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Don’t know your vata dosha from your pitta dosha? We’ll reveal how you can study ayurveda online free so that you can gain the benefits of this ancient healing system.

Ayurveda is a holistic alternative medicine that has its origins in India. But such is the popularity of Ayurveda that it has become used as a form of medicine all over the world. By using a free ayurveda course online, you will discover the many benefits of this medicine and gain the perfect balance between your mind, body and spirit.

We offer a comparison service by which you can study ayurveda online free to improve your overall health. It’s important to note that ayurveda shouldn’t be used as the only source for improving your well-being. This is the same approach as should be used for any online pharmacology courses. But by taking a free ayurveda course online, you can use it to supplement more traditional medicines and therapies.

We’ll cover the basics of what you can expect to get from a free ayurveda course online. This will focus on the founding principles of this ancient medicine, and we’ll highlight the main health benefits it can bring. From here, you’ll learn how controlling your diet can work wonders in your overall well-being. All of which gives you an easy way to find a free ayurveda course online. 

The basics of Ayurveda

So what is ayurveda? The word ‘ayurveda’ actually translates into something similar to ‘science of life’. It is a medicinal approach that has been in existence for thousands of years. The practice originated in India and it is based upon the belief that stress in our consciousness can have negative affects on our physical well-being.

By taking a free ayurveda course online, you’ll be aiming to get a better balance between your mind, body and spirit. This can be done through a variety of different approaches including yoga, meditation, diet and herbal remedies.

When you study ayurveda online free, you’ll be grounded in the core concepts of this healing system. These will show how the world is composed of five elements – water, air, earth, fire and space. Such elements combine to govern your body in the form of the following main life energies:

  • Kapha dosha – This is based on earth and water. People who have high levels of kapha dosha are known for being caring and strong. 
  • Pitta dosha – Based on fire and water. Anybody with lots of pitta dosha is felt to be strong-willed and full of vitality. 
  • Vata dosha – This is based on the elements of air and space. People with high levels of vata dosha are thought to be creative and flexible. 

It’s important to note that everybody has different levels of these doshas. These not only govern how we behave, but having an imbalance can sometimes lead to negative health effects. When you take a free ayurveda course online, you’ll learn how you can balance these life energies to gain optimal health.

Benefits of taking a free ayurveda course online

There is plenty of debate about how effective ayurveda is as a health system. The main scientific opinion is that this is an alternative medicine that should be used to improve health, rather than fight serious health conditions such as diseases.

Despite this, many people will still study ayurveda online free to get a better balance in their lives. Just as you may take online ethics courses to improve the way that you see the world, a free ayurveda course online can work wonders in how you align your mind, body and spirit.

For example, if you were felt to have a high level of vata dosha, you might study ayurveda online free to improve your sleeping patterns, digestive issues or poor circulation.

Somebody with an imbalance of kapha dosha will use this health system to lower their risk of heart disease, overcome breathing issues and get help with mental problems such as depression.

Finally, if you have a dominance of pitta dosha, you can study ayurveda online free to improve the conditions of your hair and skin, boost your metabolism, and lessen the effects of negative mood swings. 

Key concepts of following the Ayurveda health system

Ayurveda is a holistic health system that features a variety of different disciplines. This means that when you study ayurveda online free, you will find that different courses may prioritise certain disciplines over others. But here are the main approaches that are found in most mainstream ayurveda practices:

Diet: You will be encouraged to eat certain foods to improve or limit certain doshas in your body. For example, if you have too much vata, then you may wish to avoid bitter foods like raw vegetables and dried fruit and nuts. However, if you are looking to improve your kapha levels, you would be instructed to consume more filling foods like whole grains, eggs and unprocessed meat. 

Exercise: There are also different exercises to try in correspondence to your dosha levels. For example, if you have lots of vata, then you’ll benefit most from activities with constant moving like yoga or even try one of the equine courses online that we have featured. 

Lifestyle: When you study ayurveda online free, you’ll be encouraged to try and find a better balance in your lifestyle. This could be anything from improving your sleeping habits and taking up yoga to trying meditation or spending some quality time by yourself or with others. Managing a good life-work balance is another essential part of the ayurveda belief. 

Finding a free Ayurveda course online

Just like we can help you find anything from online fashion courses to online technical writing courses, we’ll make sure that you find an ayurveda course that is easy to put into practice. 

All of the courses that we feature will be simple to understand and can be followed at a pace that suits your needs. The perfect way to gain the many benefits of the ayurveda medicinal discipline. 

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