Emily Morse Teaches Sex and Communication

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In her MasterClass, she helps you learn how to identify what you want, communicate your desires, and discover new sexual adventures. Pleasure is your birthright–it’s time to talk more about sex.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Emily Morse Masterclass Course Worth It?

This Masterclass will help you learn how you can identify and communicate what you want during your sexual activities. Know more in our Emily Morse Masterclass course review.

Sex without communication is no fun at all. Sadly, most people don’t realize this due to a lack of sex education and an abundance of shyness. Emily Morse took the mission of breaking this shackle, so sex is more pleasurable for all. Is Emily Morse Masterclass course worth it? Check out this Emily Morse Masterclass course review to find out!

3 Things We Love About The Emily Morse Masterclass Course

  • Focuses on the importance of communication regarding sex
  • Quite interesting and easygoing lessons
  • Lessons will make the viewer feel empowered rather than embarrassed even if some of the topics are considered as taboo

1 Thing That We Would Improve

  • Doesn’t focus on people’s sexual preferences

Emily Morse Masterclass Course Overview

This Masterclass is comprised of seven video lessons, and they sum up to a total video time of 1 hour and 53 minutes. In such a brief time, you’ll learn a lot about sexual activities, and we guarantee that you’ll learn things that you didn’t know before!

Emily Morse is a renowned sex educator, and she became famous for her enlightening podcast Sex with Emily. In this Masterclass, Emily Morse talks about one of the most crucial aspects that most people miss in sex, which is communication.

The course starts off with Emily informing you about the things you can expect to learn from this course. You’ll start getting the tips from the second lesson, and this one discusses how you can ask for what you want, and why you should learn how to do so. Honest communication is a must for healthy sex life, and the second lesson focuses completely on that.

Most of us are taught to look at sexual experiences in a certain way, and we tend to remain fixated on that for the entirety of our lives. Emily Morse tries breaking you out of that by offering you different perceptions about pleasure. She also provides insights on how you can have more intense orgasms by exploring your anatomy.

Sex is never safe if it’s done without consent. In the sixth lesson of this course, Emily discusses the importance of consent in practicing safe sex.

The very last lesson of this course offers you different tips and tricks that’ll help you refresh your sex life. It offers different suggestions on how you can experiment with your sex life. She also discusses the importance of toys, oral sex, kink, and anal play in this lesson.

Emily Morse Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

Masturbation is still a taboo in most cultures and societies. Emily provides useful tips on how mindful masturbation can actually help you heighten your sexual adventures. She also provides useful knowledge on how you can maintain a balance between your mind and your body to maintain your sexual desires.

So, is this course worth it? Yes, it definitely is. In our Emily Morse Masterclass course review, we highly recommend this Masterclass for everyone, as it busts some myths about sex that we still believe and offers a lot of information on how you can have a healthier sex life.

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