Tony Hawk Teaches Skateboarding

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Tony teaches you beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks in street, park, and vert. Learn how to push yourself, get up when you fall, and find your own style. Start reaching new heights.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Tony Hawk Masterclass Course Worth It?

Tony Hawk is the undisputed legend of skateboarding, but is his masterclass any good? Find out in our Tony Hawk Masterclass course review!

When it comes to skateboarders, you can’t find anyone who doesn’t know Tony Hawk. This guy is worshipped by skateboarders, and he’s one of the very few people who have an entire videogame franchise to their names! Is Tony Hawk Masterclass course worth it? Find out in our Tony Hawk Masterclass course review!

3 Things We Loved About The Tony Hawk Masterclass Course

  • Opportunity to learn from Lizzie Armantor, Riley Hawk, and Tony Hawk
  • Amazing tricks that are progressive
  • Spectacular and high quality videos

1 Thing That We Would Improve

  • Doesn’t provide much information on safety

Tony Hawk Masterclass Course Overview

Tony Hawk became a professional at the age of only 14, and he landed the first 900 at the X games. Now, this legend will conduct a masterclass where you’ll learn some of the most important things about skateboarding.

This 1 hour 45-minute course will start with you learning more about your instructor Tony Hawk. He has teamed up with Lizzie Armanto and Riley Hawk, both of whom are professional skateboarders, to give you the best learning experience yet.

You’ll start with the very fundamentals. Even if you’ve never stepped on a skateboard, you’ll learn how to do so! You’ll learn the fundamentals, the basic techniques, and skills that you need for starting. Some of the tricks that you’ll learn are stopping, turning, and pushing.

One of the most important tricks of skateboarding is Ollie. It’s essential to learn the Ollie if you want to learn some intermediate and advanced techniques of skateboarding. Tony Hawk will teach you how you can learn, perform, and perfect Ollie. This is a tricky one to learn, but this masterclass makes it a lot easier.

One of the most enjoyable and inspiring things that you’ll get from this is Tony’s life. He will share with you his story of becoming a skateboarding star from being a bullied classmate.

You’ll also learn some street-based skateboarding techniques such as the backside pop shove and the frontside Ollie 180. You’ll also learn some intermediate and advanced street techniques. These techniques will be broken down and explained to the fullest so that anyone can understand them easily.

You’ll also learn basic park techniques in this course. Basic techniques like Carving and dropping in can be learned from these lessons. You’ll learn some advanced and intermediate park techniques from Lizzie Armanto too.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

Tony Hawks is one of those people who lost everything that he had built at the peak of his success. However, Tony was successful in rebuilding everything he had. He shares his story of how he managed to pull that off. While writing our Tony Hawk Masterclass course review, we found that this course is designed and perfect for everyone who wants to win in life through skateboarding.

If you want to learn skateboarding, then this course is worth it. It offers a lot of insights into techniques, how to proceed in a career, and a bucket full of inspiration. If you’re into skateboarding, we highly recommend this.

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