Sheila E. Teaches Drumming and Percussion

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Legendary drummer and percussion player Sheila E. teaches you the principles of percussion and techniques for dynamic drum solos and fills.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Sheila E. Masterclass Course Worth It?

If you want to learn drumming and percussion, then why not learn it from the very best? Know more in our Sheila E. Masterclass course review!

Who to teach you that better than Sheila E? Sheila was born in a family of musicians, and she has been keeping their honor high by collaborating with stars such as Marvin Gaye and Ringo Starr. Sheila is also titled as one of the all-time best drummers by Rolling Stone magazine. That brings us to the question, is Sheila E. Masterclass course worth it? Find out in our Sheila E. Masterclass course review!

3 Things We Love About The Sheila E. Masterclass Course

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Sheila E. discusses about her journey which would motivate the viewers
  • Amazing beginner-friendly lessons

1 Things That We Would Improve

  • Lessons could have been a bit more detailed

Sheila E. Masterclass Course Overview

Drums are percussion is the heart of music. There was a time when human beings didn’t have any musical instruments, but they used percussions only. In-band music, all the other instrumentalists and the vocalist depend solely on the drummer.

This makes drums and percussion the most important part of the music. If these aren’t done properly, the song won’t be perfect. This is why most people try to learn drumming and percussion from the very best instructors.

After a brief introduction of the instructor herself, you’ll start learning. Sheila will first inform you of what you can expect to learn from this class.

The first that you’ll learn from her is how to maintain rhythm. Rhythm is the foundation of drumming and percussion. Without any rhythm, there won’t be any

composition. In the very first lesson, Sheila E. will show you how you can create rhythm by moving, clapping, and using objects around you.

You’ll be introduced to the different instruments of a drum set. You’ll know about them in detail, and you’ll also know about singles, doubles, and paradiddles.

One thing most bandmates, other than the drummer, of course, suffer from is when the drummer forgets to restrain. Sheila will teach you when to stop yourself from showing off, and when to blow the brains out of everyone. A well-timed drum solo can take the song to a different height, but it must be done perfectly.

Sheila will teach you how to pull off a perfectly timed and well-composed drum solo. From this Masterclass course, you’ll learn how to compose and play amazing drum solos. Drum solos can help you express how you are as a drummer.

Sheila E. Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

Sheila E. will teach you some advanced and intermediate techniques that you’ll need to learn for playing different genres. You’ll also learn about timekeeping, how bass ties directly in with drums, and how you can drive a song higher with a little drum magic.

If you want to learn drumming and percussion, you won’t get another class as good as this one. This is one of the most unique and well-crafted drumming lessons that we’ve ever come across. This is why we highly recommend this in our Sheila E. Masterclass course review.

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