Ivacy Review 2021

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Ivacy have been offering VPNs for over 10 years which, given the huge volume of competition found in VPN industry, is undoubtedly impressive – and suggests that the company is definitely doing something right.


(Last Updated On: November 4, 2021)


Unfortunately, finding details about the company are relatively few and far between; we know, for example, that Ivacy are based in Singapore according to an address in the footer of their website and operate under the umbrella of PMG Private Limited, but any supplementary details are rather elusive. This, however, is fairly standard for the security-conscious VPN industry. What is known about Ivacy is that the company are performing extremely well, with a strong customer base – this is clearly a company that is happy to let the product speak for itself.

In terms of the service provided by Ivacy, everything you would expect from a reputable provider is in place. Ivacy VPN works across a range of devices, has over 1,000 servers at over 100 locations, offers 256-Bit Encryption, and has a “no logs” policy to ensure browsing and connection information is kept completely confidential. Ivacy also offers “Purpose Selection”, which gives users the option to select servers based on specific usage requirements – such “Streaming” or “Secure Download” – to ensure each user can access the server that will work best for them. With such an impressive offering, it’s no surprise that Ivacy also benefits from a huge range of positive reviews courtesy of satisfied customers.

In addition to all of the above benefits, Ivacy should also be of particular interest to users who have a need for speed when it comes to their VPN connection. In this regard, Ivacy performs amongst the best in the market; a fact that was recognised at the BestVPN Awards 2019, when Ivacy walked away with the prestigious “Fastest VPN” award.

Given all of the above, there’s no doubt that Ivacy are a major player in the world of VPNs, and below, we’ve sought to detail everything you need to know about the service and what’s on offer from this long-standing company.

Ivacy VPN: How Expensive is Ivacy VPN?

The monthly price for Ivacy VPN is around £7.63, which is relatively standard within the industry – not particularly impressive, but not especially noteworthy either.

However, with its one-year and five-year offerings, Ivacy VPN truly comes into its own. The most cost effective choice is to choose the five-year $60/£46.02 plan, which works out at just $0.99/£0.76 per month (though payment must be made upfront at the start of the plan). This is an astonishingly good price for such a reputable service.

For those seeking a smaller upfront commitment, the two-year plan is an option for a very reasonable $54/£41.42 ($2.25/£1.73 per month, though the total cost is paid upfront as with the five-year plan. There is also an annual option $40/£30.68 ($3.33/£2.55 per month, though paid annually), which is also excellent and should be attractive for those looking for a smaller upfront investment.

We can therefore conclude that Ivacy VPN performs very well when it comes to price considerations; the costs are reasonable (especially on the longer-term plans), and the different plan options ensures there is an option for every budget and preference. All plans also include a 30-day money back guarantee, provided certain conditions are met, which adds an extra layer of reassurance.

What Regions are Covered with Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN allow users to switch their IP address to a vast range of different countries, with a full provision that easily overshadows many of its competitors. Ivacy VPN currently offers servers and virtual servers in the following locations:

North and South America

Brazil; Canada; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Mexico; Panama; Peru; United States.


Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Italy; Latvia; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Romania; Russia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Ukraine; United Kingdom.

Asia and Africa

Australia; Brunei; China; Egypt; Ghana; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Japan; Jordan; Kuwait; Malaysia; New Zealand; Nigeria; Pakistan; Philippines;  Saudi Arabia; the Seychelles; Singapore; South Africa; South Korea; Taiwan; Turkey; United Arab Emirates.

Is Ivacy VPN Reliable – What Do The Public Say?

When looking through the Ivacy VPN reviews, it’s easy to develop a sense of deja vu – as, for the most part, the reviews all follow a similar pattern. The same benefits are highlighted time and again by countless different reviewers, with perhaps the most commented-on benefit being the price; unsurprisingly, the incredible value offered by Ivacy VPN’s long-term plans has been well-received by the public.

Another oft-mentioned positive is the range of countries that are available, with many reviewers noting that Ivacy VPN offers countries they have otherwise found difficult to source. In addition, the customer service receives glowing reviews, with the knowledge and helpfulness of operators as well as the speed of response times frequently raised by users. For new users, the fact that the customer service options are rated so highly is absolutely encouraging.

While criticisms are fairly few and far between, a few reviewers have highlighted occasional issues with buffering when streaming. Nevertheless, this mishap is relatively minor, and does not appear to be ubiquitous across the experience, so can perhaps be attributed to the reviewer’s own equipment in many cases rather than Ivacy VPN itself. Nevertheless, we thought it worth including in order to provide as thorough an overview as possible.

9.2Expert Score
Our Ivacy Summary
To conclude, the overall reviews of Ivacy VPN suggest that anyone subscribing to the service will enjoy a smooth, secure, and hassle-free experience for a reasonable price. Furthermore, if there is a problem (unlikely as that may be), the customer service team will be more than able to assist and rectify the matter quickly and effectively.
  • Great price
  • Range of countries is impressive
  • Excellent customer service
  • Occasional buffering issues when streaming

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