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Writing is an essential skill that is crucial in every stage in life from school to job. Writing is a form of expression that demonstrates our thinking and communicating skills. You will find different types of writing courses based on various situations. There is creative writing, copywriting, article writing, and writing for blogs. 


As well as that, for business writing such as emails, reports, memos, and proposals, there are plenty of online writing classes to gain this skill. In this article, we are going to be talking about the best online writing course providers and their top writing courses.

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2021)

Why You Need Writing Courses 

The importance of being good at writing has been prevalent since the very beginning. As mentioned above, writing courses will allow you to showcase your thinking and communication skills. By mastering your writing skills, you are improving your expression. If you need more to convince you about the importance of writing courses online, then let us take a look at the reasons why you should get started.

Helps Improve Thinking and Communication Skills

There is a reason why we keep on bringing up thinking and communication skills. Writing down things provides more clarity to your thoughts. Not only are you able to think through your problems, but solve them as well! Plus, writing is an effective method of communication. It allows you to connect with all kinds of people. Writing courses teach you how to communicate with people in a comprehensive manner. So, what you are trying to say is much more likely to be understood with a good knowledge from writing courses.

Teaches Correct Rules and Formats

Being good at writing itself is not enough – certain rules need to be followed to make your writing comprehensive. Using the correct format and grammar helps maintain professionalism. This is extremely important in business writing. The correct language and format need to be followed in formal writing. Online writing classes are designed in such a way that the proper use of rules and formats will be taught efficiently.

Crucial Job Skill

Almost all kinds of jobs require their workers to have writing skills. In these situations, communication through writing needs to be clear and legible to others. There are different types of online writing courses that teach you how to appeal to your target crowd. For example, if you are a blogger, taking online writing classes for bloggers will allow you to learn how to attract the interest of people. Your audience’s point of view is taken into consideration. Similarly, being able to make a solid report for your business clients is important for the company.

Better Career Prospects

Writing itself is a legitimate career. There are content writers, copywriters, authors, freelancers, bloggers, and more. After all, who do you think is writing this? Taking online writing courses will guide you towards creating a career in this field. You will also have the opportunity to earn money and create a good reputation for yourself! It might seem intimidating at first, but over time, with perseverance and determination, you can turn writing into a fruitful career option. Also, many courses come with proper certification. Adding the qualification to your resume will make it stronger and give you a competitive edge in employment.

Acts as a Form of Entertainment

This is more applicable to creative writing. Being able to unleash your creative side through your writing acts as entertainment for you and your readers. You are able to do both with others by being able to accurately jot down your thoughts and expressions. Are you someone who enjoys storytelling? There are writing courses online that cater to just that! Fiction writing and creative writing courses teach students the best way to take their stories to the next level.

Benefits Your Mental Health

In today’s time, almost everyone suffers from mental health problems. As such, writing is a great way to pen down all your worries on paper. Online writing courses will show you ways to better express yourself. This is a helpful tool that will provide solace to your active mind. On top of that, writing requires both sides of your brain to be active. This is more evident while writing creative pieces. Your whole brain gets the exercise it deserves.

Why Study Online Writing Courses?

There are quite a few topics that writing courses cover. Each topic is beneficial for different purposes. Having said that, many might wonder whether taking writing courses online is worth it or not. The answer is yes! You get to improve your writing and take it to the next level. The best thing about writing courses is that there are no restrictions. You could use the lessons taught in the courses for school, work, or simply because you are interested in writing.

The effectiveness of online writing courses might be questioned. The biggest advantage of learning online is that it is extremely flexible. You can learn at your convenience, without any time constraints. On top of that, the wide variety of options increases your chances of finding a course that matches your interests and requirements. Online learning is affordable, detailed, and accessible from anywhere, anytime. If you are still not convinced, here are some more details on why you should study an online writing course.

Tailor Your Needs at Your Own Pace

As mentioned above, writing courses online are convenient and flexible. This means that you can learn at your own pace. Most course-providing platforms will mention an estimated time frame required to finish the course. This allows you to allocate time from your schedule towards the course. The lessons range from a couple of minutes to hours. As you are choosing a course at your convenience, there is no pressure!

Plus, you can access the course from anywhere in the world at any time. Being online, there is no need to set time aside to attend physical classes. You could be on the road, or in your home and learn. It doesn’t get easier than this! Moreover, you will be able to save money. There is no need to buy books and other resources. A lot of the time, study material comes free with the course. In general, the fee of a course is relatively cheaper and there are several discount and coupon codes available on the internet. There are even platforms that have a subscription plan which gives you access to multiple courses at the same time.

Get a Certified Qualification from the Best Writing Course Online

There is a reason why online courses are so popular. Upon the completion of an online writing course, the platform will award you a certificate. It is legitimate. As such, the certificate can be added to your resume to act as proof of your knowledge. If it is an accredited course, then it will also help you gain credits at your college or university. But, how do we know whether the certificate will be recognized and accepted? 

There are many speculations regarding the legitimacy of these courses. That is why it is important to check the reputation of the course-providing platform before registering for a course. Look at the reviews of the course content and instructor online – a good course will ensure that the student has complete and thorough knowledge about the topic after completion.

The Best Courses for Writing Online

Being a popular subject in demand, you can find many writing courses online. To make things easier for you, we have listed down the best online writing courses from reputed sources. Before you choose a course to study, make sure it meets your learning requirements.

Udemy Writing Courses with Certificate

Udemy is a popular course-providing platform that offers a large selection of online writing courses. There are courses covering topics like business writing, copywriting, creative writing, content writing, writing editing, IELTS, and much more. The courses are taught by experts in the field. Upon the completion of the course, you will be getting a certification that can be added to your resume.

Best Course: Writing Fiction: Mastering the Basics

This is a highly rated course with 5 stars on the site. As the name suggests, this course will teach students the basics of fiction writing. Other than covering the basics, you will learn some tricks to take your story to the next level.

EdX Writing Courses with Certificate

EdX is another brilliant platform that offers some excellent writing courses online. These are free courses provided by world-class universities covering a wide variety of topics. This includes personal essays, fiction writing, scriptwriting, novel writing, and more. Although the courses are free, you may need to pay a sum to get a verified certificate.

Best Course: How to Write an Essay

This is a beginner-level course designed to introduce people to academic writing. Offered by UC Berkeley, by the end of this 5-week long course, you will be able to write essays with correct grammar. Along with course materials, an optional workbook is also provided to ensure effective learning.

Coursera Writing Courses with Certificate

Like Udemy, Coursera is one of the top online course providers. The courses are offered by well-reputed universities. The course instructors are usually professors of that department. So, you know you will be taught by the very best!

Best Course: Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation Specialisation

Are you looking for a writing course to improve your business language? Then this is the perfect course for you. This course is offered by the University of Colorado Boulder. You will learn about effective communication in a work environment. This will involve working on business writing, presentation specialization, and graphic designing. And on top of that, you can use the final Capstone Project and add it to your work portfolio to make it stronger.

FutureLearn Writing Courses with Certificate

Futurelearn is a legit online course providing platform that offers courses to improve skills. Their writing courses are short and can be completed within weeks. Plus, you get to earn a certificate of achievement at the end of the course.

Best Course: An Introduction to Screenwriting

If you are interested in screenwriting, this introductory course is an ideal choice. It covers all the important concepts and principles related to screenwriting. This is a short course that will take an estimated 2 weeks to complete.

The Best Support Course for Online Writing

Writing is a broad topic. Support courses help writers to improve their writing and give a complete idea about the topic.

Udemy Writing Support Courses

Udemy offers a course called Productivity Hacks for Writers (Writing Mastery). This course is useful for all kinds of writers to stay focused and motivated. Tricks and techniques are taught to increase productivity.

FutureLearn Writing Support Courses

Are you confused about how to start your story? FutureLearn has the perfect course to help you with that. Their course ‘Start Writing Fiction’ focuses on each individual aspect you should work on. This includes creating the characters, their stories and how to present them, and more. Plus, there are writing practices, and peer reviews to help improve and get constructive criticism from fellow writers.

Best Support Course: Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialisation

The best writing support course is available on Coursera. It is offered by the University of Michigan. As writing is a form of expression, being able to use the right words is important. Not only that but knowing how to edit your writing to make it more effective is also needed. This support course is handy for all kinds of writers.

Online Writing Courses Conclusion

Knowing the ins and outs of writing is always beneficial. It will come in handy at many stages of life. The benefits of taking a writing course to improve yourself outweigh the drawbacks. Plus, being online, you can complete the course without any pressure. So don’t wait any longer and sign up to a range of online writing courses today!

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