Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers

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The author of The Da Vinci Code teaches his process for researching and writing novels infused with tension, urgency, and burning questions.


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(Last Updated On: October 13, 2022)

Is the Dan Brown Masterclass Course Worth It?

Thrillers are one of the most popular novel genres hands down. And if you have amazing thriller ideas which you want to publish in the form of a novel, you need decent writing skills. Without proper writing skills, the amazing idea might sound boring. If you want to develop your thriller writing skills, this course would be a great opportunity for you because it’s instructed by none other than Dan Brown. 

Dan Brown is a popular face for anyone who is into thrillers. He wrote some best sellers and The Da Vinci Code is a best seller that is worth mentioning. Let’s get to know more about this course in the following Dan Brown Masterclass Course review.

3 things that we love about the Dan Brown Masterclass 

  • Engaging lessons with detailed discussions
  • Coming from a best seller author
  • Inspires to bring up innovative ideas  

1 thing we would improve

  • Improve the navigation of progress 

Dan Brown Masterclass Course Overview

The entire course consists of 19 lessons that contain more than 3 hours of video lectures averaging 11 minutes per lesson. This lesson also offers a PDF workbook that will help you to follow each lesson conveniently. In this Dan Brown Masterclass Course review, we are going to cover the essentials about this course you need to know.

In the beginning portion of the course, Dan will unveil the magic of building up suspense which is the key element of thrillers. Without adequate suspense, a thriller loses its value. Dan will guide you through the process of building up suspense and explain that building up a thriller is all about making a promise to the reader. A promise to lift the veil of suspense if the reader continues reading till the end. 

The idea is the root of writing a thriller and if you lack in this field, this course will surely help you. Dan discusses the process of finding or building up a suitable idea and shaping it. Even if you have any idea stacked up in your head that you are not very confident about, you can use the tips given by Dan in his lessons to present it smartly and interestingly. 

In this course, Dan breaks down some of the scenes of his remarkable works. He presents his thinking behind building up the scene and his alternate thoughts. He also shows how the students can use this to their advantage while building up a specific scene. 

According to Dan, Point of view (POV) is a powerful tool that you should be excited about it. There is a dedicated lesson that focuses on POV where Dan will teach it to use it fully to your advantage to keep up with the suspense. 

Dan Brown Masterclass Course – Final Thoughts

Before judging the worth of this course, one thing you need to keep in mind that does not cover writing novels in general, rather it covers only one genre which is a thriller. So, from this aspect, this course is limited and quite on the expensive side.

This course is not for everyone but for some specific people who are solely focused on writing thrillers. And if you are an aspiring thriller writer, you can produce some great writings utilizing this course. Moreover, Dan also does an amazing job as an instructor. Now, is Dan Brown Masterclass Course worth it? We guess you know the answer already.

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