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We all have at some point in our life had a personal dream, maybe to sing, or to dance; there might have been an instrument we wanted to learn, or maybe we dream of surfing one day. Learn and Master asks you to not give up on that dream. They offer multimedia training courses with intensive instructions on a wide range of subject matter, with a focus on music and arts.


We can almost hear you asking “but is Learn and Master worth it?” or “is Learn and Master legit?” But don’t worry. You can decide it for yourself, as we unveil the key components of the program in this Learn and Master review.


(Last Updated On: October 12, 2021)

Introduction – What is Learn and Master?

Learn and Master is a production of Legacy Learning Systems. Since the school was founded in 2007, its lessons have reached thousands of learners in over 96 countries. They initially started with music instructions and evolved over time, now covering art topics, from photography to instruments. With an aim to make your personal dreams a reality, they produce high-quality video instructions for curious learners like you. For the service they offer, this online course provider is heavily underrated. However, considering the rising number of users, their widespread recognition is underway.

Learn and Master: How Expensive is Learn and Master in 2021?

Learn and Master lessons come as a complete package- DVD, workbook, audio CD, and all the materials that you’ll need in order to master an art at your own pace. Considering the rich content they offer starting from $89, the price is quite reasonable- as some Learn and Master reviews would agree.

If you are a beginning guitar player, the professionals from Learn and Master would help you read tablature, sheet music, and musical notations through hours of instructions and course materials. Having signed up for a Learn and Master lesson, you will have all the materials that you need at your doorstep.

Does Learn and Master Offer Free Courses?

Learn and Master does not offer free courses. However, very often they offer sales and promo codes for aspiring musicians and artists. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to new miss an update.

What Courses are Available at Learn and Master in 2021?

Learn and Master is a diverse platform offering a quality learning system. Although they started with music lessons, their courses now cover a variety of subject matters like photography, dance, even sign language. Let’s dig deeper into the courses to see what to expect from Learn and Master:

Beginner Guitar

The Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course offered by the school is one of the most popular and wholesome guitar courses out there. They would send the course materials to you while extending further support through their online student support site. As opposed to online courses available in today’s market claiming to teach guitar “overnight”, Learn and Master put in a lot of effort into planning out a thorough learning system for beginners to master the chords. If your learning guitar is your dream, Learn and Master guitar lessons might be a good place to start. Order today!

Advanced Guitar

Once students have a clear concept of music, chords, and riffs Learn and Master offers advanced courses on various niches as well. You can master Fingerstyle guitar or Blues, you can learn to maintain your guitar with their courses as well. Learn and Master can be a complete learning package for you.


Teaching Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Foxtrot, and more, Learn and Master offers you in-depth dancing courses at only $249. You can also find promo codes sometimes. Subscribe to their newsletter.


It takes a lot of practice and knowledge of framing, composition, focus, etc to shoot the perfect photo. Learn and Master offers comprehensive multimedia tools and instructions from renowned photographer Vince Wallace. Photography is not easy to master and will need a lot of dedication on your part. Wallace will offer his insights and techniques through the Learn and Master program, and the rest is up to you.


In the wide array of courses that Learn and Master offers, Painting stands out for its well-structured curriculum planned to bring out the best in you. For only $249, you will find 23 discs and an elaborate set of instructions on how to put your imagination on canvas.


Learn and Master Drums is one of the most exhaustive courses ever offered. The course starts at a beginner level and eventually takes students to a master level, doing justice to the name Learn and Master.

Content Quality at Learn and Master

Learn and Master has been in the industry for quite some time. They have made a name for themselves, and it is evident in all the Learn and Master reviews available online. With a rich content quality and well-structured learning method, Learn and Master has managed to teach thousands of students worldwide.

The lessons are usually divided into three sections; video tips, play along and practice sections, covering basics to advanced level topics.

In terms of content, they have excelled and proven to be highly effective. But there are some drawbacks to their method of delivery. Their materials are mostly available in hard copies, which is somewhat backdated.  However, they are constantly at your service offering help through their online student support site. Compared to some of the online course providers who promise to teach your music overnight (and failing), Learn and Master comes full-prepared with a true intention to teach.

With quality content and effective teaching method, they don’t leave much room to complain.

Reputation of Tutors at Learn and Master

In Learn and Master, reputed and qualified tutors navigate you through the world of creativity to help you achieve your personal dreams. Tutors, each renowned faces in their respective fields, offer all that they know at students’ disposal through elaborate learning schemes.

Course Length – Too Long? Too Short?

Learning an art form takes long, and mastering it takes longer. In Learn and Master, the goal is to help you achieve your dreams in true sense. With that intention, the courses are planned to take a beginner to an advanced level. So naturally, the courses are long, but you can learn it at your own pace. So there’s no rush.

Is Learn and Master Legit?

Learn and Master is a leading music school and has been in the market for a long time. Having read many Learn and Master reviews, we have come to the verdict that their service has helped thousands of people learn music, dance, and more. If this number does not deem legit to you, you can view their samples and see for yourself that they have quite an impressive teaching method.

7Expert Score
Reputation of Learn and Master
Having searched the internet for Learn and Master reviews, we have found mostly positive reviews from students with a few complaints about the old-school method. Learn and Master has a way of encouraging students to pursue their dreams. Although their courses are quite lengthy covering a wide range of topics, they don’t seem overwhelming since users can take it at their own pace. So it’s an overall exciting learning experience, bringing excellent outcomes. You can read more testimonials online from people with first-hand experience in Learn and Master.
  • Perfect for aspiring musicians
  • High-quality products.
  • Courses available in hard copy.
  • Somewhat old-school method of teaching.

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