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Become A Digital Marketing Expert From Home

Are you searching for the best online market courses on the web? Looking to improve your basic marketing strategies, but want to avoid the hassle of going back to school? Maybe you’re looking at how to advertise online, but not sure where to start. Maybe you’re even looking at how to market your online course — we can help with that also. Wherever you are in life — whether you’re a marketing expert looking to brush up on your skills, or a complete novice when it comes to selling to people online (or offline), one of the many courses listed on this page will be sure to help. Here at, we specialise in rounding up the very best course providers for a vast range of online classes — including, right here, online marketing. So don’t hesitate — check out our recommendation straight away, or read on for more information.

Best Course Provider for Marketing:

With a huge range of affordable marketing courses available online, starting from just £9.99, Udemy is up there with the best online course providers.

Marketing Courses | What Are We Looking For?

When it comes to reviewing course providers on their online marketing material, there are a few specific things we are looking for — but mainly, it is: the variety of marketing courses on offer; the average price of their online marketing courses; the length and course content quality and finally, the accessibility of an online course. Essentially, we aim to work out whether or not a course provider is offering true value for money.

Hence, why we even pay for people to take online courses via providers such as Udemy, MasterClass, Treehouse and more — and in return all we’ll expect is a quick review. That way, you’ll get true reviews around the experiences of real-life people and it’ll also provide the opportunity for those who can’t afford it, to learn online. In these reviews we’re only looking for one thing — honesty. We don’t want biased reviews. We don’t want fake reviews. At all we’re concerned about is the truth. After all, we’re messing with people’s education here. 

Top Course Providers for Digital Market Courses Online

So, you’ve decided to search for the best online digital marketing courses in the UK, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, have no fear — we’ve put a list together of the best course providers for this very subject. Take a look below and, if you’re interested, either head to them straight away or check out our in depth reviews. 

Avg. Per Course
Avg. Per Course
See website for more details
Avg. Per Course

Learning to Market: Is It Possible Online?

The beauty of learning online marketing, for free (or paid), is that nowadays it’s more than possible to learn online. There really is no need to traipse all the way to a classroom in the middle of nowhere, after a long day at work, just to lean the same material you would otherwise have access to online. So, to put it bluntly — yes, it is more than possible to learn business marketing online. It is even possible to get free digital marketing courses online for unemployment, thus — even if you’re in between jobs, looking for your next opportunity, a solid online marketing course is more than worth it for sure.



But maybe you’re looking for an online marketing course to improve the reach of your own business — maybe you’re looking to market your affiliate marketing website, or even your small online or physical business. If so, there’s no need to bring in an online marketing expert, but instead why not opt for an expert online marketing course from the likes of Udemy, Treehouse Learning or LinkedIn Learning. You’ll save bags of cash, won’t waste valuable working time and ultimately learn more for much, much less.

Yes, 100% There are thousands of online marketing courses available online. The most popular marketing course providers are Udemy, LinkedIn Learning and Treehouse.

The costs vary fro £9.99 at Udemy to up to £99.99 at Treehouse Learning. Coursera marketing courses can cost tens of thousands. Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget and ambitions.

If you’re after an introduction to basic marketing techniques then we recommend you check out Udemy. If you are looking for a full degree or postgraduate degree, head to Coursera. 

How Much Are Marketing Courses Online in 2021?

In this section you’ll see that we’ve analysed the majority of the online marketing courses on the web to find you, the aspiring student, the best value for your money. Sure, it’s not all about cost — and the saying you pay for quality goes far with online courses — but it still pays dividends to be wary of how much you’re paying for an online marketing course.

LinkedIn Learning

Solid variety of quality courses.
£ 29
- on average
  • Learn from fellow professionals
  • Access to thousands of courses
  • Great value-for-money


Huge library of affordable courses
£ 9
- lowest price
  • Cost-effective online courses
  • Community run online classes
  • Learn whenever you want


Get your professional degree online
- Prices Vary
  • Professional qualifications
  • Learn with Stanford, MIT and more
  • Study whenever you want

Is learning marketing online expensive in 2021?

The truth be told, online marketing courses are not expensive in 2021. In fact, learning to market online is much cheaper in 2021 than it used to be ten years ago, and that’s because the internet age has provided millions with access to high-quality content from the comfort of their own home. This new medium has reduced costs, increased ease accessibility and as a result reduced total costs. And it’s not as if you need expensive gear as well — simply grab your laptop (low spec, or not), load up your web browser and head to one of the many online course providers reviewed on It’s that easy!

How Many Modules Does An Online Marketing Course Have?

When consdiering an online marketing course, you might be thinking — ‘jeez, I bet it’s going to be long, extensive and take forever’. The awesome thing is, online marketing courses nowadays are broken up into individual components — allowing you to study online marketing at your own pace. But ultimately, first of all, it all depends on the marketing course you embark upon, as each will have different modules.

The most popular topics for online marketing courses are Digital Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, SEO, Marketing Strategy and Google Analytics (on Udemy). Either way though, you can expect modules on the fundamentals of marketing; business and statistics, consumer behaviour, international business environment, management and organisations and other, more complex tasks. Have no fear though — most online courses will break down even the most complex topics into bite-sized, easy-to-digest, chunks.

How Long Do Online Marketing Courses Take To Complete?

Ultimately, when it comes to online courses — they take as long as you want them to take (unless you’re doing a scheduled online degree or masters via Coursera or regular online university). All Udemy courses can be taken at any pace, at any time and anywhere — this means you could purchase a 15 hour course and do 1 week a month for 15 months… although, we probably wouldn’t recommend this. 

Definitely. If you own a business, are considering studying marketing, or even just curious as to how marketers convince you to buy their products — an online marketing course is more than useful.

The average cost to study marketing online is around £29.99, although this drops to about £9.99 on Udemy and rises to £10,000 on Coursera. When it comes down to it, there’s a course out there for everybody.

100%. As long as you have a working internet connection and a laptop, phone or tablet, you can work from anywhere.

Potentially, but it does depend on what your job role is. If you’re a junior digital marketer then yes, probably. If you’re a senior accountant, then probably not. It all depends on whether you learning about marketing will add value to the business.

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