Music Production Free Online Courses 2021

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Music production itself is a very expensive profession to get started with. While most people can start with a laptop and a mic, you also need other equipment if you want to be a professional.


To make your life easier, we’re going to share our top picks for music production online free courses. These courses are completely free, and will definitely provide immense value to those who are starting out!

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(Last Updated On: April 18, 2024)

Are you willing to learn music production but on a really tight budget? A lot of aspirants drop this idea the moment they see the price of music production courses at universities and colleges. In fact, even if you want to learn from professionals, you’ll need to pay quite a lot to do so.

Why Should You Take Music Production Courses Online Free?

A lot of you may be thinking that an online course may not be able to provide what a real-life instructor could. If that’s your thought, please go through this section, and you’ll learn how free online courses are just as effective as offline ones, if not more convenient. 

Learn With Your Own Schedule

The best thing about online courses is that they don’t require you to follow a strict schedule. A lot of people who want to learn music production are either students or have dedicated themselves to alternative jobs. It becomes very tough for such people to follow a strict schedule provided by instructors. However, online courses don’t come with any such schedule. You’ll be able to take the courses whenever it benefits you. Sure, you’ll need to follow certain deadlines, but they are very flexible and you shouldn’t find any problem maintaining them. 

Zero Time Wasted

There’s no physical class, which means that you won’t have to travel to someplace, nor will you have to wait for someone. There will be no time wasted because of your tutor or the commute. In the long run, these can get very frustrating. With online classes, you can avoid these problems, which is a huge benefit to learning.

Learn from the Best

The online courses are usually conducted by professionals who are considered industry leaders. From them, you’ll not only learn the basic technicalities of the art, but you’ll also learn how to stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is why we highly recommend going for free online music courses.

Spend Nothing

Think how much you would have to spend if you were to take classes from industry leaders in real life, that too at your convenience? It would have definitely had a price associated with it. However, in the case of online courses, you won’t have to pay a dime to learn what they have to offer. This is another major reason why most people resort to free online music production courses in their spare time. 

Music Production Courses Online Free

Coursera – Music Production Specialisation by Berklee

Berklee college of music is one of the most renowned music schools in the world. This school has produced one of the best musicians of all time. John Mayer, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, Steve Vai, Steven Tyler – all of these high-profile musicians are students of Berklee. 

What We Liked

This course from Berklee provides all sorts of knowledge that you’ll require to get started with music production. This course is designed not only to teach you about the technical factors of music production, but it’ll also teach you how you can grow as a music producer. They say the most important part of being a successful professional music producer is knowing how to set your vision, and this course teaches that perfectly. 

You’ll learn the usage of Pro Tools from this course. Pro Tools is one of the easiest to learn DAWs out there, and this is still considered an industry standard. Learning only Pro Tools won’t definitely cut it, but if you want to produce music, this is one of the DAWs that you need to know about. 

There will also be a 4-week capstone where you’ll need to complete a project. You’ll need to apply all that you’ve learned in the course to complete the project, and your peers will share their opinion on your project, along with your instructor. 

What We Didn’t Like

This course is completely free, but you’ll need to pay if you want to receive the certificate. Still, it’s one of the best music production courses online free. 

Noiselab‘s Free Courses

Noiselab is one of the best online platforms for learning music production for free. This platform is made specifically for learning music, and we highly recommend it for their free online music courses.

What We Liked

Noiselab is a comparatively new platform. However, that doesn’t mean that it lacks resources. In fact, Noiselab provides one of the best courses on Music production among the many platforms on the internet. Plus, it provides a quality user interface that you’ll be able to use easily. 

This platform offers courses on all sorts of topics. You’ll get courses on loops, MIDI, sounds, one-shots, instrument racks, and more. 

There are generalised courses that touch on many topics so that it’s easier for beginners to get started, as well as advanced producers to understand what they need to do further. There are also courses that discuss a specific topic for your better understanding.

For example, there’s this entire course on Sidechain. This course will teach you all about sidechains, like sidechain expansion, auto filter sidechain input, sidechain compression, and more. There are tons of other courses that are designed to teach you all about specific tools and concepts like this. 

The generalised courses are also amazing. If you’re a beginner, these courses will teach you the very basics that you’ll need for getting started. If you’re an advanced producer, these courses will help you understand how you can stand out from the rest of the producers in the industry. 

What We Didn’t Like

The only things we didn’t like about Noiselab are their limitation to EDM and techno music, and their usage of Ableton only. 

There are dozens of DAWs on the market, and using only Ableton may not cut it all the time. Every DAW has some limitations and some advantages, and it’s recommended to learn more than one if you want to make the best out of your skills. 

Plus, Noiselab teaches you mostly about how to create EDMs and other genres that depend heavily on electronic music. So, people who want to work with other genres may not find Noiselab interesting or even valuable. 

Alison’s Music Production Courses

Another online learning platform that lets you learn music production free is Alison’s Music production courses. Unlike Noiselab, this platform provides courses on all sorts of things related to music. 

What We Liked

This platform is literally heaven for those who are willing to learn music. You won’t only get courses that teach you how to produce music of a specific genre, but it’ll also provide courses on guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, violin, etc. 

Being a music producer doesn’t mean that you won’t have to learn an instrument. In fact, learning an instrument will take your understanding to the next level. This platform provides all of that. 

You can take courses that teach you music theory, musical form, piano improvisation, and more. The plethora of courses offered by this platform will help you grow yourself as a versatile music producer who isn’t limited to a specific genre. The versatility of this platform is one of the main reasons why we recommend you take the music production courses online free from here. 

What We Didn’t Like

The user interface of this platform shows some Ads, and we didn’t expect that from such a platform. The ads can be distracting at times, but you can avoid them as long as you’re concentrating on the course itself. 


Skillshare is one of the best online learning platforms out there. This platform not only provides courses on music production, but all other stuff such as illustrator, photoshop, and more. Skillshare usually costs you a meagre amount per month to access their courses. However, if you’re new to this platform, you can take their two-month free trial, which will let you access all of their courses. 

What We Liked

There are more than two thousand courses related to music on SkillShare. You’ll not only get courses on music production, but you’ll learn a lot about music theory, music composition, music marketing, mixing, and mastering. All of these will help you grow as a versatile music producer. 

Skillshare is very easy to navigate, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The courses are very interactive. You’ll need to submit class assignments as well as projects, and your work will be checked by the instructors. They will share their feedback to help you understand what you did well and what needs improvement. 

This is one thing where Skillshare does better than Coursera. Coursera lets you submit your projects, but they will mostly be verified by your peers. Needless to say, the peers aren’t professionals and they are learning just like you. So, their feedback may be flawed. In SkillShare, you’ll get feedback from the instructors themselves, which is a huge plus. 

What We Didn’t Like

Skillshare is one of the amazing platforms for learning anything. However, it’s sad that you won’t get to take their courses for free once the 2-month period is over. 

Syntorial (Learn Synthesis In A Video Game Format)

Syntorial is one of the most creative and innovative platforms for learning music production. Unlike the other platforms that follow the typical fashion for teaching, Syntorial teaches you music production through video games. 

What We Liked

Yes, you read that right. The creative fashion of teaching that you’ll find on Syntorial is extremely interactive. It just doesn’t show you how synths work, but it challenges you in different ways so you learn how to apply those effects, and when to apply which synth. This will help you in the long run, as you won’t only learn how to design sound, but how to get creative with sound designing. 

Syntorial also teaches you how each of the parameters affects the sound. With that, you’ll learn how to control the sound and make it sound exactly the way you want it to sound. 

Another amazing thing that we found on Syntorial is that it teaches you how to understand music by ear. Understanding notes and effects by ear is one of the most crucial things for becoming a sound designer, but sadly most platforms don’t teach you much about it. This is another amazing factor that makes Syntorial better than most other platforms out there. 

Another amazing thing about Syntorial is that it’s expanding constantly. You’ll find more than 199 core lessons on it already, but it’s providing more and more lessons regularly. If you want to learn more about synth, then we can’t recommend any better platform than Syntorial. 

What We Didn’t Like

Syntorial is the best platform for learning synths, but it’s not the best platform for learning music production. As you can see, this platform specializes in synths, but it doesn’t teach you much about music production. 

So, does that make it a bad platform? No. It’s not the perfect platform for learning music production, but it’s great for learning about synths, and you need some ideas about synths if you want to produce music. This is why we highly recommend going for this platform once you have some idea about music production. 

Our Final Words

These are the top music production courses online free that you can take right now. We highly recommend checking each of these courses out, as all of them offer something unique. All of them come with certain pros and cons, so it’s tough to name one best course among them. So, check out all of these free online music production courses before you make your choice!

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