Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art of Storytelling

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In his first ever online class, Neil Gaiman teaches you how he conjures up new ideas, convincing characters, and vivid fictional worlds.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Neil Gaiman Masterclass Course Worth It?

Welcome To The Neil Gaiman Masterclass Course Review!

With courses from 100+ categories, you can learn a new skill or polish the rusty ones with the online learning platform called Masterclass. By investing only $180, you can get access to numerous downloadable PDF workbooks. Many eminent stars share their skills on this website, which can make your learning smooth.

Storytelling is an art. Great devotion and reverence are required to attain excellence. If you are chasing perfection, you can make Neil Gaiman Masterclass a part of your journey. And you can rely on our Neil Gaiman Masterclass course review to make your decision.

3 Things We Love About The Neil Gaiman Masterclass Course:

  • Teaches you how to put a character into the climax of the story.
  • Provides much paradigm-shifting information.
  • Covers a vast array of content.

1 Thing That We Would Improve:

  • There is no room for interaction with peers.

Neil Gaiman Masterclass Course Overview

This course consists of 19 modules that would require around 5 hours in total. Gaiman will help you dig deep into your creative curiosity to create marvellous and exceptional characters and stories. In this course, he warns you of the pitfalls of writing and gives you guidance on where these pitfalls could exist. Starting from the definition of the story to how you can devise a story, this course will enhance your learning significantly.

Transforming a lie that could feel human and worldly is what connects readers to the writing. Unique stories can be created from older stories with a tinge of your personal experiences. Gaiman will help you bring out your inner voice for the story. Forego your crippling fear of failure with these lessons.

Conflict creation is important to create intriguing and meaningful stories. Analysis of The Graveyard Book, March Tale and October Tale show the building blocks of creating compelling characters and climax. Not only this, but it also compels you to create tension to make your character lively.

Furthermore, this course includes techniques on how to make readers remember your characters. Realistic characters without realistic settings would be like jumping into a pitfall.

Besides, Gaiman will teach you the importance of descriptions and humour too. A beautiful surprise awaits as soon as you understand the genre of your story. People who are interested in writing comics but do not know how to draw illustrations will find the 15th lesson quite helpful.

Apart from teaching how to form characters and plots, Gaiman also gives you valuable advice on writer’s block and editing (which most writers fear). Lastly, he explains how you must create balance in your writing, be responsible as a writer, and wear confidence as your armour.

Neil Gaiman Masterclass Course — Final Thoughts

To wrap our Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass course review, this course covers a blend of character creation, plot-setting, and anxiety management that could help writers progress. But is Neil Gaiman Masterclass course review worth it? Well, there is no option for interaction, which is crucial to writing. However, apart from that flaw, this course is top-notch for any emerging writers.

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