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When it comes to online education sources, few come more specialised than Rype. This website exclusively focuses on languages, and how you can learn them as quickly and pain-free as possible. This Rype review will cover all the basics, prices, course range and validity of this online education conduit, hopefully helping you decide whether or not this is the programme for you.

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(Last Updated On: October 26, 2021)

Introduction – What Is Rype?

Rype have been founded within the last five years, and exclusively offer online learning courses on alternative languages. Their goal is to help middle management and travelling workers to adapt and overcome the language barrier, which very often, can cause working in a foreign country extremely difficult.

As all of their courses attempt to achieve the same goal – your fluency in another language – all of the prices for the courses are the same. You’re looking at something like $15 per hour, with four hours of tutelage costing $59.99, six hours $84.99 (best value), and 10 hours costing $159.99.

Now it all probably seems like a lot, but when it’s broken down, we reckon it’s about the same price as a good tutor would cost, and it’s all from the comfort of your own home. The possibilities are endless, or almost endless anyway; the number of languages they cover is immense, some of which include: Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Italian and English. There are no corporate courses on Rype, as it’s all about the linguistic programmes.

How Expensive is Rype in 2021?

Anyone who’s browsed the internet in search of online education will tell you that it doesn’t come cheap in this day and age. The value of acquiring new skill sets cannot be understated, as the modern day dictates we evolve, adapt and overcome any professional challenges we might face. This Rype review has to highlight the fact that we don’t think many people will look at Rype’s prices as “cheap”.

This is perfectly acceptable, as $15 an hour for anything could be considered expensive if you were that way inclined. For the price of learning a language though to fluent levels, we don’t think it’s that bad. Nay, we think that’s a good price for the ability to speak a different language. Obviously, your success with the language will depend entirely on how much time and money you put into your studies, but from a neutral standpoint, that looks like a good price to us.

And that’s before we’ve even compared it to the rest of the market. Nowadays, quick solutions to difficult problems are like a gold mine, and online education programmes are at the heart of all this. The very best online education can cost corporations thousands for hours of tutelage, so when compared to that landscape, these prices don’t really seem all that ridiculous, especially not for the luxury of being bilingual.

Our Rype review scores them highly when it comes to pricing, as we just think many people will put great value on the ability to learn a foreign language and, when all’s said and done, $15 per hour isn’t that great a price at all.

Does Rype Offer Free Courses?

Rype doesn’t actually offer any free full courses, something that will disappoint readers of this Rype review, but they do offer a trial period. For seven days you can try out the linguistic learning services of Rype, which is plenty of time to get a handle on whether or not you’re willing to go the whole hog.

In fact, one of the best points in the whole of this Rype review, is that you can pay for your course time hour by hour, meaning you can stop learning whenever you feel like you’ve learned enough. You’re completely in control of the pace of your own learning, which is something we value very highly when it comes to difficult skills like language acquisition.

To see more free courses, see our Free Courses guide here.

Available Courses With Rype

It wouldn’t be a very good Rype review if we didn’t dive into some of the fantastic offerings they have over there, in terms of their language education. The format of each of the courses is essentially the same: the seminars come in the form of one-on-one video chats with your tutors, who will impart their wisdom at your pace.

Although just recently established, Rype has a great variety of languages that you can learn, with a roster of impressive experts and native speakers ready to give you a hand. Here’s a list of the various different languages you can start learning with Rype, and a little bit of information about the course itself.


One of the most popular and widespread languages in the world, you’d definitely be playing it smart if this was the language you chose to learn. This Rype review notes that there are almost as many Spanish tutors listed on their website as there are tutors for any other language, so you’ll definitely be fitted in should Spanish be your thing.


Of course, this is notoriously one of the most difficult languages to learn and is only really applicable in China, but Mandarin is one of the most ancient and authentic languages in history and well worth your time, if you’re up to the challenge. We can’t leave this Rype review without mentioning that if you do want to learn Mandarin, there will be significantly less tutors than for more popular languages, and so you may be at the mercy of their timetable, but you’ll struggle to find another place that can teach you Mandarin as well as Rype.


Nearly everyone visits France at least once in their life (at least that’s the way we see it), and if you haven’t been, the entire country seems like a massive maze of country roads and vintage farmhouses. If you have been, you’ll know all too well the pain of trying to ask a French person for directions. Avoid the hassle, learn French with Rype.


Again, Arabic is a notoriously difficult language to acquire, so if you have even the smallest urge to dive into it, we recommend thinking about it, as it’s going to be a long journey. However, if you decided to go for it, one of the very best places to learn is on Rype. They have a catalogue of talented and native Arabic speakers, meaning that when you’re learning with Rype, you’re being taught by people who have been speaking Arabic their entire lives, which is about as much as you can ask for.


The spiritual capital of the orient, many people aspire to one day travel to this historical haven. Japan is a cultural hotbed and a unique experience, with the marvel of the technological cities being eclipsed only by the rural landscapes surrounding all of it. Anyone who’s tried will tell you that learning Japanese is immensely difficult, so we highly recommend you take a helping hand if you want to be fluent.


Ah, the language of love. Italian is one of those “movie languages”, where it just sounds impressive (and romantic, of course) to blurt out. It’s one of the most pleasing languages to the ear (right?) and there are few party tricks that’ll spark as much chat as an practiced Italian accent. Not to mention how beautiful the country is

Content Quality at Rype

If you’re going to be investing your time into an online course, you need to be sure that the people running the programme know what they are doing and are fully qualified to impart their specialised wisdom onto you. The quality of the content being taught needs to be top notch, and luckily for you, Rype has one of the most specialised areas of expertise around.

When you’re learning a language with Rype, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that what you’re learning is the best of the best, using the most advanced techniques to drill that bilingualism into your mind.

Reputation of Tutors

Finding people who speak multiple languages and are willing to teach others to do so are hard to find, we imagine, but with Rype, they’ve gone straight to the source. They employ a handful of native speakers to teach their students, some teachers and some just native speakers looking to impart knowledge.

When you’re learning a language with Rype, you know that the person teaching you is extremely advanced in the language you’re learning, and we can’t speak highly enough of the quality of their teachers.

The quantity is off the scale also, with nearly every language subject being manned by over 10 separate tutors, some of which have been working with non-native speakers for many years and are considered expert teachers.

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Course Length – Too Long? Too Short?

Many user reviews of Rype rave about the lesson length, which seems to be around 30 minutes per lesson. Obviously, this is a great factor for anyone looking to fit their language learning in part-time, as a half an hour session won’t be very hard to slip into your natural day-to-day life. For anyone looking to learn a language in bursts, this course time is perfect.

However, there will be people out there that prefer to learn things in bulk, and this kind of course length does not permit that. Something you’ve also got to take into account is that Rype offers a subscription based model, whereby you sign up for either a 3 month plan, 12 month plan or pay all the 12 months in one annual bulk payment.

We think the lessons look very short. Learning a language in 30 minute increments could take more than a year, depending on the kind of learner you are, so charging people in these bulk costs seems ridiculous, especially, as we say, for irregular 30 minute long lessons.

One thing you should do, is look into our guide to setting up your online learning environment here.

Is Rype legit?

“Okay, but is Rype legit?” is the question that comes up more often than not at this point. Truth be told, it’s very difficult to assess how useful Rype is as a learning tool. Their tutors are very good and vast, meaning at the very least, they’re hiring the right people to do the job.

They are however completely legal and legit, so the only questions really remaining are about the quality of what they offer. There’s a massive question mark over the price, especially for a remote learning website that only offers classes in half an hour chunks.

Rype is definitely legit, but if you’re asking “is Rype worth it?”, more often than not, no. To learn more about online security, see our Courses on how to stay safe online.

Yes, Coach Training Alliance is legit.

The platform is associated with famous names in the business industry and a wide network of graduates who have gone on to prosper in their respective fields, and also as coaches.

However, what vouches for their legitimacy the most is their ICF accreditation. With an aim to unify the coaching industry around the globe, ICF has established a code of ethics and Coach Training Alliance sincerely follows them.

Reputation of Rype: What Are Students Saying?

Rype user reviews seem to range from “bang average” to “a complete waste of money”, so although there might look to be plenty of good things about this learning device, we have to draw attention to the major negatives brought up by the students.

One major point is that they don’t seem to be offered any information on tutors, so although you might know for a fact that the person teaching you is a native speaker, there’s not much you can learn past that unless you ask them personally.

Many users seem to have a problem with their experience on Rype, most of them pertaining specifically to the price and pricing model. For more information about online learning costs, see our Online Course Cost piece here.

4Expert Score
Our Final Thoughts
Rype offers it’s users the chance to learn another language from experts and native speakers, which is great. Past that though, there seems to be a stream of endless problems brought about by the pricing model and the standoffishness of the organisation. Sometimes, students may benefit from a bit more information, because other than the tutors (who are independently hired of course, like freelancers) people don’t actually have any contact with anyone from Rype while they’re learning. Essentially, they’re a middle man that provides access to native speakers - something we’d highly advise you just do without Rype’s help.
  • Massive range of quality courses
  • Genuinely global reach.
  • Links with high status universities
  • All prices are given in US dollars
  • Pricing model

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