Online SEO Courses 2021

Smash the SERPs with Kick-Ass SEO Courses

Are you on the hunt for online SEO courses? Looking to dominate SERPs with you brand or affiliate website? Struggling to work out the difference between white hat and black hat SEO? Have no fear. 

Here at we’ve searched the web to find you the best of the best when it comes to online SEO course providers. Whatever your budget, whatever your skill level and however much time you have free, we’ll help you find the find an SEO course on the web that suits your needs. 

Best Course Provider for SEO:

With a super sleek platform and low price point, alongside the fact they have over 600 online courses dedicated to SEO, it is Udemy that takes our number 1 spot for online SEO courses.

SEO Courses | What Are We Looking For?

When it comes to a solid SEO course, we are ultimately looking for a well-rounded syllabus from an industry expert. Furthermore, we are looking for a decent price point (no more than £200 for a full course) and a course that has been peer-reviewed. Ultimately, we are expecting the course to leave you with solid foundations to further your learning on the subject of SEO. That is the real goal. 

And that, really, is the main thing to remember about SEO. While learning the basics online is necessary to open the door, it is you who has to go through it. Learning SEO on the job is really the only way you can become an expert. A good online SEO course should teach you the difference between on-page and off-page SEO; the importance of keywords and how the impact search; how to ensure your website is crawl-able by Google; key things your website should do/have when launching; how backlinks impact your rankings on google; how to structure your content; what a site-map is… and much more. But as long as you walk away with the fundamentals required to launch a solid website, the rest you can learn on the job. 

Top Online Course Providers for SEO

To help you find the perfect online SEO course, we’ve taken the liberty of listing the top course providers below. This way, instead of reading through our extensive reviews, you can jump straight into the learning. Of course, if you’d rather learn more about an online course provider before buying, you can check out our dedicated reviews. 

Avg. Per Course
LinkedIn Logo
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Avg. Per Course
Coursera Logo
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Avg. Per Course

Learning About SEO: Is It Possible Online?

If you’re curious as to whether or not it’s possible to learn about SEO online, then the truth is — yes, of course. If SEO courses, being an art which requires you to master the art of the web, weren’t online it wouldn’t make much sense. But the real question might not be ‘are SEO courses online?’, but ‘are SEO courses online worth it?’. While yes, it is possible, are there any benefits — or, reasons against — taking on an online search engine optimisation class?  The answer to that question is below.



But if the above doesn’t really break it down for you, we can put it simply: if you’re looking for a basic course that will break down the fundamentals of SEO, then yes it is possible to get this via an online SEO course; if you are looking to become an expert in SEO overnight then we are confident you will need more than an online course. See it this way — an online course in Search Engine Optimisation will provide the groundwork, while a career in digital marketing or affiliation will give you the experience you need to learn on the job. 

Yes, yes, a million times yes! There are an abundance of SEO courses and online resources out there for you to use. 

A basic Udemy course can set you back £10. A corporate scheme that you would go on through your employer could set you (or your company) back thousands. These are often done via a conference call with multiple employees at one time.

We’re huge fans of Udemy when it comes to SEO. They have some of the best SEO experts offering courses at low prices. The cheapest we’ve seen is £9.99 for an Introduction to SEO course. 

How Much Are SEO Courses Online in 2021?

Now, we know that course content is always the most important factor when it comes to choosing an online SEO class — but cost is certainly important also. Frankly most of us don’t have the budget to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on an online course. That’s why here at, we’ve searched who we think the best SEO course providers are and have summarised their average costs below. Costs do fluctuate and we do our best to keep on top of everything, but we’re sure what we’re suggesting won’t stray too far away from the average SEO course cost.  


YouTube Style Online Courses
£ 9
- per course (lowest)
  • Learn from real SEO experts
  • Low cost, high quality courses
  • Perfect for SEO beginners

LinkedIn Learning

Courses Designed to Improve Career Skills
£ 20
- per course (average)
  • Accredited courses by SEO gurus
  • Relatively cheap, but big impact
  • Backed by LinkedIn - the largest professional network

Is learning SEO online expensive in 2021?

The truth told — it’s never been cheaper to learn SEO online. With so many options available from a wide range of learning providers, the cost has plummeted over the last few years. Nowadays, with a quick Udemy or LinkedIn Learning course, you can develop the foundations required to further enhance your online digital marketing expertise.  That being said — there are of course many corporate online schools who charge extensive amounts of cash to teach employees of major organisations. And while it might seem logical to go for an in-house learning provider, we firmly believe that giving your employees access to affordable online courses, not only can they learn at their own pace — but the organisation or business will save bags of cash. 

Our advice for any beginner would be to head to Udemy and purchase an Introduction to SEO course — these are normally free, or cost around £9.99. Then, if you feel the need — or have a thirst — to improve your SEO knowledge even further, why not head to LinkedIn learning and purchase one of their advanced online SEO courses. These are often jam-packed with helpful industry knowledge — but of course, come with a higher cost. 

How Many Modules Does An Online SEO Course Have?

The first thing to take note of when looking for an online SEO course are the modules. After all, it’s important to know what you’re about to embark upon before parting with your cash. But before you go ahead and purchase a course can we give you a word of advice. If the course promises to teach you how to get to ‘number 1 for a search term’ or ‘hacks to help you beat Google’ then avoid the course altogether.

Otherwise, if the course doesn’t promise you’ll become an expert in SEO in a matter of hours, there’s a good chance that it’s legitimate. Ideally, your course should cover a number of key modules. Namely: How does a search engine work?; what are keywords; the importance of quality content; how to optimise your website for Google; what are google algorithms and how do they impact search; what is a Google update?; good website housekeeping; what is bounce rate?; how to use Google Analytics, etc. The previous list is not exhaustive, but it should give you a solid introduction into white hat SEO (the SEO that Google wants you to do).  One final word of warning: if a tutor provides you ‘resources’ for backlinks to your website for low prices, then avoid at all costs. They are probably cheap, spammy and will damage your website’s future ranking abilities. 

How Long Do Online SEO Courses Take To Complete?

The truth is that an online SEO class can take as little or as long time as you want — it all depends on how much time you’re willing to put into it. For example, most Udemy courses can take up to 16 hours (extensive) or 2 hours (introduction/beginner). If you’re embarking upon a digital degree and one of the modules is based around online SEO, then you might well spend a whole semester learning about search engine optimisation. It really does depend on the course. If you’re looking for advice on how long it should take to finish an SEO course, then all we can do is point out that if a course lasts 8 hours, and you do an hour a week, it will take 8 weeks. The beauty of most online course providers such as Udemy or LinkedIn Learning is that they will provide you an estimated course time, so why not head on over to their site and check out the SEO courses that they have on offer. 




Minimum Course Price

It really does depend on your personal circumstances, but if you’re looking to learn about SEO but struggle to get the time to do so, then embarking on an online Udemy SEO course in the evening is your best option. 

We found that the average cost to do an online SEO course at Udemy to be around £15 – £20, with the lowest priced at £9.99. On other platforms, such as LinkedIn learning it can be a little more expensive, but the course content is often for extensive. 

Yes, as long as you have a solid internet connection, online SEO courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

It all depends on whether the skills you will learn from an online SEO course will benefit the business. If you work at a butchers, probably not. But, if you work at a digital marketing agency as a copywriter, it’s likely the knowledge you will learn will benefit the business. The best thing to do is ask. 

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