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Become A Graphic Designer By Learning Online

Design has always been an integral part of the human experience, helping to catch the eye and evoke emotions and reactions in a way that is simply impossible with the written world. In the modern age, the ancient principles and leanings towards design have gone digital in the form of graphic design. 

Graphic designers spend their time using software to create a range of different pieces of art, either for their own projects or as a professional designer supplying work to an employer or client. Whether it’s creating logos for businesses, website graphics, brochures, or ads, graphic designers use their natural artistic ability combined with their technical prowess to produce work that will catch the attention and impress anyone who is fortunate enough to see it. 

If you are interested in following the footsteps of the leading graphic designers and improving your own skills in this area, you will be delighted to learn that it’s more than possible to learn everything you need to know about graphic design from the comfort of your own home. With the right online course provider, you’ll be able to build your ability and start creating your own digital masterpieces – and we at Online Classes have sought to help you find the perfect course for you by compiling the in-depth research and information found below.

Best Course Provider for Graphic Design:
LinkedIn Learning

Impressive range of courses at a reasonable price.

Graphic Design Courses | What Are We Looking For?

When assessing graphic design course providers, we at Online Classes carefully examine each individual provider, looking at a number of factors to try and determine if they  – and the courses they offer – will be worth your time.

There are several areas we consider when assessing a provider. We begin by looking at their reputation as a provider, learning more about how trusted they are, or how reliable their courses are generally judged to be. We will often look for reviews from former students as part of this, seeking to gain an insight into what a provider is like to actually study with rather than only examining their course provision from the outside. 

Other aspects we consider include the cost of the provider’s courses, asking whether they represent good value for money. We also look at the tutors available, hoping to find that the courses are led by professionals who have experience in the field of study. Then, before we draw our final conclusions, we look through the course provision in the hopes of finding a wide range of courses suitable for all experience levels, from beginner to very advanced. 

Top Online Course Providers for Graphic Design

After researching the many, many graphic design course providers online, we have been able to come to a number of conclusions about which of the options available constitute the best the web has to offer to prospective students. Here are the top providers for graphic design courses, according to Online Classes:

Avg. Per Course




Minimum Course Price

Learning Graphic Design: Is It Possible Online?

Although online courses as a concept have been around for a number of years, it’s not unusual for people to hold back from signing up, concerned that it’s not really possible to learn via an online course. It’s entirely natural to have such reservations: most of us, after all, were educated in a very traditional manner, attending a physical building and studying in a classroom, and expect much the same when we seek to further our learning in a classroom. 

However, online courses have proven that they are here to stay, and are now a recognised and embraced method of learning. Why? Simple: they’re effective. Choosing to study graphic design online is just as suitable for helping to build your design skills as studying in the “conventional” way would be; and, in fact, can actually be preferable. Studying online, for example, means that you can work to your own schedule, study as you wish, achieve recognised qualifications, and even hyperfocus to find a course that teaches exactly the elements of graphic design you need or want to learn – the latter of which is usually difficult with offline options, which tend to cover a wide range of different topics in the hopes of capturing the attention of as many prospective students as possible.



That’s not to say that learning graphic design online is absolutely perfect in every way; there are a few “cons” to contend with too. For example, when studying online, you will have to provide your own software and hardware – so you’ll need a laptop/desktop, and (usually) a subscription to the Adobe software featured in the course. However, this should be considered a worthwhile investment: you’ll want to be able to practice what you have learned, which is easy to do when you actually own the tech rather than – as would be the case with offline courses – simply borrowing the tech during a class and only being able to use it for that period of time. 

What’s more, some online learning students can find the lack of immediate responses from tutors difficult, at least to begin with. When studying online, it’s unlikely that you will instantly be able to contact a tutor if you have a query, or something isn’t working exactly as expected – there will be an inevitable delay before you receive a response. 


Nevertheless, while there are a couple of downsides to contend with, the benefits of learning graphic design online far outweigh them, as you will discover as your own studies proceed.

100%, yes. Graphic design is a subject that is highly compatible with an online learning environment and countless, now-full-time-professional graphic designers started their careers with an online course.

The cost of an online graphic design course is highly variable, with the major factors influencing the price including the duration of the course, how in-depth it is is, and whether there is a certification / formal qualification awarded upon completion.

We at Online Classes believe that LinkedIn Learning are the best provider of graphic design courses due to the variety of their offering, but there are many other providers – such as those in our ‘top five’ list above – that can also be a great choice.

How Much Are Graphic Design Courses Online in 2021?

Anyone considering enrolling on a graphic design course will need to consider a number of different factors before committing to their chosen school, but perhaps the most important consideration of all is how much a course will actually cost to undertake. To provide assistance in this area, we at Online Classes have taken the time to research through as many graphic design courses as possible, seeking to draw together a few averages from some of the best-known providers, so you know what to expect if considering signing up. Here’s a look at what we found over the course of our analysis:

LinkedIn Learning

Reasonable cost courses.
£ 15 per course (average)
  • Well-Designed Courses
  • Excellent Video Lessons
  • Huge Range Of Different Topic Options


In-depth graphic design courses.
£ 125 per course (average)
  • Comprehensive Courses
  • Courses For All Levels
  • Design Theory, PhotoShop & More Covered


Short courses to degrees.
£ 29 for a basic course
  • Wide Range Of Courses
  • Reputable Institutions
  • Costs Higher For Degree-Level Courses

Is learning graphic design expensive in 2021?

The cost of the course will always be an important consideration when it comes to the finances of studying graphic design, but there is another facet that also requires attention: costs that might be associated with the course. You will usually find that the vast majority of courses will result in further expenses outside of the actual course cost itself, which can substantially increase the amount needed to study. 

The above fact is particularly true of offline institutions, which often led to a number of associated costs having to be met during the course of study. For example, unlike an online course which can be studied from your own home, students have to travel to an online course – which means travel expenses will be sustained every time they attend a lesson. Childcare expenses can also be problematic if choosing to study offline, especially for single parents. 

While there are costs that will have to be met when studying an online course, the offline costs we discussed above will usually be far higher. As a result, for most students, making the decision to study could well be the best choice for your wallet but while still ensuring you receive an excellent educational experience. 

How Many Modules Does A Graphic Design Online Course Have?

When it comes to graphic design courses, the modules covered tend to differ between each individual course. Some courses will focus heavily on a single piece of software.

In contrast, others are broader, covering subjects that include the technical necessities of common graphic design software along with discussions of wider design themes and needs.

The bullet points opposite are drawn from courses which are more generalised; those that are seeking to provide an overview of graphic design and its core necessities, rather than singling out a piece of software as the sole focus. Such courses are common and provide an excellent understanding of the key structures of graphic design, with special focus on elements such as typography and the use of text in an image, how colours work together, and how a design should be laid out in order to achieve the maximum impact. These courses will also focus on the most important tools of any graphic designer, discussing Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Given the significant differences that are found, in terms of modules to be studied, across different courses, it’s always advisable to check through the fine print of each course to ensure the topics you hope to study are covered by the course you are considering. 

How Long Do Graphic Design Courses Take To Complete?

It is, unfortunately, impossible to say how long an online graphic design course will take to complete, as each course differs. You can find some courses that will only require an hour or two of your time in exchange for a basic overview as well as courses that take years and educate up to degree level; the variation is that pronounced. 

Many potential students also wonder how courses proceed; do you have to meet deadlines, or can you complete each module as you see fit – potentially to the point of taking weeks or even months to progress if necessary due to other commitments? As with the duration question, the answer to this issue is, again, it varies. Some courses allow students to study as they wish, others will have assignments and due dates – it all depends.

A final concern is whether the course has to be completed within a specific timeframe and, as you may have expected by this point, the answer is “it varies”. Some courses will provide access to the course materials essentially for life, whereas others are more restrictive. 

The constant refrain of “it varies” above can seem irritating, but there is a benefit to such a significant variation between each course: with so many options, you should be able to find a course that suits your personal preferences exactly. Pick the one you would prefer, as there are so many options out there, one is perfectly suited to you. 

Yes! Graphic design is a fantastic field and building your skills in this area will be huge rewarding, and may even result in an exciting new career.

Depending on the length of the course; around £20 for shorter courses and up to £200 for longer would be considered fairly average,  though degree-level courses will obviously be more expensive still. 

The answer is almost certainly yes, as the courses are designed to be accessed remotely so physical location is largely irrelevant, but always check with the provider before signing up just to be sure.

Potentially; many employers are more than happy to help their employees upskill, so there’s no reason not to ask and see if they would be willing! 

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