An Honest Busuu App Review

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Busuu, the online language-learning platform, has its very own unique app for learners to download and install. The app is both an additional study material, as well as the main platform to use when learning a language with Busuu. The Busuu courses aren’t as intense or rigorous as Rosetta Stone’s language courses, but contain much more basic learning content than apps like Quizlet, TinyCards, and Memrise.



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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

As of now, the collection of languages on Busuu is pretty modest, but the content is of high-quality. The app is smart and professional – the details we will be getting to in a little while. Busuu is one of the better free platforms in the online learning industry. With that being said, the Busuu Premium subscription is definitely value for money!

Let’s talk about everything Busuu. How does it compare to competitors, and whether the content deserves the hype it’s getting. Keep reading this Busuu app review to discover the insides of this platform.

CEFR Language Levels on Busuu​

The online language courses on Busuu have been structured to maintain the standards of CEFR levels. Our very own Busuu review takes a closer look at CEFR – take a look by clicking here! This is important since it means you will be following a curriculum recognised and valid in every European country.

If you’re learning a language not just as a hobby, this is something to look into. A CEFR framework is exactly what you need. This is definitely one of the best features of Busuu. The approach to the lessons will be much more structured and organised. If you ever decide to change language schools because you feel like in-person classes will be better for you, a CEFR certified course is easier to transition from.

Is Busuu Free?​

Busuu is available for free to all. However, the free version has limited access to all of Busuu’s content. The app is free, and those looking to learn a new language can register to the platform at no cost at all. Learners will have access to select courses for certain languages. However, the free version does not include all of Busuu’s features.

The Free Plan

The free plan is extremely beneficial for language beginners. Majority of the lessons and courses available involve flashcards that teach you new vocabulary and sentences. Students that use the free version of Busuu will have a better concept of how a particular word fits in a sentence since Busuu includes examples you are going to hear using real-life context.

Busuu’s free services can act as a great introduction to certain languages, and using vocabulary in real-life situations can be a huge help to those learning. A number of free language courses depend on examples that are basic and simple, but not Busuu. This online platform teaches learners how to use the vocab in day-to-day circumstances, which results in a far better learning experience.

Pros and Cons of Free Busuu

As said before, the cherry on top would be the examples used. Learners develop a deeper understanding of how each word can be used in everyday conversations. Our Busuu review highlighted how some of the examples also included notes on the cultural nuances and aspects of the specific language – a big help to those learning any new language.

Apart from learning vocabulary, you also get access to lessons on a limited scale. These can help you build your grammar skills and develop listening comprehension skills.

However, the obvious disadvantage to using the free version of Busuu is the limited access. In order to have everything available to you, learners must sign up to Busuu Premium and/or Busuu Premium Plus. There’s much more to discover, including the beneficial Busuu community.

Overall, Busuu’s free plan is ideal for those wanting to learn the basics. Consider Busuu if you’re travelling somewhere or just want to learn as a hobby. Meanwhile, if you’re serious about language learning to more detail, then perhaps Busuu Premium is better aligned to your needs.

Busuu Premium​

A Busuu Premium plan would be better suited to meet your requirements if you’re looking to learn a language in detail. The Busuu Premium plan offers all of the available courses in comparison to the free version of the site. The Premium plan also gives you access to all the audio dialogues, grammar lessons, and exercises to improve your reading, listening, and writing skills.

If that wasn’t enough, there are helpful writing exercises, quizzes, and features for you to get involved with. You will get access to the Busuu community where you can connect with other learners. They will also be willing to give you feedback on your writing and speaking skills.

It doesn’t end there – if you buy the Busuu Premium plan, they will provide an official certificate that validates and proves you have achieved a certain CEFR language. Amazing, right?

Premium vs Premium Plus

There are two premium subscription plans on Busuu: Busuu Premium and Busuu Premium Plus. If you want to get Premium Plus, here are the differences between the two:

  • There is no study plan in Busuu Premium, while Busuu Premium Plus comes with a personalised study plan for tracking purposes.
  • You can only learn one language with Busuu Premium. Meanwhile, the Premium Plus lets you learn all 12 languages available on the site.
  • You only get CEFR certificates if you finish a course on Busuu Premium plus. Unfortunately, Busuu Premium users will not have this certificate awarded to them.
8.8Expert Score
An Honest Busuu App Review Is The Busuu App Worth It?​ To wrap this Busuu app review up, we would like to give our honest opinions on whether we would recommend this to others. The answer is YES. While some of the best features are limited to the Premium plans, you could still get plenty of use out of this app as a beginner. After all, Busuu is free and includes useful contexts for the vocabulary available to learn. We would recommend that learners supplement the app’s free version with other study materials to make the most of your language learning experience.
  • Extensive & Concise Explanations: Busuu’s grammatical explanations are simply exceptional. They’re easy to understand and very accurate. In the app, Busuu has managed to explain complicated grammar rules with ease. You will be able to distinguish between difficult terms clearly when using the Busuu app. Furthermore, the platform includes helpful tables to benefit your learning of over-the-top grammar rules. Let’s face it, every language has some. The app will show the grammar rules in a simple table format.
  • Relevant To Real-Life Situations: The content for all of Busuu’s available language courses is relevant to day-to-day situations. In short, Busuu will teach you both the colloquial and formal words in everyday conversations. You won’t find yourself out of place because you’re speaking in ancient terms. The app adjusts its content to keep up with real-life scenarios. We enjoy the little cultural notes and tips they have sprinkled throughout the courses - you won’t find these in the average textbook.
  • Excellent Listening and Reading Exercises: Many of the listening and reading exercises on the app are based on real-life scenarios. For instance, how to book a flight, or understanding the announcements at the local train station, will definitely be more useful to learners. Online language courses benefit you in many ways. For starters, you can learn at your own pace, and pick your preferred level of learning. The course timing is flexible with Busuu, which adds to the factor of working at your own pace. On top of that, students can go back and review previous lessons for reference.
  • Exceptional App Design: Both Busuu’s app and website are professional, polished, fun, and easy to use. The platform has taken an extra initiative to “gamify” the learning experience - it truly makes a big difference. At least learning a language isn’t going to be tedious with Busuu.
  • Connect With Language Experts: With the Busuu Premium plans, you can access Busuu’s community - a super cool and beneficial feature. If you aren’t shy to record your voice and ask for feedback, you will make great use out of the community.
  • Limited Language Courses: In comparison to other language learning apps, like Rosetta Stone, the number of languages offered on Busuu is small. Currently, you can learn 12 languages - in comparison to a total of 24 on Rosetta Stone’s platform. On top of that, Busuu free users will only have access to one or two language courses.
  • No Monthly Subscriptions: Unfortunately, there are no monthly subscriptions in Busuu. Some apps offer you monthly subscriptions at higher rates, but that is not included when you sign up to the Busuu app.
  • Limited Speaking & Pronunciation Exercises: Busuu might be harder to navigate for those who find it difficult to record audio for some reason. Had Busuu tried a combination of read-out-loud exercise and speech recognition software, it would be easier for everyone to participate.

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