Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking

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Step inside the production studio with Timbaland. In his first-ever online class, Tim teaches his process for creating infectious beats and making sonic magic.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Timbaland Masterclass Course Worth It?

Welcome to our Timbaland Masterclass Course Review!

If learning and exploring fascinates you, satiate your hunger for knowledge with the courses in Masterclass. Masterclass is an online streaming website with more than 100 exciting courses, including Photography, Writing, Business Leadership, and more. Prominent figures teach you the intricate details of their respective fields. Whether you are in beginner or advanced level, these courses would enlighten all.

Our Timbaland Masterclass course review is for those who are intrigued by the music composition. Let Timbaland help you embark on a journey of producing tracks and beats. In this Timbaland Masterclass course review, we will break down whether this course is worth your time.

3 Things We Love About The Timbaland Masterclass Course:

  • Timbaland’s energy while teaching the course was infectious.
  • This course helps you understand your own creative process.
  • The lesson plan is well designed.

1 Thing That We Would Improve:

  • Closed captions do not show while casting the video

Timbaland Masterclass Course Overview

This course is divided into 15 sections and takes a total time of 3 hours to complete. Tim tells you to use your mouth as an instrument to articulate your idea. By the end of the first lesson, you should be able to use your voice and microphone to create a track.

Tim takes you directly to his studio to demonstrate how to fill out the beat, push through writer’s block, shape the lyrics, and more. You can then add texture to your music using the tactics from the second class.

Choosing the right music could be crucial; so is working with the producers and sound engineers. By learning about the first-hand experiences from Timbaland, you can attain certain practical skills. Examples of how he created Dirt off your shoulder or Pony would provide you with more clarity.

Rely on your uncomplicated ideas. Tim teaches you how four-bar-chord progression builds different songs. This technique could help you create multiple tunes through contrast without manipulating the progression of the chord. Tweaking and layering drums, effects and plugins and creating a breakdown can make your music stand out in the crowd.

Vintage samples or vocal melody cannot be disregarded when creating beats. For transforming your song into great ones, certain production tactics are required. A creative family that embraces your creation can be inspirational.

By studying the great minds of music, you can influence your music. Therefore, Tim tells you the significance of influence. On a separate note, perseverance is the key to creating iconic tracks. Tim tells you how to connect with one person, not be distracted, and stay true to your work. Most importantly, love music and keep it alive. Overall, This Timbaland Masterclass course review made us realize that this course can give you a sense of how to create beats, which is essential to composing music.

Timbaland Masterclass Course — Final Thoughts

To summarise this Timbaland Masterclass course Review, this course is perfect to drive you into a creative groove. Now, is the Timbaland Masterclass course worth it? With a different approach to creating the best music using contrast, there is something for everyone to learn.

Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you can always use the practical tips and personal experience to your advantage. This course will help you understand what motivates you, build resilience, and be consistent with your plan.

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