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Love horses? Then you’ll love our collection of free equine courses online. These will cover all aspects of everything equine so that you can boost your understanding and love of horses. 

We’ll compare all of the available free equine courses online so that you can find one perfect for your level of experience and needs. Whether you’re a leisure rider or a riding school rider, we’ll find you a course that helps you understand your horse a little better. Even if you’re an experienced owner, we think that we’ll have the perfect online course for you.

This is because our featured free equine courses online cover everything to do with horses. From understanding equine behaviour and husbandry to stable management and feeding, it’s all here. 

What’s best is that our free equine courses online can be picked up and put down at a time that suits you. Just as our online technical writing courses can be worked on at your own speed, there are no fixed completion dates for these equine courses. 

These courses will all be produced by qualified and recognised training providers so that you learn information you can trust. Just so you know, there’s no need to actually own a horse to take part.  The perfect way to take your knowledge of horses to the next level. 

The basics of horse health and care

Our free equine courses online will give you everything you need to know to properly care for a horse. Just as our collection of online fashion courses describe all areas of the fashion industry, these equine courses will get you up to speed with everything to do with horse care. 

This means that you’ll learn the skills necessary to work in all areas of the horse care industry. From being a riding instructor or yard manager, to becoming a groom or farrier, you’ll discover the key sectors of horse management. Plus with overviews of what it means to be a stable owner, along with tips on husbandry, you’ll quickly learn all of the many tasks necessary to adequately care for horses and ponies. 

There are many different areas that you’ll need to understand to adequately care for your horse. From studying confirmation and handling to feeding and grooming, our comparison of free equine courses online will help you master them all. Plus with tips in stabling, bedding, shoeing and even mucking out, you’ll have everything you need to have a healthy and very happy horse.  

Learning about equine nutrition

There are many schools of thought about how you should correctly feed a horse. But our free equine courses online will take the mystery out of all of this. Don’t worry as you won’t need to understand any of our ayurveda courses to make sure that your horse is fully fuelled, as we’ll help you find the perfect tutorials regarding this important topic. 

You’ll start off by learning how a horse’s digestive system works, and then there’ll be a handy overview of what kinds of nutrients your horse will require. Each of these courses will also provide you with useful tips on rationing supplies to make sure that your horse doesn’t over or underfeed. 

Such information is hugely important. This is because a horse’s behaviour can be hugely impacted by the nutritional choices that you make. As a result, the wrong nutrition could lead to anything from bad behaviour to obesity-related conditions like laminitis. But with our free equine courses online, you’ll be given simple ways to avoid these issues. 

Understanding the importance of equine psychology

Equine psychology is a whole field of research in itself. But our free equine courses online will break everything down in clear and simple terms that anybody can understand. This means that you won’t necessarily have to read any of our online ethics courses to make sure that you form a decent relationship with your horse. 

Each of these courses will give you a good overview in how your horse will be thinking and responding to the training that it receives. This will be doubled up with practical information that clearly explains all of the handling skills you’ll need to produce a well-behaved horse.

You’ll also receive fascinating insights into how feral horses normally behave, along with interesting tutorials on the complexities of the equine mind. Plus with simple tips on understanding different behaviours and learning how to ‘read’ your horse, you’ll have everything you need to form a deeper bond with your equine friend. 

Getting to grips with equine massage

Equine massage has become a fascinating field of research in recent years. This is because it can work wonders in warming your horse up, and cooling your horse down too. 

Our comparison of free equine courses online will help you find the perfect tutorials that detail how a horse’s anatomy works and will identify those stretches necessary to keep your horse in shape. These will also be a great introduction for anybody looking to pursue a career in equine physiotherapy.

Above all, by gaining an understanding of equine massage, you’ll be much better placed for knowing how a horse’s basic structure affects its movement. It’s a concept that’s simple to learn and easy to implement, so you won’t necessarily have to take any of our recommended online pharmacology courses to have a well-maintained horse. 

Finding free equine courses online

We’ve realised that there are many people who are looking for free equine courses online, and so we’ve developed a practical resource to help you find the perfect horse-related tutorials. 

Whether you’re a stable owner or are looking to be working in veterinary support, these courses will give you the information you need at a pace that suits you best. From details about pasture management and grooming, to discussion of watering at stables, you’ll learn everything you need to about the equine world. Perfect for getting to know your equine friends a little better 

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