Our 2021 Review and Rating for Skooli

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Welcome to our Skooli review, an online tutoring provider for students so that they can get better grades in all subjects. Read ahead as we give you a thorough insight into what the platform has to offer.


In this Skooli review, you will find individual sections allocated towards discussing their history, their costing, the subjects they tutor, the quality of the tutoring sessions, the tutor and student interaction, and so much more. Whether you are a middle schooler or college student, Skooli has tutors with years of experience to help you with a wide range of subjects. By the end of this review, you should be able to decide whether this site is the solution to all your educational needs or not.

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2021)

Introduction to Skooli Review

If you are having difficulty understanding a subject, no matter the education level, then this online tutoring platform Skooli has come with the solution. They have a large group of experienced tutors nationwide and from all around the world to assist you in a modest range of subjects. When thinking about using an online site for tutoring, many people might have doubts regarding the quality of their services or wonder whether it is a scam or not.

So, is Skooli legit? To find the answer to this question, you will first need to have an idea about the platform itself.

Skooli is an online tutoring company founded by Dave Frey and his brother Rene Frey, a lecturer himself at the University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business. With its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, Skooli provides its services to any learner that speaks English, not only in the country itself but worldwide. With a group of exceptional advisors including Dr. Diane DeBacker, Armando Vilaseca, and Simon Stanlake, Skooli strives to better themselves by analyzing the needs of students and living up to them.

Starting from elementary school to middle and high school to college and university, you can seek help from tutors just by asking a simple question about what you need help with. Skooli was created by the same team that started Tech Away. As such, with over 10 years of experience in hiring teachers and creating personalised programmes that focus on the students, you can rest assured that the needs of every student will be properly addressed and catered to.

Get started by simply asking a question. The option is visible right when you enter the site. And soon after, their system will provide you with a list of hundreds of their well-qualified teachers that match the subject and grade level for your question. You can navigate and filter through tutors to find the perfect one for you. They each have a brief description stating their educational qualifications and experience as well as star ratings from previous students. For further clarification, you can even connect with a tutor and chat via instant messaging.

Skooli’s Classrooms

Skooli’s online classrooms are specially designed to adapt to facilitate online learning for the students of today’s generation. Aside from live video sessions and good quality audio, the online classrooms feature a digital whiteboard that can be used to write, type, and draw. Both the tutor and student can share files and documents with each other to further complement the tutoring process. Plus, if you want to make notes or just refer back to the tutoring session, then there is always the option to record them and watch them at a later date. Accessible from any device, you can take a demo class and check out all the facilities they provide first hand.

After all this, if you are still wondering if Skooli is worth it, then you will be pleased to know that even after the sessions are over, you can ask for study tips and tricks as well as receive personalized feedback from the teachers. The feedback may include the areas you should improve or focus more on.

So, if you are willing to find out more about and reach all your academic goals, this Skooli review will provide you with all the details you need to know.

Skooli: How Expensive is Skooli in 2021?

You have the option to choose between 4 pricing plans, Starter, Genius, Mastermind, and Einstein. You have to pay $0.82, $0.73, $0.70, and $0.65 per minute respectively. Their unique payment system allows you to pay for the sessions as you go. What this means is that not only do you save money by paying for exactly how long the session lasts, but you save time as well. You also have the option to opt for a pre-purchased tutoring plan. Although not applicable for the Starter plan, you will have to pay $352 for 8 hours with the Genius plan, $672 for 16 hours with the Mastermind plan, and $1,248 for 32 hours with the Einstein plan.

No matter your academic level or the degree the tutor holds, the pricing will be the same for everyone. It can be said that this policy is somewhat unfair as the requirements and load is different at every level. Moreover, you will not find any discount or coupon codes online for special pricing that will reduce the cost. When it comes to tutoring, we would like to remind you that $0.82 per minute can add up pretty quickly.

You will need to choose a tutor and set up a schedule with them before putting money on account with Skooli based on how many minutes you want the tutoring session to initially last. Once the minutes you paid for at first are used up, you will need to put more money on the account to continue again.

What Subjects Are Available at Skooli?

By this point in our Skooli review, you have an idea about how much it is going to cost. Now let us look at what subjects are available.


Math is one of the most popular and sought-after subjects to be tutored at Skooli. Aside from tutors teaching general math for younger students, there are also specific tutors for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.


There are limited tutoring options when it comes to languages, with Skooli providing tutors for only four languages. This includes ESL, Spanish, French, and Chinese.


The options under humanities are also limited to just four – English, writing, reading, and history. Given the lack of variety, the tutors and content under this subject are mostly helpful for students who are in high school or a lower level.


Under science subjects, you will find tutors for all the main sub-subjects, which include physics, chemistry, and biology. With computer science being a widely popular subject, there are tutors for that as well.


Similar to language and humanities, there are limited options under business. You will find tutors for economics, accounting, marketing, and finance. For university students who might need help in other areas, this is a major drawback.

Content Quality at Skooli

After looking at the list of subjects they provide tutors for, you might be wondering is Skooli worth it? To answer that, you will need to know more about the quality of the content.

So far from our Skooli review, you can gather that they have a modest list of subjects. Being a tutoring provider, the sessions are one on one. As such, all the content is personalised and customised to meet the needs of the student. Their privacy policy explicitly states the importance of maintaining and providing quality content.

The online classrooms are designed in such a way that allows students to gain the most out of this tutoring session. Some whiteboards can be used for typing or drawing for more hands-on teaching. Regular feedback and tips are also shared by the tutor at the end of a session.

Session Length- Too Long? Too Short?

How long each session is going to last solely depends on you. As the payment is done per minute, you will have to pay in advance for the number of minutes you want the session to last. There are no extra commitments to use up the number of hours and you get to only pay for how long the session lasts. If for some reason the session needs to be extended, you will need to put money in the account before continuing. Skooli follows a pay-as-you-go system.

For all the pricing plans, except for Starter, there is an option to pre-purchase tutoring plans. This allows you to purchase a set number of tutoring hours in advance so that the hassle to pay money as you go is diminished. The minimum pre-purchased tutoring hour is 8 hours while the maximum you can avail of is 32 hours. You get to save hundreds of dollars and have a convenient amount of tutoring hours.

The Reputation of Tutors at Skooli

It is natural to be doubtful about the tutors and what is being taught at Skooli. You might ask, is Skooli legit? And to answer your question, yes Skooli is legit. In order to be a tutor at the site, one must at least have a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree. If the tutor has a teaching certificate, the site will put a sign to verify that fact. Unfortunately, we cannot list every tutor on our Skooli review, but you can look at each tutor’s experience and credentials on the site. There is also a star review system, rated by students who have been taught by the tutor to give you an idea about their service.

Although there have been several reviews from customers, who have stated that instead of getting a tutor who has a degree in the subject, they were given potential tutors. These tutors are recommended by the site because of the broad criteria of expertise they have set for each subject.

7Expert Score
Reputation: What are Students Saying?
So far from our Skooli review, you only had an idea about what the site offers. But what about its customers? To get a better answer to is Skooli worth it, we will need to take into account the experience of the students. According to the reviews found online, Skooli has a mixed reputation among its clientele. Some students find the site to be extremely helpful with not only understanding a subject but getting answers to all of their complex questions. The one-on-one sessions and smart and interactive classroom are also appreciated by the students as it makes learning easier and solves the entire purpose of needing a tutor in the first place. On the other hand, there have been reviews that complain that the lack of expert tutors and diversity, especially for university students, makes the site unhelpful. Also, the tendency to recommend potential tutors really makes you wonder, ‘is Skooli legit?’ Moreover, students have many free and affordable options such as student centres, study guides, and free tutoring services to seek help for their academic needs. Even though 84 cents per minute might not seem like a lot, it can add up pretty quickly and turn out to be expensive.
  • Safe & reliable tutors
  • Easy to use online platform
  • Customised, bespoke feedback
  • Able to record tutoring sessions
  • No discounts or coupons available
  • Limited variety to subjects

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