Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy And Leadership

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Disney CEO Bob Iger teaches you the leadership skills and strategies he used to reimagine the future of one of the world’s most beloved brands.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Bob Iger’s Masterclass Course Worth it?

Welcome To Our Bob Iger’s Masterclass Course Review.

The masterclass is a San Francisco based E-learning platform where celebrities around the globe teach their craft, share their strategies, and experiences. Whether you are a painter or a business person, or are just eager to gain knowledge on specific topics, Masterclass courses are suitable for everyone.

Are you afraid to take that giant leap in your business? Afraid to take risks? Listen to Bob Iger’s Masterclass to learn how he played with Disney’s business strategies and made it a billion-dollar company. If you are about to start your own business, then Bob Iger’s Masterclass is worth it. Having spent a considerable time of his career in the media industry, Bob Iger has a rich experience in leading the media industry’s business strategies.

3 Things We Loved About The Bob Iger Masterclass Course:

  • Each video talks about crucial business areas such as leadership, risk management, planning strategies, and entrepreneurship.
  • Community-based learning platforms enable sharing information that eases the learning process.
  • Course notes that summarizes the whole Masterclass course and space for writing down learners’ ideas.

1 Thing We Would Improve:

  • No accreditation for taking the course

Bob Iger Masterclass Course Overview

During our Bob Iger’s Masterclass Course review, we found out that Bob Iger’s experience in this field has given him insights that are hard to find anywhere else. This Masterclass is 2 hours long, and the lessons are divided into 13 videos. Each video lesson takes less than 30 minutes. Bob precisely describes each topic, for which maintaining focus is easy.

Bob reveals his everyday routine and how he makes time to focus. He starts his day very early to get the best of it. Furthermore, he talks about focus, strategy, and priorities. Besides, he shares the acquisition of Disney with Pixar. He described the methods he used to convince Steve Jobs, who was then Pixar and Disney Board’s head.

From this module, you get a valuable lesson on efficient negotiation, which is – in every negotiation, each person should feel like a gainer. Only then can one call it a successful negotiation. Bob also shares some hacks of creating brand value. In this regard, he shared how Disney has maintained its core value while evolving to stay relevant in the media industry.

Bob shares how he followed his guts and took risks, even if they were against consumer data. He also shared his experience with how a mistake that turned out to be beneficial later. Moreover, he shares his dogmas for success. He encourages every business enthusiast to own mistakes as well as take risks. He also suggests being authentic, humble, and optimistic.

Bob Iger’s Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

Bob summarizes the vital things needed for crafting business strategies and leadership. He was very straightforward, which made each lesson precise. But if you are looking for a hands-on approach to business strategy and leadership, this would be great to watch out for but not the exact course you may be searching for. We hope our Bob Iger’s Masterclass Course Review helps you answer the question, “Is Bob Iger’s Masterclass Course Worth it?

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