Jake Shimabukuro Teaches ‘Ukulele

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Jake Shimabukuro, the viral ‘ukulele virtuoso from Honolulu, breaks down ‘ukulele playing, starting with getting to know your instrument.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Jake Shimabukuro Masterclass Course Worth It?

Take your ukulele out and learn how to play it properly. Know more from our Jake Shimabukuro Masterclass course review! Ukulele is one of the most beloved musical instruments of this era. Ukulele is also one of the simplest instruments /to date. However, you still have to invest some time and effort to learn this instrument, and mastering it will take years of practice, exploration, and dedication.

Jake Shimabukuro teaches you how to play Ukulele in this course. Is Jake Shimabukuro Masterclass course worth it? Find out in our Jake Shimabukuro Masterclass course review!

3 Things That We Love About The Jake Shimabukuro Masterclass Course

  • Provides a splendid sense of achievement
  • Amazing video production quality
  • Teaching sessions will motivate the viewers a lot

1 Thing That We Would Improve

  • Beginners might find the lessons a bit overwhelming after a while

Jake Shimabukuro Masterclass Course Overview

Jake is a ‘ukulele virtuoso’ hailing from Honolulu. He’s so good at it that he earned the title “Jimi Hendrix of the ukulele”. In this Masterclass, this amazing ukulele player will teach you ukulele from the very basics.

There are a lot of different things to consider when it comes to learning how to play the ukulele. You need to start small and simple. There are simple chords that require you to hold onto only one string. Change the finger position by one fret, and you’ll get another chord. This progression will allow you to strum over hundreds of songs.

However, these are the simpler tactics. If you want to learn the ukulele to impress yourself and not others, then you’ll have to proceed to learn the more complex compositions and chord progressions.

Jake will go over all of these things in his masterclass. You’ll start by learning the very basics of your ukulele. You’ll learn how to hold the instrument properly, how to navigate the fretboard, strumming basics, breaking down chords and how to create new chords, etc.

Rhythm is one of the core components of playing instruments. You’ll learn how to maintain your rhythm and how to synchronize with other players and music. This is one of the key components of learning the Ukulele, and we were glad to find that it was discussed in great detail. You’ll also be breaking down ‘hallelujah’, one of the most famous and widely loved tracks of all time.

Another advanced technique that you’ll learn is harmonics. Harmonics are fun to play with, and they can add a different sound to your compositions. You’ll learn how to pull off harmonics and how to implement them successfully in your composition. To further this, you’ll learn how to play ‘Dragon’, a piece that uses harmonics a lot.

Jake Shimabukuro Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

There are different modes, methods, techniques when it comes to playing the ukulele. You’ll learn how you can combine all of these to create a signature sound of yours. You’ll also learn some intermediate techniques like tremolo and vibrato from this course.

If you’re willing to learn the ukulele, then this is the right course for you. No matter how far you want to go with your instrument, you’ll be benefitted from this. It talks about everything ranging from the basic to the very advanced things. This is why we highly recommend this in our Jake Shimabukuro Masterclass Course Review.

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