Frank Gehry Teaches Design and Architecture

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In 17 lessons, Frank teaches his unconventional philosophy on architecture, design, and art.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is the Frank Gehry Masterclass Course Worth It? 

If you’re interested in bold yet unusual structures, you’re in the right place. Welcome to our Frank Gehry Masterclass Course review! Frank Gehry is an award-winning architect who doesn’t work in conventional means. 

He has the knack to deconstruct ordinary figures and construct something remarkable instead. So, you can be assured that he knows what he’s talking about. Read this review to find out whether this course is for you!  

3 things we love about the Frank Gehry Masterclass course:

  1. Not only is Gehry witty but he is extremely charming too. 
  2. The case studies highlight some of Gehry’s best work. 
  3. It addresses the emergence and importance of contemporary architects. 

1 thing that we would improve:

  1. The course may be awe-inspiring but isn’t particularly technical. 

Frank Gehry Masterclass Course Overview 

This Masterclass is taught by none other Frank Gehry, an architect known to defy the norm. This architect has built many contemporary monuments and buildings that define our time. The course begins with a dramatic introduction. It captures your attention with some of his most iconic achievements. 

The Frank Gehry Masterclass course contains 17 lessons that run for around 3 hours. It covers seven sections in total. It starts with a brief introduction and focuses on the life of an architect. Gehry teaches you how to form your style and skims through several case studies. 

You’ll learn the principles that inspire him and the obstacles he faced during his career. In this course, you’ll learn how Gehry plays the game to come out on top. This course isn’t about him. It’s about his world. So, if you’re a budding architect, we highly recommend you invest in this Masterclass.

With his insight, you can learn how to develop a signature and style. He stresses the importance of your unique persona. It should be incorporated into all your designs. He talks about the ways he dealt with insecurity and negativity. Somehow, he translates these emotions into his muse. 

Frank Gehry is intuitive and innovative. His work disrupts everything we know about architecture. He tells you not to be lulled by the comfort of symmetry. Just look at his work! His asymmetric designs transcend into the extraordinary. In this MasterClass, you’ll learn the importance of knowing your audience too. 

Frank Gehry MasterClass Course — Final Thoughts

Frank Gehry is undoubtedly a visionary. His designs have revolutionized what we know about architecture. The Frank Gehry MasterClass course helps you refine your technique. How many times can you get this opportunity? Let us tell you. None. 

Gehry isn’t overwhelming either. His dialogue is engaging from the get-go. We have to admit the workbook doesn’t necessarily follow the course outline. The assignments were rather simple too. Especially if you’re an architect student. However, you should pay attention if you’re considering a career in architecture. 

This course was meant to inspire. So, it’s filled with anecdotes rather than technical details. If you’re an avid admirer of Gehry, this course offers a closer look at his practices. So, if these pique your interest, sign up today!

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