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Searching for the latest online photography courses and schools? Then look no further — on this page you will find everything you need to know about learning to take photos from home. But of course if you want to get started straight away, we recommend you check out our Anne Leibovitz Masterclass course review.

Top Course Providers for Photography

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According to the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words – which perhaps explains why photography has been extremely popular since its invention in the 19th century. The ability to capture a moment in time and store it for posterity is something that we can all appreciate and enjoy, and we are all accustomed to snapping photos that honour everything from the everyday to the extraordinary.

However, while holding up a camera (or a phone, if you prefer) and snapping a picture is relatively straightforward, taking a great picture is anything but.  Photography is inherently artistic, but a great photograph has to combine their artistic vision with solid theoretical understanding. A great image doesn’t just happen; the photographer makes it happen, using their expertise regarding lighting, shot composition, and much more besides to snapshot the moment in all its glory. 

If you’re interested in improving your skills as a photographer, then you’re in the right place. We at Online Classes have made it our mission to ensure that photography enthusiasts such as yourself can find the best photography course provider, so you can take online classes that build that all-important understanding of the theory behind the perfect image and ultimately greatly enhance your ability to take absolutely spectacular images.

Best Course Provider for Photography:
In-depth courses suitable for both beginners and advanced photographers.

Online Photography Courses | What Are We Looking For?

With a significant number of online photography course providers out there, determining which offers the best courses is an arduous task. However, we at Online Classes have devised our own specialist methods for finding the best course providers on the internet, so you can be certain that our recommendations are as reliable and well-informed as you need them to be.

We start the process of determining whether a course provider meets our standards by researching the background of the provider, seeking to determine if they are as reliable and trustworthy as we would expect. From there, we look at the people who are teaching the courses; ideally, we’re looking to find courses led by professionals who can share specialist knowledge with their students. 

Cost is always an important factor for us to consider too, as we examine whether the provider offers courses that find a balance between keeping the costs low without compromising the quality of the courses they offer. Then, we look for the ultimate insight into a provider: feedback and reviews from existing and former students, which is essential to ensuring our assessment benefits from all-important “insider” perspective. 

Our final consideration is the range of courses that are available; we hope to see options that are applicable to all experience levels, ranging from beginner-level to advanced. 

We then draw together everything we have learned after the investigations above to complete our full overview of the provider, the courses they offer, and what students can expect if they decide to enrol. 

We at Online Courses have taken it upon ourselves to search through all the available providers of online photography courses, conduct thorough evaluations of their classes, and then compile a top list of providers that fare well under our scrutiny. Here are the course providers we believe stand out from the rest as the best of the best:

Learning Photography: Is It Possible Online?

Traditionally, most people wishing to improve their photography skills will have chosen to attend classes in-person, usually based in a school or college. However, while such a choice may be the conventional option, it’s far from the only way to learn about the ins and outs of the theories and expertise that are integral to good photography – and, in fact, learning online can actually be a far preferable experience. 

There are a few reasons we feel confident making a claim so bold. First and foremost, online photography courses are incredibly varied: there are courses designed for complete beginners who are snapping photos with their smartphone and courses for those who own high-end equipment such as a DSLR and want to get the most from it. There are also courses on specific photography types – such as night photography, portrait photography, and so on – so you’ll always be able to find a course that suits you exactly, rather than having to take a “one size fits most” option that is more commonly found at offline institutions. 

In addition, you’ll also have the freedom and flexibility to learn as suits you – there’s no need to disrupt your schedule to attend courses, as you will have the option of learning as and when you please. 



Of course, it’s impossible to state that learning photography online will always be straightforward and easy. As with any type of online learning, there will be the occasional hurdle to overcome. You may, for example, have to wait for responses to any questions you have about the course, as there is no way of asking a tutor in-person. However, most course providers ensure that responses are as swift as possible so that students can continue with their learning quickly and efficiently. 

It’s also worth mentioning that online courses do usually require that you use your own photography equipment, be that a smartphone or a specialist camera. In contrast, some offline class providers will supply equipment for the duration of the course. Nevertheless, it could be argued that the fact you will complete the course using your own equipment is of great benefit, as this is the equipment you will continue to use when taking photographs after the conclusion of the course – so the transition should be seamless, and your learning all the more applicable to your everyday usage. 

Overall, the cons of learning photography online are far outstripped by the numerous positives, and you can be confident your chosen course will equip you with everything you need to know in order to enhance your photography skills.

Of course! The background knowledge required to produce amazing photographs can be learned from anywhere in the world, completely without the need to attend inconvenient classes in person. With an online course, you’ll have the freedom to learn all the tips, tricks, and insight you need at your own convenience.

Prices for online photography courses tend to vary, depending on factors such as the length of the course and the exact topics that will be covered. You should find that providers are very upfront about the fees for their courses, so you can quickly and efficiently assess to see if a particular option suits your budget.

We believe that Udemy are the best choice for photography courses online. They offer a huge number of course options, so whether you’re a complete novice or have significant prior experience, you should have no problems finding a course that builds your knowledge – and result in an enhanced ability to take incredible photographs in the future.

How Much Are Photography Courses Online in 2021?

We at Online Classes understand that cost will always be a consideration for any prospective online photography student; you’ll need to find a course that aligns with your budget and – ideally – offers outstanding value for money at the same time. 

We therefore decided to research through as many different courses as possible, paying close attention to the cost of each course. After compiling our data, we ran the the numbers in order to determine the average price that a prospective student would expect to pay to learn the art of photography online. Here are the results of our research into course costs.


The best courses online.
  • Numerous Different Photography Topics Covered
  • Study At Your Own Pace
  • Specialist Courses - Such As Commercial & DSLR- Specific - Possible

LinkedIn Learning

Courses from a reputable provider.
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Courses
  • Short & Long Courses
  • Monthly Membership For Multiple Courses Also Available


Learn from the big names.
  • Courses From Annie Leibovitz and Jimmy Chin
  • Easy-To-Follow Classes
  • Special Promotional Deals Can Be Found Throughout The Year

Is learning photography expensive in 2021?

The term ‘expensive’ will always be at least somewhat subjective; what some people consider to be ‘expensive’ may be more reasonable to others. However, what it is possible to conclude is that learning photography online is not expensive in comparison to the more conventional option of learning offline, in-person.

When learning offline in a standard school or college environment, there are costs that have to be met. For example, the cost of travelling to the class itself, be that via a bus ticket or fuel for a car (and potentially parking costs when you arrive). In addition, there are other costs to factor in, such as the cost of childcare if you are a parent. Such costs can quickly add up to the point where attending a standard institution for a photography class becomes prohibitively expensive.

In contrast, taking an online course is pleasantly simple; you will pay your course fee, but there are no additional costs such as those we discussed above. Instead, you can learn from your own home and as per your own schedule.

So while it’s not possible to definitively say if everyone would consider learning photography online expensive, we can conclusively say that exploring this route is definitely no more expensive than learning offline, and can actually be the most cost-effective choice of al

How Many Modules Does An Online Photography Course Have?

All photography courses differ from one another to an extent, but there are a few topics that tend to be covered in most, often as individual modules within the course. The first of these focuses on equipment; helping people to understand their camera, be that a high-end DSLR or just the camera of their smartphone, and how to get the most from their chosen tech.

Secondly, online photography courses will usually focus at least to a degree on shot composition; the art of arranging all the visual elements – such as objects being photographed – to create the best possible end image.  Shot composition may vary depending on the niche of the course; for example, some courses focus on still photography, others action – and each requires a different set of skills regarding the shot arrangement, all of which will be covered.

Lighting is also a key element that is always covered, as lighting tends to be capable of making or breaking a photograph. The different types of lighting and their impact on the image will often be discussed at length, with the goal of providing a sound theoretical knowledge. Finally, many courses will also include discussion of editing images, which in today’s world usually means using Adobe PhotoShop or its alternatives.

The amount of time that is spent on editing will depend on the complexity of the course; shorter, simpler courses may opt for a brief mention, while more detailed courses will spend more time on this crucial element of the modern world of photography.

How Long Do Online Photography Courses Take To Complete?

Online photography courses can take just a few hours to complete; others may take months of study – it all depends on the specific course and how in-depth or advanced the information provided is. With so many different course lengths available, you can be confident of finding an option that will suit your schedule exactly.

With courses of any length, it’s common to find that the time requirements of the course itself are designed to be as flexible for the student as possible. There’s a few different ways this flexibility manifests itself; firstly, you will often find that courses have no definitive end date, so you can take as long as you need to complete them. Secondly, courses often allow students to work entirely at their own pace: there’s no need to submit work by a certain deadline, or complete a module by a specific point in time – you can work largely as you please, and as fits the rest of your schedule.

However, that’s not to say that all courses are quite as flexible as described above: you may find some courses have to be completed by a certain date. If you’re unsure about any such restrictions, the course provider will be able to assist you further, so you know exactly what to expect when signing up.

Yes! Photography is a fantastic skill and online courses are an excellent way to enhance your knowledge and build your experience. 

Prices vary depending on length of course and how advanced the subject matter is. Shorter courses are usually the least expensive option and will usually cost around £20; longer courses can be between £70-150.

Yes, in most cases, though it’s always advisable to check with your chosen provider just to be 100% sure before signing up. 

Potentially, if they feel it may be useful to your future work. The best way to find out the answer is to ask them directly, explaining why you believe the course would be advantageous to your future with the company. 

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