Learning Python on edX 2021

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages among programmers around the world. Online learning is one of the most simple ways to learn a programming language. Moreover, this language is swift and is one of the reasons for the programming language’s recent success in the interpretation for high-level and general purposes. 


Programming language is compatible to related top-level languages like JavaScript and Java, and supports different functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming concepts. This programming language creates several applications for a variety of platforms. However, it is best known for data science and automation. Python is a full-featured object-oriented programming language used for scientific programming and lightweight scripting.

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(Last Updated On: August 3, 2021)

Why Should You Learn Python?

Python will help you stay current. Learning to code can help you keep up with the changing workforce. Software development jobs alone are anticipated to expand at a rate of 21% in the United States over the next decade. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics expects this rate to be far quicker than usual. Learning to write in Python will provide you with a reasonable basis for a career in technology, given how many developers use it. In comparison to other interpreted languages, it is also quite efficient. Only specific front end languages can match the number of existing open-source libraries and frameworks. 

Growing Opportunities of Python

Python is used by companies like Quora, YouTube, Dropbox, and IBM because it is flexible, easy, and powerful. This skill will help you to tackle complex challenges. You will have a skill that you can use in any technical profession once you have mastered Python. Moreover, Python is an essential language to learn to enhance your career, it doesn’t matter if  you are a novice seeking to enter software development or a skilled programmer searching to turn to software engineering, data science or web development.

Python has an extensive package library, which makes it helpful in both academics and industry. The use of big data and online applications is increasing. Python-savvy business analysts, data scientists, web developers, and software engineers will be in high demand in the coming years. Python knowledge and expertise may lead to a successful and secure job. 

How Long Do You Need to Learn Python?

Learning the fundamentals of Python will take at least three months. This implies that you study the language for around 10 hours each week. Three months isn’t an exact figure. If you are determined to learn more about Python libraries, you’ll immediately discover that your journey will take longer. For example, it may take weeks to learn a library like Matplotlib on your own, and that’s just one external library.

The more time you put into studying Python, the more quickly you will master it. Within a few days, you may learn the essentials, such as variables. However, three months is a reasonable amount of time to invest if you want to build more extensive and more complex applications.

Can You Learn Python Online? 

Python is an excellent programming language that is simple to learn and use, and it is the language of choice for both beginners and specialists. Building a career in Python may be beneficial in terms of employment prospects and income. Python is relatively simple to learn if you have some fundamental programming abilities. On the other hand, it will take some time to catch up if you are entirely new to programming. However, enrolling in an online training program will make learning Python much more effortless. There are online python courses that are detailed and personalised. These courses will strengthen your basics and improve your skill gradually. They will teach from the ground up in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, you need to practice coding regularly to develop experience. Online Python courses edX is a good place to start. 

Why Should You Learn Python Online

So, if you’ve decided to learn Python, you’re probably searching for methods to get started. There are a variety of ways to master a programming language. Some are better than others, but it’s all about personal preference. For example, some people like to learn through reading books. While it’s a tried-and-true approach that’s been around for a long time, it doesn’t imply it’s the most incredible way to learn. 

Learning via books is a very old-fashioned method. We must adapt to the changing times. Let’s face it – books are perhaps the most tedious method. Studying programming requires a different approach. It needs to be thorough and practical oriented. Moreover, Python would seem a tough programming language and hard to accomplish if you do not get an applied basic when starting with the course.

Learn Python Online

Online Videos

Some programmers prefer watching online videos to improve their skills in Python programming. This may not be the most excellent method. While it may be a superior option, there are still certain shortcomings to this technique. When you are learning via internet videos, you tend to miss out on many details. The most important thing you will lack is an organised method of archiving the fineness of the language. 

If you are starting to learn as a beginner, you will not understand which topics you need to know and which topics you can ignore about the subject. That implies you will not be able to pick and choose what you need to study. You can look for Python tutorials on YouTube, but you will probably get access to the very fundamentals and may feel misguided on what to do next to learn Python. As a newbie, there are only so many topics you can Google. But it is crucial to have an organised and detailed direction. 

Online Courses

Taking an online course appears to be the ideal option to build a solid skill in Python programming. Online classes are a very organized way to shape a course. You will not have to waste time creating your curriculum by adding and ticking off videos. They also have video lectures available. However, more significantly, you will be assigned projects to accomplish. In addition, you will get practice materials and tests from time to time. That implies you will become more familiar with how things are done rather than just knowing the idea. Therefore, attending online classes is one of the most acceptable methods to become acquainted with an introduction to Python programming. edX Python is an excellent place to start looking!

edX Python Courses 

edX is one of the most reliable and adapted platforms for online python courses. The online Python courses edX offered are by MIT and have a duration of nine months. These are routine, week-based classes that require you to study 14-16hours/week. edX Python also offers paid certificates upon finishing the course. Millions of students have taken the Python edX course around the globe. However, you should check out all the advantages and disadvantages before making up your mind. Here is what edX MIT Python has to offer: 

For Beginners

edX intro to Python course for beginners is one of the many edX Python courses designed for absolute beginners. That means you can take it even if you have no prior programming or Python experience. However, we know it is not simple to find materials that are suitable for beginners. You can have difficulties locating the proper study resources as a newcomer. As you do not have any idea how or where code is created, you cannot practice. You will need intimate knowledge or a lot of internet reading to figure out the finest learning strategies. 

By enrolling yourself in this course, you can save time and effort. In addition, you will be able to discover highly-structured lessons that will walk you through the entire process. Unfortunately, there are many other edX Python courses with prerequisites and other criteria, to begin with. That is why some people may become demotivated because there is so much to learn first. Therefore, having the proper introduction provided to you from the start will prove to be beneficial.

Topics Covered 

  • A Notion of computation
  • The Python programming language
  • Some simple algorithms
  • Testing and debugging
  • An informal introduction to algorithmic complexity
  • Data structures

Advanced Level

edX Python offers advanced courses when you meet the eligibility of the courses. You can take your programming abilities to the following extent with intermediate or advanced level online Python edX classes once you’ve gained enough expertise and feel comfortable with basic Python code. The edX MIT Python course for Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science will help you learn more about the Python programming language. This course will help you understand concepts like data analysis, data visualisation, and machine learning. It will also give you in-depth Python lessons in the context of data science. 

Topics Covered

Other advanced topics like decorators, interacting with web applications using Django and Flask, and statistical analysis using machine learning tools like PyTorch are covered in other advanced Python edX programming classes. edX MIT python offers Machine Learning with Python. In addition, the University of Canterbury’s Visualising Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing with Python and AWS’s Building Modern Python Applications on AWS are among the advanced online Python courses edX available.

Free of Charge

Another advantage that many people like is that the edX Python programming course is free. Finding a free course is a rare occurrence. That means you may experiment with learning about a topic without having to spend any money. It might be discouraging to learn that a course costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There are occasions when the subject does not fit the individual, despite their best efforts. 

We often have a different picture of something than it is before we discover it. As a result, you may be unsatisfied with the course contents or dislike working with Python. While paying for an advanced course that you know you’ll enjoy is understandable, it’s a different story when starting classes. 


Though the course is free, you can still acquire a certificate. Having a certificate to verify your accomplishments has numerous advantages. The first, and maybe most essential, the benefit is that it is simpler to get work in the field. Many people claim to know a bit of Python and programming, even though it’s plausible they just attended an introductory course in high school ten years ago. 

The reliability of someone’s skill is always more assured with a certificate. Another perk of getting a certificate is that it provides a sense of accomplishment. You may be unaware of its significance. Finally, having a clear end goal in mind might help you stay motivated. 

Brief Duration

The edX MIT Python course has a brief duration. It takes only nine weeks to finish the course. Thus, you will be able to complete a thorough introduction to programming the Python edX program in a reasonably short amount of time. And once you have completed the post, you will be free to select whether or not you want to go further. 

Shorter courses are simpler to remain motivated. And these courses are far more rewarding. While you may not be able to examine each issue thoroughly, you will undoubtedly be acquainted with several Python subtopics to prepare you for your future advancements.

Final Verdict

Python is a prevalent programming language. It has a longstanding experience of prominence, and a significant number of freelancers and programmers master this language to get the upper hand in the competitive job market. It is an incredibly user-friendly language for beginners and experts. Many people admire the edX Python course, and it is one of the most popular introductory courses. It’s also a completely free course, which is an excellent benefit. 

The course is just nine weeks long. That implies it is not the most comprehensive course available but brief and compact. If you are searching for a course that covers more in-depth topics, the edX Python course is the way to go. It may take a substantial amount of time, but you will reap the rewards with having the Python programming language within your skillset!

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