Salman Rushdie Teaches Storytelling and Writing

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To the delight of readers across the globe, Salman Rushdie’s genre-defying novels have brought surreal and magical realms to life for decades. Now the Booker Prize–winning author teaches you the art and craft of storytelling. Learn how to dr


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Is The Salman Rushdie Masterclass Course Worth It?

If you’re a big fan of magical realism, then it’s almost certain that you’ve heard of Salman Rushdie and read some of his works of art. This Masterclass course is conducted by the legend himself. Is Salman Rushdie Masterclass course worth it? Find out in our Salman Rushdie Masterclass course review!

Salman Rushdie is widely acclaimed for his genre-defining novels that center on magical realism and surrealism. This Booker-prize winner, for the first time in his 15-year career, comes forward to teach you the art of storytelling and writing. Who can teach the art of storytelling better than Salman Rushdie? Let’s discuss more in our Salman Rushdie Masterclass course review!

3 Things We Loved About The Salman Rushdie Masterclass Course

  • Teaches how to form a good relationships with editors
  • Specific and clear examples
  • Teaches to create powerful openings

1 Thing That We Would Improve

  •  Hard to keep pace and take notes

Salman Rushdie Masterclass Course Overview

This 4 hours and 17-minute course is conducted fluently, and every aspect is explained very meticulously. It has been divided into 19 lessons. To be honest, we expected no less from the legend himself.

Shortcut never leads to success; this isn’t applicable for storytelling. Salman Rushdie starts by letting you in on the shortcuts he learned in his career. You’ll start by learning the questions that you’ll need to ask yourself before starting.

In this Salman Rushdie Masterclass course review, we’ll say that it’s a must for you if you want to write surrealistic and magical stories.

One of the hardest things to do in storytelling is setting up a plot. A simple plot will hardly impress others, and a complex plot is more likely to fail. Salman

Rushdie will save you from a future setback by helping you set up the perfect plot for your story.

Opening sentences are extremely important in storytelling, and Salman Rushdie discusses how different opening sentences can influence the expectations of the readers.

Sometimes, adding adjectives to describe your character isn’t enough. The instructor will show you how you can reveal the true characteristics of a certain character. Plus, you’ll also learn how to determine the depth to which you should work on a specific character. Sometimes we find that the support characters aren’t emphasized or highlighted enough. This lesson can help you prevent that.

The instructor proceeds further by teaching you how to research for a novel, how to rewrite properly, and how editing and general feedback can help you craft a better novel. You’ll learn how you can create a bond with your novel with the help of this course.

Salman Rushdie Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

In this course, you’ll learn all about storytelling and writing in this Masterclass from Salman Rushdie. Even though this is more suitable for those who’re interested in magical realism and surrealism, everyone can benefit from this course. We all write stories from our perspective, and it’ll be wrong to claim otherwise.

Salman Rushdie teaches you how you can use your unique perception to tell a legendary story. Whoever has a brief idea about literature knows what a great writer Salam Rushdie is! So, we highly recommend this course.

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