated list, of course, is available in bundles, where you can learn a bunch of things together at a nominal price. There is a bundle of popular language and professional development courses available for all.

Based on the learners’ reviews and other Cudoo reviews online, it was also found that the courses include very basic learning, which is ideal for beginners. If you’re trying to get your feet wet into the world of online learning, the Cudoo course is a good option to choose from.

While there are mostly positive reviews from the beginners, it may not be ideal for people who are looking for an advanced course. The courses are simple and easy to follow and include some basic introductions to the topic, which may not be sufficient for advanced learners. So, Is Cudoo worth it?

It may not have all that you’re looking for in a course, but it is definitely worth its money for the beginners. It will introduce you to the world of online learning with the benefit of easy and simple learning. You get access to a full library that is constantly growing and over 1300 courses at a very nominal price.

Learning is not only extensive but also fun with Cudoo’s colorful and easy illustrations. Overall, the bundle courses, as well as single skill courses, are worth the money. The subscription also seems affordable to many because of the accessibility to the extensive library.

The platform is also recommended mostly for its language courses. So, if you’ve chosen Cudoo to learn languages, you’ll definitely find it useful

What Courses Are Available at Cudoo?

Since now we have a good idea of what it’s worth for, let’s get into the specifics of what Cudoo has to offer. It has an extensive range of courses in languages, computer, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness. There are also a few specifics that we can talk about.


The Cudoo courses are popular for their wide range of courses in languages. The site offers over 1300+ languages. This includes all mainstream languages that other courses fail to offer. From Spanish to French to Austronesian languages, it has covered it all.

The most popular languages on the site are the English language and popular American sign languages. It also includes a bunch of Brazilian and Portuguese languages.

Cudoo includes a bundle of the top 5 languages of the world, which include business terms and common phrases that can make communication a lot easier. Arabic, German, Italian, and Russian are some of the popular languages on the site

Career Development

The career development aspect of the Cudoo online learning course focuses on sharpening and developing skills. It focuses on skill enhancement that can lead to promotions, raises, and secure jobs. The purpose of these career development courses is to give you the right training that can help you enhance your skills. It will, in short, make you a better employee, boss, and professional.

Career development courses include administration, project management, being a better boss, self-confidence and assertiveness, effective planning, goal setting, scheduling, corporate behavior, and implementing feedback. There are many more aspects that are covered in the courses. With 24/7 availability, you can access them anytime.


It’s only natural that the Cudoo reviews include the cultural aspect of the study. The languages that it offers are perfectly complemented by the courses based on culture. The world is a hub of diverse societies, ethnic food, and cultures. People who are interested in this field can go through the courses to learn about different cultures in the world. Archeologists and history students can find a good base going through the courses.

The courses have been designed to empower you to understand cultural diversity and communicate better. This knowledge can also help you during business deals across continents. Knowing the social and professional life of your client plays an important part in a business deal. Cudoo primarily includes courses about two important cultures- Chinese and Mexican.


With over 30+ courses on entrepreneurship, Cudoo online learning offers you the opportunity to learn the basics of being a business person. They offer the basic guide of owning and running a business. The path of becoming successful entrepreneurs requires knowledge, business skills, and training.

The courses provide you with the necessary skills to write business plans, raise funds, and manage your business. It aims to give you a comprehensive knowledge about what goes behind the scenes of any successful business venture.

The range of courses includes body language, understanding sales and marketing, confidence on camera, dealing with difficult clients and situations, and many such entrepreneurship skills.

Human Resource

Interested in managing the human resource of the company? Cudoo has you covered. With over 100+ courses in human resources, Cudoo reviews promise a rewarding career in HR.

The HR courses will help you develop the necessary skills to become an HR professional. You will gain certification from these courses, which will help you shape your professional career. This will give you better skills and perspective in hiring and training new employees in your organization.

Topics such as talent management, recruitment, hiring strategies, creating a positive working and learning environment, training analysis and report, and many such important topics that will contribute to your HR career are covered.


Management is one of the essential skills that everyone should inherit. It doesn’t matter if you’re yet to embark in the management field. Even if you have been a manager for years, there is always scope for learning more. The courses are designed to make you an efficient, well-respected, and motivating manager. There are a set of skills that can make a better and more effective leader.

The courses offer the development of key skillssuch as managing changes, resolving conflict, employee motivation, delivering constructive feedback, employee termination, managing meetings, and many such skills that will enhance your ability to become a better leader.

Content Quality at Cudoo?

The content quality at Cudoo is fairly impressive. While the quantity is good, the quality of the content varies, in the sense, that some courses focus on very basic aspects of the topic. The language courses are CEFR and ACTFL certified, which ensures that they have standard levels in common for learning a language. The CERF levels are based on the can-dos which makes you aware of what exactly you can do at different levels, irrespective of what language you’re learning.

The language courses are thus divided into various levels which begin at starters, A2, A1, B1 which continues till C1 that marks the completion of the language course. Overall, the courses have a good time frame of completion and great study material.

The Reputation of Tutors at Cudoo

The overall reputation of the learning process is excellent, taking into account the Cudoo reviews online. However, the mention of the tutors is pretty thin by the learners and by any others. Cudoo is also not a marketplace where people can sell their content. However, once in a while, they accept high-quality independent work by some authors.

Other than that, they develop their own courses, which are led by the highly qualified creators of the Cudoo team. The instructional designers also play a part in content creation at Cudoo. These courses are then reviewed and updated timely, based on new information and learners’ feedback.

Course Length – too long, too short?

The length of the courses is primarily dependent on the type that you’re going to choose. If you’re selecting a single skill to study, the course will span over 12-15 lessons. However, the bundle courses tend to be lengthy because of their package, which covers multiple topics in a single frame. The lifetime access to the online library will give you access to many courses, which will depend on your time management skills.

The overall courses include the basic training and skill that is required by everyone. The courses are hence comprehensive, easy, and simple to understand. The courses also include quizzes, tests, and video lectures, which are impressively designed to suit the needs of the learners.

The Reputation of Cudoo: What Are The Students Saying?

Lastly, when it comes to the learners, the Cudoo reviews were mostly positive. The basic structure of the course was the main reason why some people found it difficult to pass a positive comment. However, the overall response of the course was overwhelmingly positive.

Most of the students found it appealing because of their simple and easy access to the course. The comprehensive structure and extensive range of course at a nominal fee range were another reason for its appeal. Cudoo reviews also found that the extensive range of language courses is an attractive element.

Learners have greatly enjoyed the easy-going process of education and its video illustrations. This also made navigation easier for people. The site is user friendly, which makes the learning process more enjoyable and engaging. Skills are an important part of everyone’s professional and personal life, and it is all the more fun when it’s engaging.

Another important and humbling element of Cudoo is its one-for-one agenda, which provides free education to those who are in need. This empowering idea behind the entrepreneurial concept makes this platform one of a kind for many.

While a new kid on the block, Cudoo has all the ingredients needed to hit the ground running – especially in the realm of online language classes and personal development.

9Expert Score
Cudoo Reviews & Ratings 2021 While a new kid on the block, Cudoo has all the ingredients needed to hit the ground running - especially in the realm of online language classes and personal development. A thumbs up form us.
  • Excellent range of online classes.
  • International reach.
  • Awesome and easy to use website.
  • Prices in dollars - not ideal for UK learners.

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