Alice Waters Teaches Home Cooking

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In 10+ lessons, learn to cook beautiful, seasonal meals at home from the James Beard Award-winning founder of Chez Panisse.


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(Last Updated On: November 14, 2022)

Is the Alice Waters Masterclass Course Worth It?

Life is short but good and healthy food can make life well lived. Cooking can either be a piece of cake or rocket science. It depends on how you pursue it. This masterclass is recommended for any people who love and enjoy cooking which focuses on the practical side of cooking that will come in handy in everyday life. In this Alice Waters Masterclass Course Review article, we will discuss this course in depth. 

If you are a fresh ingredient person and like to pick your ingredients from the farmers market regularly, Alice Waters might be a familiar figure to you. In case don’t know who Alice Waters is- she is a chef and author who owns a renowned restaurant named ‘Chez Panisse’ in California. And she is going to be the dedicated instructor for the course. 

3 things that we love about the Alice Waters Masterclass

  • Emphasis on the practical aspect of cooking
  • Very detailed ingredient and equipment buying guide
  • Very engaging

1 thing we would improve

  • Introduce advanced lessons 

Alice Waters Masterclass Course Overview

This is a course that will guide you through everything you need to know about cooking. Unlike any other cooking lesson, it does not solely focus on cooking techniques and recipes, rather it guides you through the process of picking ingredients, equipment as well as recipes and cooking techniques. The course is divided into 17 lessons with almost 4 hours of video averaging 13 minutes of video per lesson. 

Throughout the course, you will be able to discover that the philosophy of this cooking course is to cook delicious and healthy food by utilizing any fresh ingredient that is available in the farmer’s market. So, this means that after completing the course, you will not be limited by any recipe because of the unavailability of any ingredient, rather you will be able to make anything using any fresh ingredient. 

In the second lesson, Alice teaches how to filter the best ingredients from the farmer’s market. Even if you don’t have any farmer’s market around, the methods can be applied in local supermarkets as well. And the following lesson discusses preparing a vegetable lunch that you have picked from the farmer’s market using Alice’s given instructions with three different techniques. 

Basics are important, and cooking equipment is something that is left undiscussed in many cases. But this course has a dedicated lesson for choosing kitchen tools where Alice talks about different essential kitchen tools including a kitchen knife buying guide. 

One of the most exciting parts about this course is that it includes some of the best recipes of Alice Waters including some signature dishes from her very own restaurant Chez Panisse. 

Alice Waters Masterclass – Final Thoughts

Even if you are a home cook or you aspire to be a professional, this masterclass is highly recommended for anyone who’s passionate about cooking. This course covers everything that you need to know about cooking healthy and delicious food every day. Moreover, it makes cooking look very simple and easy. 

This course has a lot to offer and considering the pricing, it is more on the affordable side. Alice makes the lessons very interesting through her interactions so you won’t feel bored. Hopefully, now you will be able to answer is Alice Waters Masterclass course worth it or not.

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