Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion

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Learn tactics for achieving better outcomes in any interaction-at home or at work-and tools for framing your message, navigating cognitive biases, and pitching ideas, products, or yourself.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Daniel Pink Masterclass Course Worth It?

If you want to learn the art of persuasion, then this is one of the few courses that can truly add value to your knowledge. Know more in our Daniel Pink Masterclass course review.

We all a false conception of sales and persuasion. Persuasion isn’t some evil magic that we use to influence someone else for our benefit. In reality, the art of persuasion offers quite a different thing. So, is Daniel Pink Masterclass course worth it? Find out in our Daniel Pink Masterclass course review!

3 Things We Love About The Daniel Pink Masterclass Course

  • Lessons are well-developed and easy to understand
  • Helps to learn how to create meaningful connections
  • Scientifically proved techniques

1 Thing That We Would Improve

  • Might not be suitable for everyone

Daniel Pink Masterclass Course Overview

This masterclass course offers 16 videos in total, and they sum up to a total video length of 2 hours and 57 minutes. This brief course offers a unique perception that’ll surely help you throughout your life and your career.

In this course, you’ll learn some easy and simple tricks that’ll help you earn more revenue. For example, this course teaches you that repeating the same thing the customer has told you to increase the chances of getting a tip.

This Masterclass is conducted by Daniel Pink. Daniel is one of the most famous voices in this sector, and he has four books that have won NYT best selling awards.

The course starts with Daniel Pink introducing himself and the class itself. Once you’re acquainted with your instructor and your course syllabus, you’ll finally embark on a journey that’ll help you become a better salesperson.

The first thing that you’ll learn is one of the most fundamental things of sales, which is spotting sales trends, and changes in sales trends. The sales trends are changing faster than ever, and this is only going to rise. The fastest company to identify the shift will always benefit.

The course proceeds to talk about the more psychological aspects of sales and persuasion. You’ll learn how you can get in the minds of your customers or clients. You’ll also learn different techniques of personalizing the encounters with others.

This course also lets you in on some technical skills. For example, you’ll have to create a discussion map, and you’ll learn a lot through this.

Daniel Pink Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

No matter what your profession is, what you’re doing, you need the arts of sales and persuasion. We all are selling something in every phase of our lives. Even if you’re a student, you need to persuade your teachers for better scores, just as you need to persuade your peers for maintaining a healthy environment for yourself.

Just like that, we all are persuading something. This is why this course is important for you even if you aren’t a salesperson. In this course, you’ll learn a lot of things that’ll help you do better in your career, no matter what you do. This is why we’ll conclude our Daniel Pink Masterclass course review stating that this class is worth it for everyone.

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