Verbling Rating and Review 2021

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Searching for a place to learn a language online before your travels? Wishing to learn something new rather than sitting idle at home? Verbling has got you covered. The multiple language courses provided by the platform shall not only help you in your endeavours but assist you in expanding your knowledge regarding languages.


This review discusses all the characteristics of the platform in detail and rates them accordingly. To know more about Verbling, keep reading!

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2021)

Our Verbling Review

Even though Verbling is a comparatively new platform, it gained the popularity of the masses within a few years following its release. Why so? Well, the various and unique features attracted most people who’re enthusiastic about learning different languages. In addition to that, the ease of studying through Verbling added to the already existing benefits.

Established in 2011, Verbling is a fairly new platform that enables users to learn any language of their preference, in a sophisticated and scheduled manner. The American company has its headquarters in San Francisco if you ever wish to visit their premises. According to the financial reports, Verbling receives funding regularly from its investors and has a consistent revenue generation ongoing through the platform. As a result, the expansion of Verbling has been adequate for the last couple of years. Moreover, it is quite easy to point out the faces behind Verbling, making the company even more legit; there are no worries about spending money on a site where almost every detail is disclosed to the public.

With over 500,000 followers on their social media handles, Verbling plans on reaching learners worldwide to establish their visions and goals. While the language-learning practice is not entirely new, Verbling aims to provide a smooth experience to anybody wishing to learn a new language and encourage others to be drawn towards fluency in foreign languages as well. The motto has driven forward quite a lot of people into using Verbling, and the social media presence further expands their already growing platform.

With multiple reviews ongoing about Verbling, most of the critics have concluded it to be a safe and authentic platform with improving the quality of lessons. Since the beginning of Verbling, the teachers’ quality has been a major sign of improvement on the platform, ensuring the students can never file the same complaint twice. Most online blogs about learning a language by heart and experiencing new cultures have featured Verbling as the platform to opt for. Furthermore, the social media presence of Verbling has led to the social butterflies and influencers know more about the overall services provided by the platform.

A Brief Introduction

While there are multiple terms of use regarding a student’s presence at Verbling, there have been a few complaints regarding the platform. While all the complaints have been addressed and rectified by the owners, Verbling still has a feedback option for students and teachers alike. Let’s say, none of the details from your experience with Verbling shall go unnoticed.

The response and attendance rate of the students and teachers are monitored by the supervisors at Verbling, ensuring that no mishaps occur while you’re trying to learn a new language. Moreover, you can sit for lessons with your teacher personally through video conferencing; it not only helps you communicate more with your tutor but gives you the confidence of speaking fluently in that language you’re trying to pursue.

While Verbling has a lot of competition in the market due to language-learning platforms being in the spotlight, for now, the platform still offers you several unique features that set it apart from the rest. For instance, the supervisory body of Verbling is better than all the other platforms combined as they keep track of your every move, and the teachers as well.

This feature makes the platform less vulnerable to any fraudulent activity that might be going on. In addition to this feature, the complaint box is always open for feedback from students, that never goes unnoticed. To top it all off, Verbling provides you with genuine documentation and addresses for you to find them in case of any difficulties- ensuring there is no shady business involved.

In addition to all the introductory points mentioned above, it is vital to go through the teachers’ database and pricing policies before you hop on to your first language lesson. While the platform is maintained by expert individuals who are always one text away from solving your problems, paying more for a lesson of low quality should be avoided anyhow. Thus, it’s wise to do your research on the platform beforehand and for that, what better place than to read further of this in-depth review?

Verbling: How Expensive is Verbling in 2021?

Before enrolling in a course, it’s vital to see if the course fee complies with your personal budget. In Verbling, the teachers are to be paid on a per session basis, where the price or fee depends on the qualification of the person teaching you. If the teacher is an expert individual in the target language, they will most likely charge more compared to the tutors with entry-level qualifications in the language.

Several forms of payment can be made for the sessions, including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and bitcoins even! Moreover, the payments can be made at the end of the whole session as well, which needs to be communicated with the teacher you’re assigned under. However, Verbling charges an interest rate of 1.5% per month in case of outstanding payments. If you forgot to pay for the lessons you attended, paying the fee as soon as possible would be a good idea as your outstanding balance would keep on multiplying through the delayed number of months.

Aside from the easy payment procedure, Verbling offers refunds in the form of credits as well. This means, if you are not satisfied with a lesson and can display genuine proof for that regard, Verbling shall gift or refund you extra credits which may be used for other lessons. Furthermore, there are multiple discounts available on the platform for bulk lessons or promotional discounts.

These vary from teacher to teacher, and how you can communicate with the teacher about the bulk classes. With that being said, it’s vital to remember that most teachers are fluent and expert in two or more languages, which means it is very possible to take different lessons under one individual.

Verbling – The Learning Process in the Platform

The overall learning process might be a topic of confusion for those who never enrolled in a language-learning platform before. However, with simple steps and basic knowledge, your experience at Verbling shall go smoothly- just how you wish your pronunciation to be.

Verbling is more like a marketplace that assists you in meeting teachers and other learners for fluency in foreign languages. With the technical support and organized database structure from Verbling, the teachers and students both are enlightened to a clean and disciplined learning outline. The platform is comparatively easier to navigate than other platforms with similar technology, making it user-friendly and particularly ideal for people with less knowledge about modern technology. To start, the following steps shall guide you through:

  1. Begin browsing by clicking on the ‘Find a Teacher’ tab, which shall take you a step closer to finding the perfect teacher for yourself. Remember to pick the teacher according to your requirements of language and qualifications.
  2. The tab will lead you to the teacher’s database with information about the languages that they teach, their available schedules, the price they charge, and general information about their gender, location, and skill sets. This tab helps you decide which teacher to settle for if you wish to be an expert in the foreign language that is targeted, you require an expert or a native in that field. On the other hand, if you’re looking for basic lessons for your week-long vacation, a simple tutor at Verbling shall suffice your necessities. So, choose wisely!
  3. Go through the teacher’s profile that you have selected, and browse the video introduction that they have provided. Verbling requires all teachers to provide a video introducing themselves in the languages that they are fluent in. Use the video to judge the individual’s communication skills and fluency, and if you’ll be able to learn from that teacher through the lessons.
  4. Once you have finalised a tutor, text them and fix a date for the video conferencing. Make sure the schedules are planned according to your and the teacher’s timetables, to avoid any absences or last-minute rescheduling by either of you.
  5. Last but not the least, Verbling offers a free trial with the teacher through a 30-minute lesson before starting the overall course. Use this free trial to your advantage and settle for the best teacher according to your requirements!

Verbling Learning Process

While the learning process at Verbling is quite easy, there are multiple filters regarding the teachers that you may use for filtering out the teachers even more. These statistics are available in the teachers’ profiles at Verbling and can be used to your advantage.

Email Response Rate

This rate displays how fast the tutor replies to your emails outside of class time. The higher the rate, the better it is for your learning process. In other words, a high response rate indicates that the teacher is most likely to be available whenever you’re stuck or confused between words.

Attendance Rate

This criterion is essential as it helps you decipher if the tutor attends all classes or not. You do not wish to settle for a teacher who bails out at the last minute, leaving you and your schedule messed up. Thus, the attendance rate is crucial, especially if you’re taking the lessons amidst a jam-packed schedule.

Average Lessons Taken by Each Student

This feature tells you if the students have come back for more lessons under that tutor, or if they have left after a couple of sessions. If the students are coming back, it means the teacher is versatile in multiple languages and has good teaching ability. However, if the number is on the lower end, leave that teacher’s profile immediately as it is a waste of time and effort to be there.

Apart from the aforementioned points and a huge variety of languages, Verbling has more to offer to you as a language learner. First, the platform consists of a teachers’ database with more than 6000 tutors available to guide you through the journey of learning a new language; all these teachers have their listed qualifications on their profiles to help you seek the perfect one.

Second, the language lessons are available on both iOS and Android applications, making it ever so easy for you to learn a new language anywhere in the world. Bored at a restaurant or a bus? Time for some Hola or some Annyeonghaseyo – whichever you prefer!

Last but not least, the platform offers you a community feature – including people who are learning along with you. The community feature helps you interact with others to track your progress, and makes the overall experience more fun with the help of discussion and participatory sessions.

8.5Expert Score
Reputation - Our Final Thoughts
While other platforms are available with more variety of languages being offered, the students of Verbling choose it over any other. Verbling has more filters and features available that help you to pick your required lesson plan and tutor, without the hassle of going through all the names in the database. Moreover, the pricing policy at Verbling is quite easy and cheap to cope with, which is a particular favourite of the students at Verbling.
  • Large pool of available tutors
  • Wide variety of language courses
  • Simple & cheap pricing process
  • Flexible time schedules
  • Some courses have limited content
  • Browsing through database can be tedious

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