Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy

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Phil Ivey opens up for the first time about his poker strategy and teaches you how to make smarter moves at the table.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is The Phil Ivey Masterclass Course Worth it?

Welcome to the Phil Ivey Masterclass Course Review.

Masterclass is an online learning platform that anyone can use to sharpen their skills. It covers a wide range of topics, starting from Makeup, Ballet, Gymnastics, Violin to even Astrophysics. These are just a few examples. It has courses from over 100 categories. One of the cool features of Masterclass is that you can even gift Masterclass to your closed ones. At the time of writing this article, each course costs $90. But the annual membership gives you access to any course for just $180.

Phil Ivey’s Masterclass is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to excel at their Poker skills. This 3-hour long course is divided into 11 lessons with a time length of 20 to 30 minutes. The community discussion forum enables students to discuss tactics amongst themselves, and the in-depth workbook enables them to practice and revise the lessons. From our Phil Ivey’s Masterclass Course Review, you will get to know everything that this course offers and find the answer to the question, “Is Phil Ivey Masterclass Course Worth it?”

3 Things We Loved About The Phil Ivey’s Masterclass Course:

  • Great insights about Poker.
  • Bonus lesson.
  • “Office-Hours” session that allows interacting with instructors.

1 Thing We Would Improve:

  • A limited number of video lessons

Phil Ivey’s Masterclass Course Overview

The introduction lesson starts with the story of how and when Phil became hooked to Poker. Anyone who takes the lesson will know how passionate he is about Poker.

He also clears some misconceptions about Poker and breaks down the necessity of table position in Poker besides the talks about blind defense, bluffing, deep stack play, betting hacks, psychological games, table image.

When discussing betting, Ivey says that it is about amplifying value and cutting down risk. In betting tactics lessons, he reveals some of his secrets on over-betting, three-betting, and bluff catching, as well as demonstrating how he used these in some of his games.

Bluffing is known to be a one-of-a-kind Poker Player. The best poker players around the world are great bluff masters. Bluffing leads the opponent to make mistakes. But the timing of bluffing is also significant. Just because you can bluff, that does not necessarily mean that you should use this technique whenever you can. Bluffing at the wrong time might result in less profit. Phil also demonstrates how to monitor the opponent’s stack to ensure that the player does not run out of chips before you play and make a profit.

Phil Ivey’s Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

When it comes to Poker, nobody can deny that Phil Ivey is the throned king. His experience in the game and insights make this course a perfect guideline for Poker enthusiasts. And based on our Phil Ivey Masterclass Course Review, each lesson covers necessary details a player needs to know. Undoubtedly, a course where the instructor is a 10 World Series of Poker Bracelet winner would be outstanding.

The course was so enthralling that we were disheartened to see that it only has 11 lessons. With that said, this is the course every Poker player needs. Hence, we recommend you to sign up for this course without any hesitation.

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