Spike Lee Teaches Filmmaking

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Academy Awardwinning filmmaker Spike Lee teaches his approach to directing, writing, and producing.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is the Spike Lee Masterclass Course Worth It?

Spike Lee is one of the most prominent filmmakers of all time, and he didn’t achieve that recognition for directing a film only. This person has been the visionary behind great hits like Malcolm X. On the other hand, he also drove a truck, fixed electrical problems of the set, served as a caterer, and scouted for finding the right locations.

So, before you even question “Is Spike Lee Masterclass Course worth it?”, let us tell you that it’s worth every penny that you might spend on it. In our Spike Lee Masterclass Course review, we shall find out exactly what makes this Masterclass course worth your money. So, let’s get started!

3 things we love about the Spike Lee Masterclass course:

  1. Well-articulated
  2. Offers great insights into how the filmmaking process works
  3. Takes a very practical approach

1 thing that we would improve:

  1. Should’ve included more case studies.

Spike Lee Masterclass Course Overview

When it comes to filmmaking, there’s no specific direction that you should follow. You can never claim that a specific working method can lead you to success. The best method can only be found out through trial and error, and you definitely need to invest a lot of time and effort to find that out. In this course, Spike will teach you how you can find that out in the most efficient matter.

The course starts off with a brief introduction to the instructor. Spike will take only four and a half minutes for explaining what you can learn from this course. After this, he’ll jump straight into the basics and technical stuff.

The first thing you’ll learn is how to write a script and story properly. You’ll learn several intermediates as well as advanced techniques that have led his legend to where he is now. With the help of techniques such as an index card, you’ll be able to write a better script. 

The next thing that’s discussed in this course is storytelling, which is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking. The next thing that you’ll learn is how cinema can be one of the best mediums for speaking the truth that you couldn’t otherwise. 

Another great thing you’ll learn from this course is how to create a realistic budget for your film, and how to make a good shooting schedule. Following these steps will help you extract the most from your budget. 

The case study of this course is great as it breaks down Malcolm X. In this course you’ll learn how Spike had to secure the funds for Malcolm X. You’ll also learn the importance of casting from the spike. 

One of the most interesting things that you’ll learn how to work with photographers. Overall, this is a great course. 

Spike Lee Masterclass Course — Final Thoughts

So, is Spike Lee Masterclass Course worth it? We can definitely say in our Spike Lee Masterclass Course review that it’s worth every penny that you’ll pay for it. If you’re willing to learn the practical and technical aspects of filmmaking, then this is the perfect course for you. 

Plus, we can confidently say that you won’t find any better courses online. We highly recommend this course for everyone aspiring to become a filmmaker.

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