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Acting is one of the greatest forms of entertainment out there. And if you are an aspiring actor or want to get started with acting, then it’s necessary to get the basics right. But many people live under the false understanding that you can’t get good with acting unless you study at the best schools or you were destined to be an actor/actress, to begin with. It’s not for the Average Joes like us.


That’s completely wrong! With the help of online acting classes and unbreakable dedication, anyone can become a great actor. In this article, we will introduce some of the best online acting classes to prove just that. But before diving into that, let’s take a look at why you should opt for acting classes in the first place.

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2021)

Why You Need Online Acting Classes

You don’t always need to have the desire to be an actor or actress to take acting classes. Because acting helps in both professional and family life equally. So, acting classes aren’t just meant for aspiring actors but people in general. Here are a few factors that make taking acting classes worth the investment:

Enhancing Your Public Speaking Skills

Actors need to perform in front of an audience and have to engage with the audience all the time. A key skill that acting classes tend to enhance is your public speaking skills. It is one of the basic skills that you need to perform well as an actor or actress.

So, if gaining an advantage over public speaking is something that you want then you should definitely try out acting classes.

Polishing One’s Communication Skills

Good acting is gained when actors can establish good communication with other actors and the audience. A person with excellent communication skills will always find himself in a comfortable position. Moreover, by practicing, one can gradually increase their communication skills. This can be done through acting classes.

Acting Builds Up Confidence

Learning to act a character also makes a person confident in themselves and appreciate their personality. There have been many examples of this as there are a lot of A-list actors and actresses who admitted to the fact that acting gave them the confidence to stand up to the world. That happens because by learning to act, you find out the capabilities that you never even thought you had. Doing your part in a play, show, or even a movie will definitely give you the self-confidence that one day will do wonders for you and your career.

Increases Physical Activity

Many might not consider it, but acting requires a lot of physical activity because acting resembles characters on a real-life basis, and is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t do at least a bit of physical activity? Even acting in a scene of sleeping has its physical requirements.

And suppose you’re learning to act on a play. In that case, the physical activities are at the max because not only do you need to do dance and musical routines, you also need to constantly move around the stage so that performance seems natural and authentic. 

Improves Memorisation

This is a no-brainer but learning to act also helps you to improve your memorisation skills because acting requires you to understand and remember the speech to the point so that you can deliver the dialogues correctly and without any problems. As an actor needs to go over at least 10 to 20 pages of scripts for every role, it is safe to say you will focus a lot of time on learning how to memorize your lines and routines more than anything.

And a funny thing about improving memory skills is that once that capacity is increased, it rarely reverts to a bad shape. In our daily life, memorising important information takes priority over every matter.

Creative Expression Helps to Remove Stress and Anxiety 

One of the most beneficial facts of creative works is that it is a great stress and anxiety reliever. Acting is one of the best ways to direct your pent-up stress and anxiety through creative works and expressions. What’s more, it helps to stop a person from doing something irrational and harmful and instead allows them to discover their creative space.

Builds Self Discipline

Acting classes also teach a person self-discipline as you need to follow certain rules and regulations of acting along with keeping a healthy outlook that will resonate with the character you are playing.

Teaches You to Work Under Pressure

Acting is not an easy thing to do and even if you have nerves of steel, doing your first audition, play, or trying a character for the first time comes with a pressure that we don’t often meet in our day-to-day lives, and if you can master to work under that pressure, then it’s safe to say that you will be able to work under intense work pressure without breaking character in the future.

Builds Charisma

Acting charismatic characters and personalities tend to later reflect upon the actor’s daily life. And we all know the impact of charisma on a group of people, especially in a work-related area.

Why Do You Need Acting Classes Online?

Now, a question may arise about why you should opt for an online acting class, because you can go to a local instructor and learn acting from there, can’t you? But online classes come with a lot of advantages that allow them to be superior to regular classes. And in this Covid-19 pandemic period, it is almost impossible to go for physical acting classes without creating a disaster. 

Here are the advantages that come with online acting classes:

You Are in Control 

The first and the biggest advantage that comes along with online classes is the fact of control. You can have your class whenever you like and whenever you want. This way, you don’t have to make considerable changes in your schedule, and you can learn to act without creating any problems in your daily life.

Another perk of being in control of the online acting class is that you can repeat a topic as much as you want, and even though instructors are generous, asking them to repeat a single topic repetitively isn’t possible, but in online classes, you can just re-watch the video until you get the topic right.

Learn From the Best of the Best

Another great fact regarding online acting courses is that you will be able to learn from the best of the best in the business, all of whom have results and ratings from thousands of students. Now, your local instructor is good, but if you have the chance to learn from one of the best, would you deny it?

Also, working with a certified and famous instructor for your virtual acting class will give you access to interact with a lot of exclusive resources that aren’t easy to obtain offline.

Earn Certifications from the Best Online Classes

Most online classes will also give you a certification of completion, which can be a great addition to your resume and might also be useful to get some useful links and contacts in the future. 

Now that we’ve cleared all the necessary details and usefulness of online classes, take a look at our top picks regarding the best online classes. But it is always suggested to find the online acting class that you think best suits you. 

Best Online Acting Lessons

Here are a few of the best acting courses online that will help both beginners and intermediate learners to kick start their journey of acting:

Udemy Acting Courses with Certificate

Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms currently available to us. It has a multitude of online acting courses and lessons that range from beginner level to expert level mastery. Although you have to pay a certain amount for each acting course, it is mostly cheap, and you can also find certain courses for free or up to sale on various occasions.

Best Course: Professional 10 Hour Acting MASTERCLASS

Now, although the title may come as very intimidating to beginners, this online acting course covers every key aspect that one will need to learn the basics to advance skills. 

The course is filled with numerous lessons, resource files, and scripts. Moreover, as over five thousand students have already taken the course, none felt left out regarding any topic. So, this can definitely be the course that sets off to something legendary!

Other great options that you should probably check out are: Acting 101 for Adults, Acting for Everyone & the Ultimate Introduction to the Acting World.

For supportive courses that can shed more light on the methodology and concept of acting and directing, you should consider signing up for courses like: How I Booked 8 Acting Roles On Major TV Shows in a Year, How To Book Acting Jobs, Movie Directing Made Simple: How To Direct Movies.

Skillshare Acting Courses with Certificate

The top contender of Udemy regarding the best online learning platform is definitely Skillshare, and this platform also offers a great number of online acting classes that will be a good foundation for beginners and intermediate learners. It also offers specific courses for experts in the field who want to know deeper regarding the craft of acting.

Best Course: Acting Techniques Masterclass – Learn 9 Different Techniques From 9 Master Teachers

What’s better than one instructor? One? Two? Or maybe nine! This course focuses on nine unique techniques that nine different instructors have mastered over the years. 

They share their experience on how to execute these different approaches and at the end of the course, they share how to combine all of these techniques into a complete package on your acting arsenal. So, it’s definitely worth it to check this course out.

Some honourable mentions are The Actor’s Guide to Perform Truthfully, Getting into Character for Actors & Actresses, Acting Essentials: How an Actor Creates a Character.

For support courses on Skillshare, you can consider: Directing 101: Making a 5 Shot Film, Improv for Everyone, Learning Your Lines & Getting Into Character, and similar courses.

Acting Courses on Masterclass

Masterclass is a platform where the best of the best come to teach you their techniques, methods, and ideology that granted them the position of the best. It has superstars from different industries who share their ways to reach your full potential in a specific field. And regarding acting, masterclass has a roster of a few of the most talented individuals of this generation.

Best Course: Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

Academy awards, golden globe, BAFTA, you name it, and Natalie Portman has her fair share of winning records in each one of them. One of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, this is the first time she’s ever created an acting course. And this course contains the core concepts of acting, developing the persona of characters to expert methodologies ranging from theater to Broadway.

Along with that, Masterclass also offers acting courses from the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Mirren, and many more! So, if you think you have what it takes to learn from the best of the best in the acting business, then you should definitely consider signing up for one of the acting courses in Masterclass.

Final Thoughts

Acting is one of the most entertaining and creative options of storytelling, and to be honest, with proper dedication and guidance, anyone can shine as an actor. But for that reason, getting the right direction is a must. 

The mentioned online acting classes are a few of the best online courses regarding acting. We can assure you, if you have the passion and can follow the mentioned online acting classes to every detail, you will definitely build a strong base and understanding for acting. Best of luck!

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