Dukascopy Review 2021

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Dukascopy is a multi-asset broker and global online financial exchange market that was created in 1998. After more than two decades, Dukascopy has expanded to include social trading and binary options dealing for regular clients. Dukascopy is a worldwide broker with headquarters in Switzerland. Having a trustworthy and qualified Dukascopy broker review is critical to your online payment success.


As a result, in this Dukascopy review, we’ll examine how well the Dukascopy platform performs as a global various financial commodity trading platform of investors in 2021, and even provide Dukascopy binary options review and other aspects.

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(Last Updated On: October 11, 2021)

Top Takeaways

Dukascopy is a registered bank with licenses in two tier-1 locations, making itself a low-risk brokerage for forex trading and CFDs.

The JForex 3 platform package from Dukascopy is packed with features, including one with a wide range of graphing tools and electronic trading options. For 2020, we recommend Dukascopy’s JForex Trader application for mobile. In conclusion, Dukascopy stays up alongside CMC Markets, IG, eToro, AvaTrade, Pepperstone, and Saxo Bank’s leading platforms. To explore the alternatives you may go forward to check the eToro ReviewIG ReviewAvaTrade Review, and the Pepperstone Review.

Commissions and Charges, Platforms and Facilities, Research, Mobile Trade, Cryptocurrency Trade, and Overall are all Best in Class for Dukascopy.

Offering Investments With Dukascopy

Dukascopy provides 653 icons to trade throughout many markets, including 60 forex pairs with 593 CFDs regarding forex and CFD traders. Dukascopy also provides cryptocurrency trading via CFDs on major crypto assets as well as the real underlying (non-CFD) for its own launched coins.

Dukascopy Bank

As of Jun 30, 2019, Dukascopy Bank’s assets were more than 148 million Francs (CHF). Dealers of the Dukascopy broker’s Switzerland business are also covered by the regulatory indemnity fund esisuisse for 100,000 CHF in the protection of insurance.


Dukascopy provides CFDs on both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it recently launched its cryptocurrency, Dukascoin (DUK+), to further integrate blockchain technology.

Commissions and Fees With Dukascopy

Dukascopy is near the highest level of forex brokers which support automated and active trading systems in terms of market fees.

Tiers of accounts: Underneath the Forex ECN profile, Dukascopy offers only one existing account for FX dealing, with the execution mechanism varying between agencies and the dealing desk. While all clients with an ECN account have identical spreads, the additional commission rates users pay will vary based on their trading volume, balances, and net inflows.

Traders can establish an ECN profile with Dukascopy Europe or Dukascopy Bank, both of which are based in Switzerland. Apart from regulatory jurisdiction and corresponding investor compensation restrictions, the key difference between these businesses is the EU entity’s minimum is substantially lower, at only $100. The Swiss entity, on the other hand, requires $5,000 – and unless you’re a Swiss citizen, in which instance the threshold is $1,000.

Platform and Tools

Overall, Dukascopy clearly understands trading technologies and offers traders the tools they require to thrive. JForex 3, Dukascopy’s flagship system, is a desktop plus web-based framework that works on both Windows and Mac computers. Although some forex dealers prefer MetaTrader 4 over a bespoke platform developed in-house, JForex 3 is a standout performer in 2020, earning Best in Class.

The JForex 3 desktop has a lot of trading features and is very simple to use. It also has 24 drawing mechanisms, 291 technical markers (67 for the web kind), and the capacity to utilize custom indicators, making it ideal for technical traders. Aside from the benefits, it’s worth mentioning that panning in and out of graphics on the desktop version was not as smooth as it was on the other technologies they tried.

JForex 3 is a strong competitor to MetaTrader because it offers algorithmic trading and custom indicators. Users can also employ cloud storage plus VPN services that run their trading platforms around the clock. Traders could also use the JForex 3 software suite with Dukascopy’s android market, which contains hundreds of applications.

In addition to the industry-standard close-all option, Dukascopy goes a step farther than most brokers by including a ‘cancel all’ feature. This function is useful for swiftly cancelling all orders which are only accessible via API. It is often utilized by high-frequency dealers.

Is Dukascopy Worth Your Time and Money?

Dr. Andre Duka, a mathematician, launched Dukascopy Trading Technologies Corp in 1998, which resulted in the creation of the Dukascopy trading system in 1999. Dr. Duka launched Dukascopy, a Swiss brokerage business in Geneva, with his partner Veronika Makarova in 2004.

Dukascopy obtained a Swiss banking license around 2010 and created Dukascopy Bank, following the formation of the Swiss FX Marketplace back in 2006.

On its exclusive JForex platform suite, the Dukascopy group employs approximately 260 people and provides forex and CFD traders with competitive pricing with access to 60 currency pairs plus 593 CFD markets.

Mobile Trading

Overall, the JForex Trader application from Dukascopy is the leader in the market, driving Dukascopy back up to the top of the mobile trading podium in 2020. Several premium features in the software shone out during testing on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Edge, including embedded market signals and formations, as well as a pivot point instrument.

Charting: JForex Trader’s charting is powerful, with various adjustable parameters and alerts that can be added quickly from the same panel. Charting worked smoothly and has a lot of features, including a list of 46 technical indicators, which is more than the market average for mobile trade.

Advanced features: When placing a trade, the program also has level-two quotations and numerous associated order types, such as conditional and bid-offer requests. Moreover, strategies can be chosen from a library within the phone application that includes Dukascopy community-created strategies.

Research: The JForex Trader app offers a comprehensive set of research tools, including many pre-defined screens and a clear, customizable picture of marker movers that can be adjusted over four various periods, from hourly until monthly. A pattern-recognition program for trading concepts is also available, neatly categorised among the other study areas.

Customer Service

To test out the customer service provided by Dukascopy, tests were conducted over a variety of participants over six weeks. Upon the findings of the test, it was concluded in ratings to describe how Dukascopy had been providing service to the customers. The average time to connect to Dukascopy was revealed to be less than 2 minutes, while the mean score of a net promoter remained at 4.9/10. While the average score for professionalism was rated at 4.9/10, it was ranked 18th among the brokerage platforms.

Dukascopy – In A Nutshell

Dukascopy Bank is a fantastic choice for experienced traders since the Dukascopy broker provides unique tools, research, and affordable rates. Customer support is lacking, and the number of markets involved in trading is limited. Nonetheless, in 2020, Dukascopy is Best in Class in six categories: Platform and Tools, Commissions and Fees, Crypto Trading, Mobile Trade, and Overall.

With all variables being taken into account in the 2020 Dukascopy review, Dukascopy came in fourth place overall (off from 30 brokers), cementing its position as one of the industry’s highest-rated forex brokers.

Take Your Time

To trade efficiently with Dukascopy, you must first gain a deep understanding of the trading platforms and marketplaces. Make proper use of all educational resources available to you and this Dukascopy broker review. This contains both Dukascopy and external education tools. Dukascopy has a wide range of instructional materials. Take your time and become familiar with how the stock markets operate. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your trading platform. Conduct buy and sell transactions, know how to handle the advantage of worldwide trading hours, and crucially, understand how to manage and mitigate risk in your investments. Using an intellectual approach to trade with Dukascopy could be beneficial.

Take a peek all around Dukascopy tools and practice thinking about trades more methodically and analytically. For many, this is a new set of skills, but that’s what the market demands.

Is Dukascopy Legit?

Traders’ deposits into Dukascopy accounts are maintained in a separate bank account. Dukascopy uses tier-1 banks for extra protection. The official gauge of a company’s financial strength and stability is its Tier 1 rating. In terms of client capitalization, a Tier 1 bank is the safest and therefore most secure. Tier 1 is a word that describes a bank’s financial power. Tier 1 banks have significant core capital reserves and thus are preferred by financial regulators since they can absorb an unexpected monetary loss.

Any money you place in Dukascopy is safe, since it is held in a bank that has sufficient capital to meet your withdrawal requests. This is even if Dukascopy runs out of money for whatever reason. As a result, we can confidently state that Dukascopy is safe and secure. Please keep in mind that trading in capital assets might result in a loss of capital. Accounts can take a loss if not enough effort is put into analyzing the markets, if the trader lacks experience, or if the trader fails to use the tools given by the brokerage system. Trading Binary Options, Social Trading, and losing money quickly while exchanging financial investments are not unusual.

Only incur the risk of investing if you realise that market volatility might put your invested funds at risk at any moment. Furthermore, Dukascopy’s platform clearly states that losses can outweigh deposits. When dealing with Dukascopy, consider developing two accounts. The first is a genuine account with actual money, and the second is a practice account. The demo account is for testing purposes only.

Regulations Regarding Dukascopy

The administrative authority and regulatory status of a broker, such as Dukascopy, are highly significant factors to consider when selecting a broker. Brokers who trade without the oversight of a regulating organisation are doing so at their own risk. Any money you put up is at risk.

Dukascopy is a Swiss company that was founded in 1998 and has been in existence for 23 years. As a result, Dukascopy is governed. This means that the Financial Services Authority (FSA), and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulate Dukascopy and are responsible for its actions.

Overall, trustworthy organisations monitor and manage Dukascopy. If you have a problem with Dukascopy, the law affords you certain options. Traders are protected by regulatory authorities through reimbursement systems that return the client’s investment if the broker goes bankrupt. For license approval, brokerage firms must adhere to several norms and criteria set forth by a recognized official body to guarantee secure trading and remain licensed. The goal of regulation is to safeguard Dukascopy traders and create a secure trading environment. The importance of financial regulation and licensing approval cannot be overstated.

6.5Expert Score
Is Dukascopy Worth It? - Our Summary
With a Trust Rating of 90 out of 99, Dukascopy is deemed low-risk. Dukascopy isn’t a publicly-traded company, although it does manage a bank and is regulated by two tier-1 (excellent trust) regulators, null tier-2 (medium trust), and null tier-3 regulatory agencies (low trust). The following tier-1 agencies have given Dukascopy binary options review and the platform as a whole, its approval: the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and the Japanese Financial Services Authority (JFSA). Well, compared to the benefits provided in the Dukascopy review, the drawbacks are very few. However, you should remember that no brokerage platform would give you a full proof guarantee. In other words, Dukascopy gives you more bounce for the ounce, if you keep the risks in mind.
  • Over 10,000 users
  • Welcoming customer service
  • Fully licenced & regulated
  • High minimum deposit required

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