Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking

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Ken teaches his unique creative process through case studies of his films, original treatments, voice over scripts, archival documents, and more.


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Is the Ken Burns Masterclass Course Worth It?

Creating a documentary is no joke. While there is some added advantage that you’ll have, collecting raw footage, legitimate history, and combining them together so that the film triggers the imagination of the audience and delivers the message of the common people is challenging. 

Documentaries are one of the most powerful forms of film. While a fictional movie can seep a subliminal message to the minds of the audience at best, documentaries challenge history at the very least. This is why it’s important to learn from the very best. Is Ken Burns Masterclass Course worth it? To find out, we welcome you to our Ken Burns Masterclass Course review. Here, you’ll learn how to create a documentary that can create a dent in the universe. 

3 things we love about the Ken Burns Masterclass course:

  1. Creative approach
  2. Teaches technical aspects
  3. Taught by the very best

1 thing that we would improve:

  1. Would’ve divided some lessons into two segments

Ken Burns Masterclass Course Overview

This masterclass course is directed by Ken Burns. This filmmaker debuted back in 2017 with his documentary film “The Vietnam War”, a film that has moved more than 39 million people. Ken has succeeded due to a few traits like his ability to research a specific topic and bring out the very essence of it and learning how to communicate that to the audience in a way that captivates them. For the first time, Ken Burns will teach you how you can apply his methods to create a documentary of your own. 

The course will begin with a short introduction of four minutes. Here you’ll learn more about the instructor himself and you’ll also get an idea of what to expect from this course. He’ll jump straight to what you’ll need to start your career as a filmmaker. 

You’ll learn how you can choose a topic and theme for your documentary. This is a very important step as it’ll determine how many people you’re reaching and how well you’re reaching them. However, selecting a good and universal topic isn’t enough, because you’ll need to figure out the story behind that theme. Then you’ll learn how you can tell the true story by embracing the controversies and not by running from them. 

 One of the most important things that you’ll require while creating a film is money, and you’ll learn how to pitch your ideas to different organizations and people, so you get the fund you need. 

The course proceeds to talk about other important and technical things like how to write a script, cinematic techniques, juxtaposing art with pictures, conducting interviews, how to use music to enhance your film, how to perfect voice over, designing the overall sound, and much more! There are also case studies that’ll help you implement your knowledge. 

Ken Burns Masterclass Course — Final Thoughts

So, is Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking Masterclass Course worth it? Yes, if you’re looking for an online course that talks about documentary filmmaking in detail, then you can really try this one out. 

We would like to bring an end to our Ken Burns Masterclass Course review recommending this course highly. If you’re passionate about documentary filmmaking, then this one’s for you.

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