Can I learn Korean with Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone Review - Learning Korean

Rosetta Stone is a leading online learning platform specialising in language courses. If you have looked at learning a new language online, it’s very likely that Rosetta Stone will have been one of the available sites you’ve seen before. You can read all about Rosetta Stone in our dedicated Rosetta Stone review – but we know that’s not why you’re here.


You’re here to have a look at what Rosetta Stone offers in terms of learning the Korean language! In this article, you’ll find everything there is to know about the Rosetta Stone Korean courses. We also have some handy pro’s & con’s for you to consider, as well as a detailed look at the best features & services the online platform offers! Looking to obtain a new skill and learn Korean? If so, Rosetta Stone could be the learning site for you.

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Rosetta Stone Korean Courses - An Introduction

Out of the 25 languages available for you to learn with Rosetta Stone, Korean is included in the extensive list offered by the site. As a leading online learning site, it may come as no surprise that Rosetta Stone gives you the opportunity to learn the foundations of a language, as well as vocabulary & grammar.


From the Korean Rosetta Stone reviews online, it has been highlighted on numerous occasions that the platform’s website and app are user-friendly, and extremely accessible. For iOS & Android users, the Rosetta Stone app is free to download, and within a few clicks, you’ll be good to go. If you prefer using a computer or laptop for your learning, then the Rosetta Stone website makes everything easy to locate, with site navigation super simple, too. Either way, this online learning platform utilises visual learning through stock photos and images, which is a great benefit to those that prefer this method of learning.


Rosetta Stone is a great platform to use to learn the basics of a new language – it’s a great way to introduce yourself to learning this new skill. If you’re looking to learn the Korean language, and you’re willing to commit to an online learning course with Rosetta Stone, then we highly recommend looking at Rosetta Stone as a viable option.


  • TruAccent speech recognition technology
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free trial to try out Korean course online
  • Live sessions with language experts


  • Additional payment required after three months
  • Occasional absence of grammar explanation

Key Features of Rosetta Stone’s Korean Courses


It is important to get acquainted with the main features of the service provided by Rosetta Stone. Our experts have used a number of Rosetta Stone Korean reviews, as well as conducting individual research, to find everything the site has to offer. You can use the Rosetta Stone Korean program in two different manners. You can either go for an online version or download the software for your computer- whichever you prefer. However, it is important to understand the difference between the two versions.


As you might have already guessed, the price of the two versions of the course differs. The same goes for the associated features of the learning process of the program. Both the versions will come with two sides of the coin- advantages and disadvantages and before you make a choice, we want to inform you about the ins and outs of both versions. That’s why we’re here, right?


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Online Version vs. Software Version

Online Version

Let’s talk about the online version first. With the online version of the Korean course, the learner does not have to install anything on their laptop or mobile device to use the course content. Instead, you can simply access all the relevant content of your study through the website or app. The app is supported by any mobile device, and all of the content and materials you need to learn Korean can be accessed online.


Furthermore, the online version also comes with e-tutoring. The availability of sessions with an online tutor, who can contribute positively to your learning journey will also be beneficial to your overall learning experience. After you have progressed through some of the units of the Rosetta Stone Korean course, you have the opportunity to book live sessions with an online tutor. You will have some limits regarding the number of sessions you can book, but don’t let that stop you. It is certainly an extremely useful feature for you to advance in your journey of learning the Korean language.


You can also play games using the Rosetta Stone Korean lessons – another beneficial learning feature. There’s a selection of educational games available on the site, including single-player games that you can use as a learning tool at your own pace. Alternatively, there is the option to connect with another learner on Rosetta Stone and participate in one of the games with someone else. There’s a varity of games available, and Rosetta Stone has clearly aimed to include something for everyone.


Meanwhile, there’s also a dedicated reading section on Rosetta Stone’s site that enables learners to access a range of Korean written work to be read. We recommend using the short stories available, which are a great way to get involved with understanding key words and Korean vocab.


For the online version of the Rosetta Stone Korean courses, learners must subscribe to the learning platform to access the full content for each of the Korean courses. This may be offputting to some people, but it is absolutely worth it if you are committed to learning the Korean language with Rosetta Stone.


Software Version


Let us now move on to the software version of the Rosetta Stone Korean courses. This is what you will need to download to your computer. Admittedly, there are fewer features included in the software in comparison to the online version. However, we discovered from the Rosetta Stone Korean reviews that many learners opt for the software version. You can run the software or rather install it on two different computers/devices. In terms of use, up to five different people, friends or family members, can use the software at the same time.


Furthermore, when it comes to the software version of the Rosetta Stone Korean courses, you will only have to make a one-time payment and also can be used for a lifetime. You will not have to compromise with the features like games or e-tutoring if you order the software version. However, these features will only be available for free for up to 3 months. If you struggle with a stable internet connection or want to keep using the program for a good amount of time, you will prefer the software version. The Korean Rosetta Stone reviews regard this as a more cost-effective option too.


With the software version of the Korean courses, many learners have the opportunity to benefit from the platform’s consistency with their learning content. There’s a lot to discover when using the site’s materials for the Korean courses. Furthermore, you are given the complete freedom to choose what works the best for you in terms of learning – you are in control. Therefore, you can choose which tasks and lessons to complete first, and can organise yourself how you would prefer to learn. This is extremely beneficial for all learners, as it gives each individual the opportunity to choose the best learning experience for themselves.

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Rosetta Stone's Additional Features

One feature that Rosetta Stone uses across a number of their online courses is an advanced tracking method. Here, you are able to have a general overview of your progress as well as aims and objectives for your future learning. The overview will also identify and detect areas for improvement, which will benefit your overall learning experience. Through this feature, learners can pick out lessons and areas that require more work and revision.


Like we mentioned in our very own Rosetta Stone Arabic Language review, we found that ‘TruAccent’ can be used for Korean too! This speech recognition engine is a great help to those looking to improve language pronunciation. There is also feedback available almost immediately after using this feature, which will certainly help the development of learner’s verbal skills quickly and effectively.


This will introduce you to the beginner’s vocabulary in Korean. You will be able to master the basic skills needed for conversations, intros, or even greetings. Are you looking to learn common ways of asking questions or answering the common etiquettes in Korean? The Rosetta Stone Korean program will be useful in this regard. This is how the first part of the Korean Language learning course is arranged, and can take up to one or two months to progress to the next level. It also includes only polite speech – no explicit content.


While you might regard this as a slightly longer time frame than you were expecting, it is important to realise that Korean is indeed a complex language. If you’re looking to start from the basics, then it is likely to cost you quite some time to master a new difficult language like Korean. However, as we mentioned earlier, the Korean Rosetta Stone reviews are very positive overall, and we recommend looking at this language course.

Editors Overall Rating


Rosetta Stone’s Korean Course - Is It Worth It?

As we’ve seen from both our own Rosetta Stone reviews, as well as others from around the internet, we can conclude that the Korean language course available is to a high-standard. We think Rosetta Stone’s website is a very beneficial course to introduce any learner to a new language. This skill requires time and dedication, but Rosetta Stone will provide you with all of the tools needed to get started with learning the Korean language.

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