Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques II: Meats, Stocks, and Sauces

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Chef Thomas Keller returns with a second MasterClass to teach the essential techniques for cooking meats and making stocks and sauces.


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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Is the Thomas Keller Masterclass Course Worth It?

If you were looking for a cooking lesson online, then you’re at the right place. This Masterclass is conducted by Thomas Keller, and in his course, he will teach you different cooking techniques. So, is Thomas Keller Masterclass Course worth it?

Thomas is the holder of more Michelin Stars in the US than anyone else. So, we decided to give this course a shot. In our review of Thomas Keller Masterclass Course review, we’ll find out whether this course is worth your time and money or not. So, let’s get started, and you’re most welcome to stick to us to the very end, as you might find what you were looking for!

3 things we love about the Thomas Keller Masterclass course:

  1. Great for beginners
  2. Teaches even the very basics
  3. Will teach a lot of fo recipes

1 thing that we would improve:

  1. Would broaden the category to more than three

Thomas Keller Masterclass Course Overview

The course starts with a lengthy introduction where you’ll be introduced to your instructor, Thomas Keller. Plus, you’ll also learn what you can expect to learn from this course. What we loved about this course is that it talks about even the most basic things that you’ll need to know for cooking. The very second lesson is dedicated to teaching you about the essential tools that you’ll be needing for cooking. You’ll learn the name and purpose of different kitchen tools that’ll allow you to come up with the dishes you want to cook.

Then you’ll learn about the essential ingredients you’ll need to use. There are different ingredients that you’ll find out there, and each of these ingredients enhances the taste of your food in a whole different way. This course will teach you when to use a certain ingredient and how to use it. 

Further down the line, you’ll learn about the cookware that you’ll be using while cooking. You’ll also learn how you can utilise different cookware for getting different tastes. Another important lesson that you’ll learn from this course is how to source the ingredients that you require. This is one of the most important aspects of cooking, but sadly no other course talked about it before this.

After you’re done with the very basics, you’ll start learning how to cook different recipes. The course is very comprehensive, and it covers different types of recipes. You’ll learn about different vegetables, and you’ll also learn how to prepare different vegetables. 

You’ll also be introduced to different methods of cooking eggs. You’ll learn how to prepare scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs, and more. Finally, you’ll be introduced to different types of Pasta dishes, and you’ll learn how to cook them. 

The course wraps up by sharing some rules that you need to follow for success. 

Thomas Keller Masterclass Course — Final Thoughts

So, is Thomas Keller Masterclass Course worth it? Well, we think that it’s completely worth it for anyone who does not know about cooking vegetables, pasta, and eggs. Most people know how to prepare egg dishes, but this course will teach you how to make them taste great. 

This is why we would like to conclude our Thomas Keller Masterclass Course review stating that we think that this is a great course and anyone willing to learn cooking will benefit greatly from it. 

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