Our Guide to Learning Spanish Online in 2021

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Spanish is not only a global language, but it is also one of the most spoken languages in the world. Around 500 million people have Spanish as their first language. It is the official language of 21 countries, with a further 44 countries using Spanish as part of their national communication. The popularity of learning Spanish online has risen to the top, because of its widely dispersed use in the world’s most popular destinations such as Mexico, Spain, and the United States.

Due to the benefit of this technologically sound era, an array of Spanish courses online attracted the attention of learners. One of the problems of picking the ideal course or platform to learn Spanish is its adequacy of options to learn Spanish online.  Therefore, choosing one ideal platform to learn Spanish can be a hassle. Finding the right course to learn Spanish online is like conquering the most daunting quest to search for the ideal source to learn your preferred language.

In this article, we will take you through the detailed and exclusive ride of our guide to learning Spanish online in 2021 to help you choose your destination. Before assisting you with different websites, we have added some pro tips for you to choose your ideal learning platform.

Things to Consider to Choose the Best Online Spanish Course

Whether you are a tech-savvy person, or a novice user, the courses to learn Spanish online are designed to give you an easy interface. While some have free access to everyone, some offer monthly or yearly subscriptions with a number of different features added. 

If you’re looking to invest in the platform that is best for your learning and goals, then we think you should consider some of the following influencing factors.

Course Level

Online Spanish courses provide different features and contents per their need and level of difficulty. Before signing up, you need to make sure and check out the specific features such as  speaking, listening, practicing, and their different levels to align with your individual goals.


Depending on your budget for learning a language online, pricing is definitely a factor that will impact your final decision on which site to use. If you’re looking for free access to learning sites, then this is available. If you’re looking to purchase the highest-quality learning resources, then this can also be done.

User Interface

If you can use the site with ease, facing minimal issues when navigating your way around, then this will be a huge benefit to your overall learning experience. Having a well-designed and well-structured site is vital, enabling you to access the Spanish course content from wherever you are. Therefore, it is up to you which one you choose with the comfortable features to go by.

Course Content & Learning Resources

All of the available sites will have different content on their Spanish course. Some will offer more verbal learning materials for those looking to master speaking the language. Meanwhile, some online platforms focus solely on business communication, with a more academic learning process involved.

In addition, some short time courses are designed for travel and easy conversational Spanish speaking with basic expertise to learn Spanish. Hence, you need to decide which course and contents are relevant to your goal and language requirements.

Success Ratio

One thing that is very common for learning a language is the amount of dedication it takes to learn a language. Therefore, we suggest checking out the reviews of the sites given by users to understand the quality of the course and contents for making your learning process fruitful.

Best Websites for Learning Spanish Online

There is a range of Spanish courses available in the market but choosing the right one will do the work for you! It is necessary to put the dedication on the right course and platform to make the learning process easier and exciting. For your convenience, we have handpicked the best websites to learn Spanish online.

Rocket Language

Rocket Language provides one of the most versatile and comprehensive online Spanish learning courses by immersing in their systematic course design. You will learn Spanish from the very basics to step up the progression towards advanced with their fun and interactive podcasts.

It offers natural dialogues and content delivery with three distinguished courses to cover your spoken skills with the inbuilt voice recognition accuracy. If you are looking for an all-rounder course that will ensure your fluency along with your writing, listening, and reading, then Rocket Language could be the platform for you. Therefore, Rocket Language is one of our top recommendations for Spanish learning for its tremendous features to mention.


FluentU provides one of the most authentic learning platforms to learn Spanish with self-paced ease. It provides interactive and fun videos with real-life context and provides in-context definitions and examples on Spanish words to make them understandable to you. They also offer a personalized test algorithm system by analyzing the resources you have gone through with exercises, flashcards, and video presentations. 

The videos, podcasts, and lessons are easily accessible and portable through your android and iOS device that makes it easier to practice. Overall, it is a great deal that allows Spanish movies, recipes to watch and offers a free-trial on the go to make your Spanish lesson varied and more interesting.

Spanish Pod 101

If you are looking for a course to make your trip and conversation in a Spanish language country smooth, this course might be an ideal option for you. Spanish Pod 101 is a great source of online learning to learn Spanish.  It uses English in conversations to make the steps easier for you and lowers the number of English vocabularies on leveling up.

Spanish Pod 101 links essential vocabulary and grammar in the conversation. In addition, it slowdowns the audio and provides line-by-line breakdowns to assist you in picking up words. This course provides plenty of lessons for entry-level learning and provides extra care to ensure listening comprehension. This is no doubt a great site to binge on for learning Spanish at an affordable price and with great features.


Pimsleur is the all-time favorite choice for learners to learn Spanish for its commendable features and easy-paced course option. It allows a quick review of your skills and hones them with digital flashcards, interactive games, quick-match, and speak-easy challenges through role-playing.

The whole process of the course is designed to keep you vibrant and motivated, throughout the lessons. This program is easily downloadable on your phones and the download options for lessons allow you to practice during the offline mode, therefore allows you to learn anywhere and anytime on the go. Pimsleur is affordable and one of the best sites to learn Spanish online within a short period to make you prepare for travel in the Spanish countries.

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Coursera is one of the most popular platforms for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that allows both free and paid courses for beginner-level Spanish courses. Top universities of the world provide their online courses and offer flexible, self-paced learning time for the learners.

You can earn a certificate at the end of a course, which assures your progress and motivates you for further learning. There are tests and quizzes to test the skills that ensure assistance to keep you on track. It offers accredited courses and provides financial aid for those who cannot afford it. In short, Coursera provides you a great platform to learn Spanish at an open learning arena and practice Spanish culture.

Learning Spanish Online – The Benefits


To meet the need to learn Spanish and cut the cost according to your budget, you need to find a platform that offers cost-efficient courses. Usually, online courses are more affordable and sometimes free on beginner-level courses. In contrast, advanced level courses may cost more than intermediate level lessons.

However, they are always less than the physical courses available in the market and more affordable to meet your budget.


Signing up for a Spanish language course takes a huge portion of your time to dedicate to studying. However, online courses are mostly self-paced and allow you to download the contents with ease. This enables you to practice the lessons and tasks on the go. This ultimately helps you to manage your time more effectively. In addition, the course structures are designed to take a lot less time than the usual in-person classes.  


Most of the online platforms for learning Spanish online provide a systematic and well-organised structure to deal with the goal of the learners. You can choose the course that best suits your specific language goal and level of fluency to learn worry-free.

Why Should You Learn Spanish?

While you are planning to learn Spanish, a common question may come whirling in your mind, that ‘why should you learn it and why Spanish?’. Well, in this article we have tried to make that answer easy for you.

Widely Spoken

Spanish is the second most popular and widely dispersed language that is used for business purposes in more than 44 countries. Spanish education and language are an overwhelming learning and necessity in many countries for their widespread use & commercial need. The most known reasons to learn Spanish – travelling to Spain and Latin American states, and ensuring business and career advancement in many sectors.

Workplace Essentials

An estimated 400 million people worldwide speak Spanish, and it is currently the fourth most spoken language in the world. Being the language of millions of natives in Latin America, the official language of 21 states, the United Nations, and an important asset for international trade and travel made it one of the most famous languages to learn in 2021.

The emerging business of international tourism in Spanish spoken countries has also made communication essential for tourists and foreign students around the world.

Tourism: Multi-cultural tourist spots, hotels, local stores, and small vendors in famous places.

Government Officials:  In United Nations, different foreign embassies, shipping agencies, and government ministries.

International Market: Trade organizations dealing with Spanish-speaking dealers and markets in Spain and Latin America need translators and employees fluent in Spanish.

Tutoring: The growing need for Spanish learning opens an opportunity for fluent Spanish speakers to tutor students and earn from it.

Culture: Learning Spanish opens a door for learning more about Hispanic culture, cuisines, literature, and heritages of hundreds of years old.

Is Learning Spanish Online Worth It?

Learning Spanish online has its own benefits, if you are passionate enough to learn and dedicated to learning. Learning Spanish opens another dimension for your career advancement and business communication proficiency. It is the most versatile and widely used language for business, travel, and studying in the United States. Learning Spanish online has many of its advantages including its portable contents to study anywhere, self-paced learning schedule, spaced repetition, and time management opportunity.

Online classes might not be as interactive as the physical lessons but your sincere dedication and well-equipped structure and mentor support of the right course can make it a great platform to advance your Spanish fluency.

Learn Spanish Online Today!

Learning Spanish allows you to explore many different areas of the world, as well as learning about the Spanish culture. With mastering this new skill, you can also introduce yourself to a range of job opportunities, and Spanish will be extremely beneficial to your skillset. There are an increasing number of online learning platforms now offering users the chance to learn the Spanish language. Choosing your preferred site is key to maximising your overall learning experience.

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