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If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to learn the Arabic language, chances are you will have come across Rosetta Stone. The online learning platform is one available to those looking to learn a new language. It has been a leading site for language courses for quite some time now, and Arabic is one of the 25 languages offered by Rosetta Stone.

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2022)

However, whenever we opt for learning a language through such platforms, we often wonder if it is worth spending the time and money on. It is important to understand how the tool works for the specific language, in our case, Arabic, how much you can benefit from it, and if it is the right option for your purpose.

To help you in this regard, we have compiled some of the most important information about learning Arabic through Rosetta Stone, as well as going through several Rosetta Stone Arabic reviews in this guide.

Rosetta Stone Arabic Course – A Brief Introduction​

As mentioned earlier, Arabic is one of the languages that you can learn with Rosetta Stone. When teaching Arabic, the application focuses on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). If you are not sure what MSA is- it is simply a more formal variation of the Arabic language that is quite widely used all over the Arabian world.

From the number of Rosetta Stone Arabic reviews online, we have noticed that the user-friendly platform is a common theme throughout. Rosetta Stone’s app is quite simplistic to use and instinctive to learn from. Usually, as a student or learner, you will not need any hard guidelines to use Rosetta Stone. You will mostly learn the new words through their visual representations in the form of images or stock photos that you can relate to. You are easily able to associate an Arabic word or even a phrase with the picture being displayed by the program.

If you put time and follow the instructions involved, you are likely to develop your Arabic language skills effectively. Your vocabulary as well as grammar will improve, and you will be able to communicate in this foreign language. With Rosetta Stone, there is no need to be fluent in a particular language. There’s a wide range of translations available, meaning when you learn Arabic, you can translate to any other language – usually the one you prefer.

Key Features of Rosetta Stone’s Arabic Courses

When learning Arabic with Rosetta Stone, there are three different levels within the app to choose from. If you are completely new to the Arabic language, then the first level is suitable to select, as you will be able to learn the basics first – essential to learning any language. From here, the two levels are for those who have a very small understanding, and then those more advanced.

Depending on the time available will be the result of how quick you complete the Arabic courses available on Rosetta Stone’s platform. We recommend having consistent learning time to ensure that you are getting the most out of the available lessons and courses, which includes the Arabic lessons with Rosetta Stone. There’s a good amount of material available on the platform, all of which you can take advantage of when learning Arabic.

Pricing is something that also falls under one of the main features of the Rosetta Stone app. The price of the application is set based on the length of studying or subscription. This is done through memberships, varying from 3 to 24 months. Like many available online language courses, you will benefit from a reduced price if you opt for a longer subscription. When you take the 24 monthly subscriptions, you will end up paying around 10 USD per month. It is good to be aware of the fact that you will have to spend 249 USD at once. This often results in people choosing shorter subscriptions. We agree that you should first try to evaluate the program and your needs in terms of learning Arabic before making up your mind regarding the plan.

Another key feature worth mentioning is the availability of some of the top-notch features like sessions with an online tutor, mobile application as well as games that can contribute positively to your learning journey.

If you are usually studying the language while moving around or commuting to work, Rosetta Stone Arabic Program will be perfect for you. How so? Well, you do not have to install anything on your laptop to use the application. You can simply access all the relevant content of your study through the app. The app is supported by different devices. You can access the content online.

After you have progressed through some of the units of the Rosetta Stone Arabic course, you have the opportunity to book live sessions with an online tutor using the option called Rosetta World. You will have some limits regarding the number of sessions you can book. However, it is certainly an extremely useful feature for you to advance in your journey of learning the Arabic language.

You can also play educational games when learning Arabic with Rosetta Stone. You can engage in solo games as well as paired games with other students or an Arabic language expert. You are lucky if there is someone available online at the same time as you, and if you do get the opportunity, you must grab it!

The games are focused and have a natural fast pace to ensure engagement. In just one game, for example, you might have to speak more than just 2 or 3 short sentences in Arabic. Sometimes you get the option to listen to a story and choose any of the words that you have picked up while listening to the story when you are opted to choose them on the bingo cards.

Arabic Language with Rosetta Stone – Additional Features​

If you like reading, chances are that you’ll be a big fan of the reading section available. You can embrace a good number of short stories designed to be accessible to you. You can choose to simply listen to them, read them on your own or loudly, or even combine the two to see what makes you more comfortable or suits you better.

Furthermore, you are given the complete freedom to choose what works the best for you and hence to make your own choice of which tasks to do first. This is a very useful feature for learners as focus on certain areas can be identified. We found that many other Rosetta Stone Arabic reviews said that this is great for learners to work on specific areas within the language.

One of the best parts of the Rosetta Stone Arabic courses is that it records everything you are engaging yourself with through its advanced tracking method. This will allow you to have a sound overview of your progress as well as continue from where you finished the last time you were learning Arabic on the app. You can also benefit from getting a highlighted overview of the number of mistakes in each of the assignments. Through this, you can find out which lessons require more work or revisions. This feedback is useful for your overall Arabic learning experience.

If your main focus is to develop speech in the Arabic language, Rosetta Stone comes with a patented technology called the ‘TruAccent’ speech recognition engine that you can take full advantage of. This available service helps to judge your pronunciation. You can receive immediate feedback on your input, work on what needs to be done, and soon develop verbal skills in the Arabic language.

When you are using the recordings in the Rosetta Stone Arabic lessons, you will realise that the application uses native Arabic speakers for the content. Hence, you will have access to the accurate accent and the right pronunciations. No compromise is needed in this regard. Furthermore, you will find supplementary audio content with Rosetta Stone. As an icing on top of the cake, you can download, as well as transfer, audio files to any device. Why is this handy? Well, you may want to use these when practicing comprehension or verbal skills of Arabic while you are offline or commuting. All in all, the Arabic lessons are tailored to facilitate your learning process, delivering great results.

One important thing to note is that the Rosetta Stone Arabic lessons are not just meant for assisting you with traveling vocabulary. It also introduces the essentials of the language. You are first trained to understand and use the correct language structure. This will introduce you to the beginner’s vocabulary in Arabic. You will be able to master the basic skills needed for conversations, intros, or even greetings. Are you looking to learn common ways of asking questions or answering the common etiquettes in Arabic? The Rosetta Stone Arabic course will be very useful in the future. This is how the first part of the Arabic Language learning program is arranged and can take up to 1 or 2 months to move to the next level.

When you move on to the second or the third level of the Arabic courses with Rosetta Stone, you will be introduced to more complex vocab for practical conversations in the real world. The second level brings to you words covering the topics of dining out, transport, directional advice as well as reading the clock.

After you have completed the third level of the Rosetta Stone Arabic program, you can start discussing current events, your hobbies, professional details, and a lot more in Arabic. Hence, upon completion of all these levels, you can expect to have mastered quite some Arabic, being able to share your opinions and talking about yourself with others using your newly-mastered skill.

8.7Expert Score
Arabic Language Course With Rosetta Stone Our final verdict of the Rosetta Stone Arabic learning platform is a very positive one. Throughout our Rosetta Stone Arabic review, we found that this learning site is a high-quality, technically proficient site for many to use. You can opt for the membership when you are looking to develop basic and intermediate Arabic language skills. This course is highly recommended for beginners since the foundation provided by the application is quite strong in terms of both vocabulary and grammar. How quickly it takes you as an individual to learn the Arabic language will largely depend on a number of factors, but Rosetta Stone will give you all of the materials needed for you to master this skill.
  • Three day free-trial to test course​
  • Innovative approach to lessons​
  • User-friendly site and app design​
  • Engaging lessons to benefit learning​
  • More expensive than other online Arabic courses​
  • Lack of advanced Arabic learning material​

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